Lives Between Lives

LBLOne of my favorite books is Journey of Souls by Michael Newton, PhD.  If you haven’t read it, I would strongly suggest that you order it today.  It is both a fascinating and enlightening read, and I can guarantee it will change your life.  Newton, both a psychologist and certified hypnotherapist, stumbled upon an interesting discovery.  Many of his clients, while under hypnosis, started talking about having had lives between lives when he regressed them back to earlier times. These lives were inter-dimensional, and just prior to being born on the Earth plane.  Newton didn’t know what to make of this at first, so he started asking some deeper questions.  What he learned from his clients filled a series of books that talked about family soul groupings, reviewing life options coming into this life, and even how we select family members–including our parents.

Some reading this may be wondering how they could have ever agreed to the parents they did get if indeed the choice had really been up to them.  We would all love to have been given Ozzie & Harriet or Brady Bunch type parents.  But, apparently we all choose parents that best fit with what we have set out for ourselves to learn and experience in this lifetime.  It’s not a matter of judgment or punishment, it’s simply a part of the bigger picture called our Life Game Plan.

Whenever I meet or interview people I often like to ask them to tell me something that very few (or even no one) knows about them.  This has elicited some very interesting and oftentimes strange information.  It also gets them to thinking about how open and revealing they want to be.  Honesty often equates with vulnerability, so it’s always a gamble.

I recently asked a man in his 50’s this question, and what I learned will give you food for thought on the notion of picking one’s parents prior to birth.  The man (we’ll call him Simon) is very psychic, gifted, and an extremely intelligent individual.   His abilities were identified before the age of 6, resulting in placement in a gifted children’s program.  At the age of 5 his father introduced him to a female friend and work colleague of his.  Immediately upon meeting the woman for the first time, he told her in front of his biological father, “I know you.  You were my mother before I was born.”

Needless to say, both his father and his female friend (we’ll call her Carla), were stymied by Simon’s announcement.  Simon’s biological mother was still married to his father, he had not been adopted, but he knew Carla had been his mother and went to hug her.

Upon further questioning by his father, Simon revealed in intricate detail that he had been in Carla’s womb as a developing fetus right before he was born to his current father and mother.  He told them that as a soul he had observed the man Carla was then married to.  He related the arguments, even the words exchanged he had heard while in utero.  He related how Carla’s husband was an angry man who drank and often threw things at her.  Interestingly, he described how Carla had moved the baby crib to another side of the room where it would be out-of-the-way should her husband throw something at the soon to be born baby.  He described clothes they had worn, words they had said, and where and in what rooms these happenings had taken place.

“I didn’t want to be born to that man,” he told Carla.  “I changed my mind.”  Instead, 5-year old Simon told Carla how he had allowed himself to choke on the amniotic fluid, causing a miscarriage.  Carla confirmed that indeed she had experienced a late-term miscarriage due to a premature ruptured amniotic membrane. (NOTE: This does not imply in any way that all miscarriages are due to children rejecting their parents.  Other factors are clearly at work.)

“I wanted to be near you again,” Simon told an astounded Carla.  “I saw you were friends with him,” pointing to his current biological father, “and so I decided to be born to them instead.  I knew I could still be close to you.”  In fact, his biological father and Carla eventually did form a love relationship.

Newton talks about reviewing life options between lives.  Perhaps Simon had already seen both these possible options pre-Earth, but decided to make a last-minute game plan adjustment.  Clearly he tried to avoid being born to a physically abusive father, but interestingly enough, it still did not spare him from experiencing parental abuse.  His 2nd choice biological father turned out to be abusive in other more covert ways.  He wasn’t the throwing things, screaming type.  Instead he allowed his son to be used in experimental projects on account of his psychic abilities.  This led to psychological and some physical damage.

Free will and choice are always ours, but the theme or lesson plan may be more hard-wired for each soul.  We can play with the particulars of how our game plan plays out, but we can’t avoid its underlying purpose.  It is apparent from observing others’ lives, that some of us pick harder game plans for ourselves than others.  Newton also found that this usually correlated with the desire for accelerated soul growth.

If we look at the bigger picture, we can often see that the family we have, the spouses or partners we choose, even the friends which are closest to us, all have important roles to play in our lives.  They help mold and shape who we eventually become, while we learn incredible insights about ourselves and the world at large.  We should be grateful to each and every one of them–even our enemies.  In the end, they may teach us the most valuable of all lessons.  In the end, it is all about achieving Soul Growth.

