Trinfinity8’s Audio Component to Its Anti-Aging

and Rejuvenation Technology

Harmonies designed to produce specific effects in the mind and body

Part of your rejuvenation experience with the T8 system is auditory. You may choose to accompany your therapy session with the specially selected Solfeggio tone sequences, which are harmonies designed to produce specific effects in the mind/body (“Divine DNA Codes”).   These tones set up a resonance in the body that make the cells more receptive to the flow of information.  Each different musical selection amplifies the delivery of the anti-aging, rejuvenation, or beautification codes.

When you first login to your T8 System, you see the “Select Sound” box along the top of the screen. Clicking on this drops the sound menu down, where you select from

  • No Sound (If you would like to listen to your own therapeutic music)
  • Divine DNA Codes (which include all the Solfeggio tones)
  • 528 Hz – Love/DNA Repair
  • 369 Hz – Inner Harmony
  • 936 Hz – Pineal Activation
  • 1111 Hz – Deepening Sleep
  • 12 Strand Solfeggio
  • Rejuvenation
  • Longevity
  • OM & Conscious Dreaming OM
  • Awareness
  • Illumination
  • Sugar Regulation
  • Crystal Bowl Chakra Tuning

These selections are designed to enhance the algorithmic codes streaming through the hand-held crustal rods into the cells and meridians.

Carrier waves of specific harmonics and melodies travel to your brain via the auditory nerve. Healing with sound is an ancient tradition, dating back to early Egypt, and is also found in tribal cultures who live in closer attunement with nature. Physics has shown us that sound is a determinant of how matter is organized. (Ref.: cymatics) Your Trinfinity8 System harnesses both the physics of mathematics and the physics of sound to deliver wellness and vitality to your DNA, your consciousness, and your spirit.

Wearing noise canceling headphones during your rejuvenation sessions is highly recommended for a more profound healing experience.