Deflecting Psychic Attacks, Empowering One’s Light

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness… ” — Charles Dickens, A Tale of Two Cities

psychic-attack_OMTimes_bigstock-One-hand-preventing-punch-atta-85981796In the last few weeks, I have encountered several highly intuitive healers all tell me that they feel they are under some kind of psychic attack from something or someone trying to prevent the Light work they are doing. No, they’re probably not imagining it, which is why I think this is an important issue.

While the entire cosmos is being flooded with increased radiant light to facilitate man’s awakening, dark forces are working overtime to prevent and subvert this very process from happening in any way possible. Their way is dying and they believe they have nothing else to lose. When you encounter a force that feels they have nothing else to lose, they will usually pull out all the stops.

To start, sometimes the psychic attack comes from someone we know, perhaps even a friend or family member. It may be intentional or unintentional. They are angry with you. What they feel and think forms a thought entity. Whether consciously or unconsciously, this thought form can bombard you with powerful negative energy which can affect your etheric physical body, your emotional astral body, your mental body, and your spirit.

If you’ve ever made a powerful enemy, especially one who has dappled in black magic and is hell-bent on revenge, then know that strong fortification is called for or it can wreck serious damage. Since I have experienced this from a former colleague I had to severe all ties to, I know what this can feel like when psychic retaliation is suddenly turned on you. Thinking positive thoughts is simply not enough.

But before we get into some psychic self-defense techniques, let me say that sending negative or harmful energy to anyone always has an eventual boomerang effect, not to mention incurring some heavy-duty soul karma. Don’t even think about it, no matter how much you dislike the person, group, or entities coming after you. Send them love and light and hope that the darkness they have invited in will leave and they can see objectively again. Never forget that evil is repulsed by Love and Light. It is one of the basic Laws of Attraction.

If one’s psychic attacker refuses to let go of their target, they will eventually mentally destroy themselves  bringing on their own form of insanity, possibly even psychic possession. The former colleague I referred to was one of those individuals who wouldn’t let go and, unfortunately, suffered a strange accident where they sustained severe ligament injury. No one likes to hear of another’s misfortune. Karma works in mysterious ways and there are repercussions. Hate is the great destroyer. What you direct or do towards others, you eventually do to yourself.

That being said, how does one fight the forces of evil? Some psychic self-defense is clearly called for.  IHelp first use an energetic device I created called Trinfinity8 to set up a field of protection. It works well with entity removal, psychic attacks, even house spirits. But not everyone has a Trinfinity8, so I’ve listed other effective techniques which can be used to stand alone or supplement Trinfinity8 use.

Auric Shielding is Key. The aura that surrounds the human body is your personal energy field made up of several layers that affect your mental, physical and spiritual health. It can be penetrated and breached, just like a border control fence. Your own fears and doubts weaken it, just as much as being bombarded by others repeated negativity or ill will. You need to close off your aura from invasion by practicing some body defense and empowering your own light. One easy one way is to press the tongue to the upper palate and clasp both hands together. This immediately seals the energy circuit, helps increase your auric field, while also conserving your energy. Kirlian photography actually show the auric field expand when this is practiced.

There are many types of unbreakable etheric auric fields that can be placed around your body for 12 to 24 hour protection. I highly recommend the book: Practical Psychic Self-Defense for Home and Office to learn how to initiate this and more advanced techniques.

Pranic Breathing to Increase Warrior Energy. This is done through deep abdominal breathing. Some have different techniques, but one I like is to slowly inhale for seven counts, filling the abdomen with breath, then hold for one count. This is quickly followed by a slow exhale for seven counts and holding for one count. This practice, known as the “7-1-7-1 technique,” can be repeated seven times.

psychic_defense1-300x219Meditation & Prayer are Powerful Tools. Meditation not only clears the mind, but brings in spiritual energy and insight. To release your enemy and/or any negative thought forms, you will have to practice the law of forgiveness and mercy. To do this, stay heart-centered. Send the person blessings of “peace be with you”. Visualize cutting the psychic link that connects you. Call on God or another powerful spiritual deity for Light and assistance. Repeat daily. The heart is the great cleanser. It has the power to heal both you and your enemy. It doesn’t mean you have to suddenly start liking the person, just remaining neutral and seeing that on a spiritual level you have both contracted for this mutual learning lesson, painful though it may be.