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Dr. Kathy Forti is a clinical psychologist, inventor of the Trinfinity8 technology, and author of the book, Fractals of God: A Psychologist’s Near-Death Experience and Journeys Into the Mystical

Life Saving FACTS about EBOLA

ebola-virus-back-again13Every where in the news these days it is all about EBOLA, EBOLA, and more EBOLA.  The media has been stirring the pot with fear-based predictions of pandemics, millions of people eventually dying, and it’s taking its emotional toll on everyone.  The first time I heard an Ebola news story I said to my friends, “Just watch. The next thing they will be pushing is mandatory vaccinations.”  That prediction may not be far off.

Long before I became a clinical psychologist I was a TV news researcher.  Whenever my intuitive red flags go off, I start searching for more information. So this blog is to give you some life-saving information you may not have heard.  If you don’t believe what I found, then do your own research and investigation, use some deductive reasoning, and decide for yourself.

FACT:  The U.S. Centers for Disease Control own a patent on a particular strain of Ebola known as “EboBun.” It’s patent No. CA2741523A1 and it was awarded in 2010. You can view it here.  According to patent law, you can’t “own” a patent on something unless you can prove you invented it.  Now, why would the CDC want to invent and patent a deadly virus unless:  1) they initially created it as a bioweapon;  2) they hope to claim proprietary rights to it so they can control and financially gain from vaccines related thereto; and/or  3) it’s a cover for something else, like ushering in increased government control (think the Department of Homeland Security on steroids).

The CDC patent summary says: “The invention provides the isolated human Ebola (hEbola) viruses denoted as Bundibugyo (EboBun) deposited with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (“CDC”; Atlanta, Georgia, United States of America) on November 26, 2007 and accorded an accession number 200706291.” It goes on to state, “The present invention is based upon the isolation and identification of a new human Ebola virus species, EboBun.  EboBun was isolated from the patients suffering from hemorrhagic fever in a recent outbreak in Uganda.”

Wait a minute, this patent summary is from 2007 ?  Which means this Ebola thing has been in the planning stages for quite a while.  I’m sure the CDC will counter this by saying that EboBun is not the same variant currently believed to be circulating in West Africa, which is true.  Clearly, the CDC needs to expand its patent portfolio to include more strains, and that may very well be why American Ebola victims have been brought to the United States in the first place.  (There’s no medical reason to do so, and infectious disease experts have agreed on this point.)   However, once the infected patients are on American soil, the CDC can take all the tissue and fluid samples they want, claim rights to the strain, and file a monopoly patent protection on that variant as well.  Which means only they can profit from its invention.

The “SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION” section of the patent document also clearly claims that the U.S. government is claiming “ownership” over all Ebola viruses that share as little as 70% similarity with the Ebola it “invented.”  If you don’t believe me, read the patent for yourself.

FACT:   Sierra Leone sits on a veritable gold mine of natural resources.  This particular Ebola outbreak first appeared in the West African country of Sierra Leo20140816_IRM974ne.  Sierra Leone is the largest supplier of  precious “Blood Diamonds.”  These are the best quality diamonds in the world and people are willing to kill for them, hence the name “conflict” or “blood diamonds.”  The diamond workers have been on strike for the last four months refusing to provide diamonds due to poor working conditions and slave labor pay.  This has caused a financial ripple effect in the worldwide diamond business making a lot of gem dealers very unhappy.

Another lesser known fact about Sierra Leone is that it sits on a vast and more recently discovered OIL reserve.  Perhaps even the largest in all of Africa.  The people have been fighting to keep out foreign oil companies determined to reap and pillage the wealth of their land and put in a large pipeline (like Keystone XL).   Are you getting the picture?   Most of this country’s oil is currently being sold to China.  That makes Big Oil very unhappy.  Suddenly Ebola breaks out in Sierra Leone.  The people are immobilized with fear and are quickly being forced into mandatory quarantine camps.  The protests stop—they have other far more threatening life and death issues to now deal with.  Seeing an opportunity, the U.S. can’t wait to send in ground troops to Sierra Leone and neighboring countries, Nigeria, Liberia and Guinea, on the pretense of a humanitarian mission–the only way we would ever have been militarily allowed into these areas.  The U.S. has never expressed much of an interest before in the humanitarian needs of Africa.  But OIL, now that’s a game changer.

