In Search of the LIBRARY of TRUTH

truthMany years ago a therapy client of mine, who had experienced a near-death experience in a horrific car crash, told me that she found herself in another dimension where she visited a place where information resided on every soul ever born or any event that had ever taken place. “Like a Library of Truth?” I asked. “Yes,” she confirmed. “I hated to leave,” she admitted. “I could have spent lifetimes there finding truthful answers to all my questions.”

There were no lies in this place, nor spin on the facts. She learned things about her own life as well as being able to access information on Earth history. While many may be familiar with the premise of an otherworldly depository of wisdom, known as the Akashic Records or Book of Life, the thought of spending time in such a place really intrigued me. Needless to say, I never forgot that particular conversation.

In fact, the conversation would later plant the seed for the 12-episode STACKS web series I wrote and produced for fun in 2010 with some of my movie industry friends (Watch it Here). I always thought the premise would make for a wonderful TV series or movie. Wouldn’t we all like to find the portal into a Library of Truth?

Currently, we live in times where the “Truth Movement” is growing. “Truthers,” as they call themselves, are demanding NO MORE LIES from government, industry, church and, well everyone and everything out there that has tried to suppress the truth and forever keep the populace in the dark. Knowledge is power and those who deceive are scared to death of the masses becoming enlightened. They will stop at nothing to destroy the whistleblowers and purveyors of truth.

“Truth is Treason in the Empire of Lies.”—George Orwell

Man’s Search for Truth is intrinsic. It is hardwired into his soul and psyche, because with it comes understanding and growth. If one man’s truth might be another man’s folly, how do we know what is really truth? In answering such philosophical questions, we might get caught up in the illusion of how things appear in order to arrive at an answer. However, appearances can be deceiving. We might see things only as we want to see them based on preconceived beliefs. We may go along with what the majority says is true, never coming close to the truth. Fifty-one percent of a group can easily reach a wrong conclusion. We see it happen in science and medicine all the time.

Truth, like knowledge, is difficult to define. It resides in the realm of metaphysics and the study of what is real. The paths to seeking truth are numerous and sometimes elusive. Universal truths transcend cultures and individual preferences—like physical death. We all know we will eventually die. It’s an absolute truth. Then there are spiritual truths (e.g. we are all spiritual beings on a human journey; our souls never die; love is all there is). The entire subject of what truth is and what truth means to each and every one of us has plagued philosophers for centuries.

We can always fantasize about living in a more evolved world where there is nothing BUT truth. If you were to envision yourself journeying to the Library of Truth, what would you seek after finding the book on your own life? I would take out the book on the true origin of mankind, the true origins of life and the911truth4peace3 cosmos, the Book on the Divine Plan which would probably cover it all. And somewhere in there is a Book of Complete Wisdom just waiting to be opened.

Okay, for sheer curiosity sake, I would definitely check out who the real culprits were behind 9/11, the Kennedy assassination, and other nefarious and sinister plots  and coverups in history—if only to confirm my existing suspicions. When you are thirsty for knowledge, truth is unlimited.

But perhaps in this other dimension, one already has an all-knowing of this information and it matters not. Maybe the Library of Truth is just there for reference validation as mankind’s depository of his educational soul journey—like some celestial parent who keeps a record of every aspect of their child’s progress and development.

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Dr. Kathy Forti is a clinical psychologist, inventor of the Trinfinity8 technology, and author of the book, Fractals of God

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  1. Brian Clarke
    Brian Clarke says:

    Absolutely amazing Kathy. This must touch the buttons of every searching being.
    Interesting for one such as myself, currently experimenting with OOB experience.
    Thank you Kathy.

  2. Janie Martin
    Janie Martin says:

    Well about lies and truth:

    first I have learned to acknowledge the fact as you said about our perceptions color what we think is a lie or a truth. And I am reminded of the well known story of of the blindfolded people all examining only part of an elephant now knowing it was what we call an elephant and trying to figure out what is was. All the elements of a situation are just not seen! Metaphysically speaking if it is true that we are multidimensional Beings experiencing in parallel realities, there can be more things that are true in one reality but may not be true in another reality with similar themes. Now many years ago I had this experience with someone I started channeling called the SPEAKER. Now this is what happened concerning the idea of truth lies and experience:.

    By Janie Martin 1985

    As I lay down for a nap one day this dialogue began in my thoughts, so I jumped up and began writing it down as it continued.

    There is no truth, and no lie: only experience.
    ME: If there is no truth that implies a lie, and if there is no lie, that implies all is truth. So that is the ultimate in double talk and what is experience then if it is not a truth or a lie? If there is no meaning to experience then what good is your statement, “There is no truth and no lie; only experience.” How can there be only experience? If you make that statement what purpose does it have? What purpose does experience by itself have?
    SPEAKER: What does purpose mean and why does experience HAVE to have a purpose?
    ME: Excuse me but I feel like I’m on a merry-go-round.
    SPEAKER: No, I pose a valid question. Why does experience have to have a purpose?
    ME: What good is it then?
    SPEAKER: Can’t experience JUST BE experience. Why does it have to be anything else?
    ME: What is this track of thought you’re leading me to?
    SPEAKER: Well, when you have a feeling or emotion about something that just happened isn’t that an experience?
    ME: Yes.
    SPEAKER: Well, does that feeling or emotion about an event have a truth to it or a lie?
    ME: Give me an example.
    SPEAKER: Well, your daughter and the recent conversation; didn’t you have a feeling about that and the feeling you had was your truth. But you see there are elements that you can’t see that make your truth a lie because you can only perceive the elements you see, and the feelings she got from the same experience she sees as a truth for her, but it’s a lie for you, because she also does not see all the elements involved. So what is left then is not a truth or a lie but only the experience.
    ME: OK, so what is the purpose of the experience if it isn’t a truth or a lie?
    SPEAKER: “Learning.”
    ME: Learning what? That there is no truth or no lie?
    SPEAKER: Maybe, that leaves the equation with an unknown.
    ME: What’s the unknown in this equation?
    SPEAKER: The third element.
    ME: What third element?
    SPEAKER: Well, perhaps maybe this is your LEARNING, that if you can find three ways to look at anything you will have arrived at the meaning that the purpose of experience is to learn. And what do we get when we learn?
    ME: I don’t know.
    ME: Well, what is enlightenment? Keeps this train of thought going.
    SPEAKER: Putting “LIGHT” on something is to see it for what it really is, is it not?
    ME: TOU-CHE’!

    • Thomas Pieters
      Thomas Pieters says:

      Wonderful explanation, which makes me feel being on a walk with Jiddu Krishnamurti, not as his name or statue, but the SPEAKER as he allways whas.

      Thanks 🙂

    • Thomas Pieters
      Thomas Pieters says:

      Thanks for this reply, it gave me the experience of talking to Jiddu Krishnamurti, who called himself the SPEAKER towards me.
      Thanks again!

  3. Carm
    Carm says:

    An experience happens because it is supposed to happen . . . There lies the truth . . . Or maybe a lie where we are supposed to discover the truth.

  4. Peter Kelly
    Peter Kelly says:

    Fascinating, simply fascinating! When one thinks about ultimate truth – everything man made seems to pale by comparison.


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