Crystals Can Be Programmed to Neutralize Negativity. Crystals can absorb negative energy, while strengthening the aura and the chakra energy system. One can wear a crystal on their body in the form of jewelry (rings, pendants, etc.), or place it in the office, bedroom, and/or other living areas. Make sure you cleanse your crystal every few days with sea salt water to release any negativity if you are using it as a self-defense tool. I like to charge crystals with intent and prayer to make them even more powerful. They are working for you. They can even be used with an auric shield to divert any negative attack directed towards you. It’s what might be called a self-defense “call forwarding” target.

Mirrors Deflect Negative Thought Forms. Last year I purchased a large concave mirror for a science experiment I was conducting. Upon seeing it, a psychic friend told me mirrors are also great deflectors of negative energy if you paste a picture of yourself to the back of a mirror.  While this may appear to be deflecting negative energy back out into the universe to deal with it as it may, it can also send bad energy back to the sender. You don’t want the karma of hurting someone, so if you should apply this technique, put a prayer for peace and/or love on the mirror. It will not only neutralize the negative energy coming at you, but send light back to the sender to hopefully dissolve their negative thoughts. Whether it be written intent for peace or something like the 23rd Psalm, both are more effective then just sending back negative energy.

Sage Clears Your Home and Office. Burning sage or sandalwood incense weekly can also be very helpful. Open outside doors and windows to let out bad energy and bring in fresh air. Walk through your space with the sage, move it into corners and dark spots, and invoke the Light to safeguard your space.

Warm Epsom Salt Baths Release Negativity. If you need to release negativity, especially anxiety and fear, take a warm Epsom salt bath which provides a deep cleansing effect. Use approximately one cup of Epsom salts in a tub of water and soak for 10 minutes. If you soak too long you will feel weakened and will need to immediately eat higher vibrational food to replenish yourself.

Divine Alignment Oil. Anoint your third eye (forehead) and palm chakras daily with this sacred essential oil. Your body is your temple and this oil has been specially programmed to ward off undesirable elements while activating both the pineal and crown chakras. Here is the link: Divine Alignment Oil

This is only a small fraction of helpful psychic self-defense tools one can use. You owe it to yourself to protect your energy body, just as you would protect your physical body from harm. Stay safe and may the Divine Light always be with you!

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Dr. Kathy Forti is a clinical psychologist, inventor of the Trinfinity8 technology, and author of the book, Fractals of God


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  1. Jan-Lucy
    Jan-Lucy says:

    Dtr Kathy, Thanks so much for sharing this. I always wanted to know whether people who behave in this way get away with it. It’s good to know that eventually the things they do makes them go crazy as I think it’s totally unfair for people to harm others out of jealousy and their own fears. Everybody has the opportunity to improve their lives. What would you suggest for this situation? Living in a block where neighbours live directly above, they have become increasingly jealous and hate it because I’m independent and I am always happy, singing, laughing. As soon as they here this they get angry and start sending spirits to my home trying to frighten me so that I will move home. It’s been three years and they are not giving up. She was diagnosed with cancer two years ago and since then she has become even more determined to destroy me and I can feel her and the man she lives with trying on a daily basis to wear me down so that I feel less confident. They copy everything I do and want to take my power. I stopped noticing them copying me as I was guided that they are using it to get my attention so that they can drain my energy because wherever your attention goes that’s where your energy flows so once I stopped my energy came back. I always clear my space and call on my helpers which is amazing but it doesn’t stop them or it. I know I have to move because this is a depressing place to be but in the meantime, just wanted some encouraging words. I would have thought that getting cancer she would stop but it has made her do more darkness to me. Shes also very angry because all her efforts have failed and she’s confused as to why. They seem so afraid of me for some reason? So much so that they even get people to spy on me to see where I go. I must say I love it when they see they cannot win but it doesn’t stop the uneasy feelings I get. Would be so great to hear your thoughts.

    • Kathy J. Forti
      Kathy J. Forti says:

      This is a test for you to also stand strong in your own power and authority against these dark forces. People who wreck vengeance on others will eventually destroy themselves, which is why this woman is now dealing with the cancer inside her. Send them love and forgiveness which is also creates a protective field for you. These are difficult times as there is a global war going on between the Light and Dark sides and each of us is experiencing it as well on a personal level in some form or another. Blessings to you.