FACT:  Troops have been sent in to force vaccinations on the people Some interesting reports have been coming back from people living in West Africa.  One Ghana man, named Nana Kwame, let journalists know:

“People in the Western World need to know what’s happening here in West Africa. THEY ARE LYING!!! “Ebola” as a virus does NOT Exist and is NOT “Spread”. The Red Cross has brought a disease to 4 specific countries for 4 specific reasons and it is only contracted by those who receive treatments and injections from the Red Cross. That is why Liberians and Nigerians have begun kicking the Red Cross out of their countries and reporting in the news the truth.”

The man alleges that those getting the vaccinations all died (even though they didn’t have Ebola-like symptoms).  Whether you believe the man’s claims or not, you should still be asking:  What’s in this vaccination that they are forcing on people?  As someone who has had two different client’s children die within 24 hours after a vaccination, as well seen my cousin’s  5- year-old fully functioning son suddenly start crawling on the floor and losing serious cognitive function within 24 hours after a vaccination (consequently being classified as now severely autistic), I am not a proponent of vaccinations.  Especially in light of CDC whistle blower, scientist William Thompson, recently coming out this year and admitting to being a part of a CDC cover-up linking autism to vaccinations.  Makes you wonder what else they may not be telling us at the CDC.

FACT:   Monsanto controls the company awarded the Ebola vaccine contract.  Monsanto has partnered with the Department of Defense to use a proxy third party company to develop a vaccine against Ebola. The seed money began at $1.5 million. The value of the deal could grow to an estimated $86 million dollars.  The company’s name is Tekmira Pharmaceuticals Corporation (TKMR) (TKM.TO), a leading developer of RNA interference (RNAi) therapeutics. “TKM-Ebola, an anti-Ebola virus RNAi therapeutic, is being developed under a $140 million contract with the U.S. Department of Defense’s Medical Countermeasure Systems BioDefense Therapeutics (MCS-BDTX) Joint Product Management Office.”

Big, bad, GMO and toxic pesticide-spewing Monsanto has their hands in yet another pot that affects human health.  Who is Monsanto?  It’s hard to ferret out a controlling stockholder’s list, but it is known that Bill and Melinda Gates own more than $23 million worth of Monsanto stock and they keep buying more.  Bill Gates’ views on population control, more familiarly known as “eugenics,” are no public secret:

“The world today has 6.9 billion people and that’s headed up to about 9 billion.  If we do a really great job, we could lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent.”– Bill Gates (View Here)

What’s a “really great job?”  Vaccines are generally touted as a way to live longer and healthier.  They don’t lower the population, they help increase it–unless the vaccine has other hidden objectives such as sterilization.  I don’t know about you, but there’s nothing that would ever convince me to get a vaccination for Ebola, especially one that Bill Gates was behind.   Yet, the fear will make people clamor for it, rush it through the testing process, and bring it to market before we know all the long list of potential side effects.   I bet they’re counting on that.   Which brings me back to my first “fact.”  If the CDC, together with the U.S. government, did indeed invent Ebola, as their patent claims, they would not have done it without having also made an antidote to it at the same time (standard procedure).  So why are they suddenly claiming they don’t have a cure and giving the contract to Tekmira (Monsanto)?  Perhaps because it would look just a little bit too timely and suspicious?

Adding to that, Bill Gates has just given an additional $50 million to the CDC in the name of fighting Ebola (see video below).  I find this very disturbing in light of Bill Gates’ eugenics views, even though it may appear on the surface as a humanitarian and generous gesture on his part.   Whenever there are too many red flags, always look deeper.  But beware of the mainstream media.  They have turned out to be very unreliable with regard to the truth.  They screwed up big time on those infamous “weapons of mass destruction” and only reported what they were told, without doing any responsible independent digging.

I think this is another false flag, like so many that have come before it (remember the swine flu pandemic hoax to sell vaccines?).  Perhaps we will never know some of the hidden motives behind the Ebola scare.   There can be many.  If it’s not about oil, then it’s about money.   Is it to distract us from the news that Russia and China have been steadily dumping U.S. Treasury bonds while buying up the world’s remaining gold, signalling perhaps that they are preparing to dump the U.S. petro-dollar and do a re-set back to the gold standard?  This would be the end of the U.S. dollar.  Our economy has been on artificial life-support for years and is unfortunately not backed by gold.  During a financial crisis, over-population would make the situation and clamor for resources even more dire.   Or could it be something else entirely?

