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Where the Seat of the Soul Resides

For centuries man has been asking what constitutes the soul, where does it reside, and where does it go upon death? The Ancient Egyptians believed that the Seat of the Human Soul resided in man’s Heart. Because of this belief, the heart was the only organ preserved, in all its purity, inside the mummified body. […]

Hidden Essene Texts Provide Clues to Bible’s Origin

Contrary to popular belief, the four Gospels that comprise today’s Bible were all anonymously written. There were no “By lines” informing us that Matthew, Mark, Luke and/or John were the actual writers. Two centuries after the Bible was written, Biblical Scholars named each Gospel based on indications within the text of who they thought might […]

Mission to Inner Earth – Is it Really Hollow?

In February, 1947, Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd, leading a United States Navy Task Force expedition, flew for seven hours beyond the North Pole and reached a place never before recorded in history. The expedition, known as Operation HighJump, proceeded to penetrate the hollow region of the Earth for 1700 miles. There they found a […]

Why Talking to Yourself is a Good Thing

If  one was stranded alone on a desert island, like Tom Hanks’ character was in The Castaway, talking to yourself is understandably a good thing to do to relieve loneliness and stave off the insanity of prolonged isolation. But what if you talk to yourself when other people ARE around? What does it say about you? That […]

Warning Signs for Choosing an Alternative Health Practitioner

I was a recent speaker and exhibitor at the Conscious Life Expo in Los Angeles which is attended by thousands of visitors annually searching for answers on such topics as health, the cosmos, spirituality, consciousness, and the strange and unexplainable. There are times when I am aghast at some of the claims I hear made […]

The Mysterious Black Knight Satellite – Who Really Owns It?

The Black Knight satellite is one of those space mysteries that will continue to perplex everyone. Back in the early 1950’s when it was first discovered, the U.S. thought it belonged to the Russians and the Russians thought it belonged to the U.S.  Its discovery pre-dated man-made satellites launched in space, so its true ownership remains […]

A Remote Viewer Takes a Look at Planet X

For so many years I had heard reports of a mysterious 9th or 10th planet in deep space (if you still count Pluto as a planet) commonly referred to as “Planet X” or “Niburu” (meaning the bright star of the crossing). Mainstream scientists and government agencies were quick to dismiss the possibility of this unknown […]

2016 Year of the Fire Monkey – A Year of Political Revolution?

The United States of America Was Born in the Year of the Fire Monkey The Chinese Year of the Fire Monkey occurs every 60 years and only once every 240 years when Pluto is transiting Capricorn as it was in 1776 during the birth of the American Republic. Hence, the planet’s first constitutional republic is on the verge of a world-changing […]

MKULTRA: What I Learned About Mind Control from Clients

Back in the 1990’s I had a psychotherapy practice in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Since the area was home to the U.S. Atlantic Fleet, I saw many patients from military families. My clinical specialty was Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), formerly known as Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD), which is how I came to treat two women who […]

Zika Virus – What They Are Not Telling You

The recent outbreak of Zika virus in Brazil is now being linked to genetically modified mosquitoes developed by the British biotech company Oxitec, which is funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Oxitec has been releasing the genetically modified Aedes mosquitoes into the wild in Brazil since 2011 to battle dengue fever. The company […]