      • Jan-Lucy
        Jan-Lucy says:

        Thank you so much for caring. The sending of love is so powerful and works every time. I don’t have to like them but what the love does is protect me and it has a melting effect so all the darkness just melts away. Sending you love and Light x

  2. para
    para says:

    I like to look things from both perspectives, it has allowed me to be balanced in this mad world.

    Taking a look from a different perspective:
    This all sounds great but has anyone ever considered that this is exactly why the world is the way it is today?
    The bad get no resistance so it flourishes. All the LOVE mantras are having no effect, in fact the bad is getting worse from day to day.
    Could not this mantra of love, love only love be just that, a creation of those who want to rule and is an automatic way of keeping people subdued. No more prison guards, no more overseers, people are in “la la land” spouting “love” and will never resist the oppressors.
    It does sound a little like the “christian” doctrine of love, love, love, a saviour is coming etc etc.

    I think forces need to be balanced.
    Everyday life shows you that if you do not “stand up” for yourself, you get run over, again and again and again.
    You are now so demoralised that you have no other option but to wait for a “saviour”, whether it be the “love energy” or some fictitious entity. (Many do not realise that Luzifer and Jesus is exactly the same personage, two poles of one element).
    Positive – Negative
    Plus – Minus
    Electric – Magnetic
    the list goes on and on

    So put on your thinking caps and try looking at an opposite perspective, after all, both sides of the story must be heard in order
    to (at least) come close to the truth.

    Does this make sense to anyone?

  3. Christina Vallejos
    Christina Vallejos says:

    Thank you so much for your kindness in posting something to help others that are not as psychically advanced. I agree with all your points. 🙂
    I realized two people that I thought were friends are sociopaths and one of them regularly practiced black magick on myself and probably others. When I did nothing but respectfully break off contact with them, they still became angry and it resulted in a plethora of attacks that horrendously tortured me for months and almost caused me to commit suicide. One of them lives with family members that practice as well. Like you said, it is really not an situation at times where simple visualization of light and love can protect you, especially if you are fairly average with no knowledge of advanced psychic protection or abilities. When dealing with sociopaths, they always have to “win.” I just thought maybe I could deferentially leave some tips for anyone else maybe coming to this page suffering from this type of thing and is not psychically advanced. I hope that’s ok 🙂
    First of all, I love you and know what your going through.
    1.) Set your alarm to wake up at 1.5 to 2 hours at a time (or shorter increments) to facilitate lucid dreaming and break attacks.
    2.) Get a cat (especially black) and form a loving bond with him or her!!!!! This was enormously helpful!!!!!
    2.) Place sea salt around doors and windows and a ring around your bed. You can secure with tape (I used clear shipping tape.)
    3.) Dip lemons in warm water that has hot red chile pods soaked in it (you can use a microwave) and let air dry. Wrap each lemon in a red chile pod (I used jute twine which isn’t too expensive) and hang dangling over every door and window. Also place a few under your pillow and over every door inside the house.
    4.) Get metals with St. Benadict’s symbol and hang on top of all doors and windows inside and out. The metal should be touching the wall directly at some point on it. You should be able to get these cheaply at a Catholic church. Wear one as well.
    5.) Please try to not get too angry or be lustful at this point (until you move or attacks stop) because negative beings seem to be attracted to black magick and/or invoked by it.
    6.) Invoke or pray to angels and their names are Eremiel, Epiel, Eptaniel, Phanouel, Ouriel, Souriel, Iao, Iath, Marmaros, Iarmara, Phrariou, Raou, Atonai. The 7 high (say each name 7 times) are E (hard E) IAI, IA, E(hard)I, SAI, E(hard)L, IEOU.
    7.) Wear metal discs (I used stainless steel.) You can get a pack of reasonably priced, small ones online.
    8.) Walk around ringing bells or play a video with church bells on your phone throughout home.
    9.) Play a video with mantras, I used this one: but I’m sure others will work too.
    10.) Connect with your spirit guide and ask them to help you. I asked mine for help and over time got impressions of what her name was.
    11.) If you can, work on astral projection. I didn’t know how to do anything when I became aware but it seemed to be a matter of unconscious movement and maybe programming my conscious mind to do so and reading up on methods so I could unconsciously do it. Sensory deprivation chambers help if you can get to one.
    I really hope this helps someone. <3


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