I bet you thought when you stated reading that this article was going to be all about preventive measures to save you from Ebola.  I’m sorry if I disappointed you, but good information is even more life-saving in the long run.  It comes in handy when you have to make a tough decision on what to do or whom to believe.  I will end with one very positive suggestion to keep in mind that I stumbled across in my research.  Higher doses of Vitamin C have been shown to immediately stop the internal bleeding from Ebola (if indeed it is Ebola) when tested on animals.  But, the drug and vaccine companies haven’t been able to patent Vitamin C so you are not going to hear about it on the 6 o’clock news.  Again–do your research, be well, and stay informed!

Bill Gates Donates $50 Million to Fight Ebola

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Dr. Kathy Forti is a clinical psychologist, inventor of the Trinfinity8 technology, and author of the book, Fractals of God: A Psychologist’s Near-Death Experience and Journeys Into the Mystical

I AM Universal Consciousness

universal-mind-quantum-power-940x500Everything is Energy.  True, but that’s only half the picture.  Everything is also consciousness and consciousness drives everything in the universe.  Consciousness is more than “the state of being awake,” as most dictionaries will define it.  Consciousness is the ability of a being to recognize patterns and meaning with respect to events taking place, both within oneself and in the realm in which the self exists and operates.  It is the great I AM.

Such visionary physicists as Nikola Tesla quickly discovered that consciousness is the driving force of all Creation (as did Einstein, which led to his theory of relativity).  Tesla saw into the future and what he saw was astounding—our consciousness could and would someday power cars, laptops, and even interstellar spacecraft.  Think about it.  Fifty years ago we would not have even thought wireless phones possible (the first mobile phone call was made on April 3, 1973).  Technology has come a long way, but nowhere near what’s possible and is coming.  Consciousness will be a major component of both evolutionary and technological change.

In my book, Fractals of God, I revealed that after my near-death experience I saw that our consciousness was already merging with machines to create an artificial intelligence that would become very real and evident in time.  This already occurring evolution is moving us into the realm of what can only be termed “consciousness science.”

I am a multidimensional experiencer.  I have remote viewed in our galaxy, both consciously and unconsciously, and saw to my amazement and awe that other advanced star civilizations which exist, have already mastered “consciousness science.”  They do not use steering wheels to drive or direct their space craft.  They become one with their space vehicles, like inseparable friends.  This encompasses an intent-based synergistic relationship.  On a more nuts and bolts level, they are neurologically co-wired or linked together.   Call it mind over matter.  However futuristic this may seem—it is not.  We already have prosthetic limbs that respond to nerve impulses in the user’s body.   We also have devices that are driven by an individual’s EEG readings.

But something you may not know, which is even more intriguing, and with even greater significance for all of science, is that higher consciousness states can even affect machines to work simply because we want them to work.  This is when our consciousness transcends our limited beliefs and all things become possible.  We move beyond time and space, and linear thinking.

I noticed this happening with my own technology, the Trinfinity8 System.  The more people who used it, or were hooked into the consciousness of it, the stronger its effects became.  It appears to be drawing energy from the universal consciousness grid.  I’ve never talked much about this aspect before, because it falls into what many would call the “woo-woo” science realm.  But only the naive dismiss the “woo-woo” realm these days.  Tesla and Einstein wouldn’t have thought about dismissing it, and we have greatly benefited from their curiosity and openness as a result.

But getting back to the Trinfinity8 technology, something even more interesting emerged.  Because the technology was programmed with healing intent, it somehow learned to better connect with the intent and needs of the person operating it, much like the computer intelligence of Hal in the movie, 2001 Space Odyssey–but without the going “postal” component.  Technology does appear to be learning from the Mind of Man.  This consciousness learning has been verified by Trinfinity8 users reporting how their computer (containing the Trinfinity8 software) has at times selected its own choices within the program, independent of the user.   One even reported his cursor moved without him even touching the keyboard mouse.   Interestingly, the end results were always an improvement on what the user had originally chosen.  There is clearly a growing intelligence at work here.  Since the Trinfinity8 is doing this, then I know hundreds of other devices out there are also consciously learning as well.  They, too, are living things because they, too, are made up of energy like everything else in the universe.  And energy is ALIVE and intelligent.

It doesn’t matter what your beliefs are, or what your religion is, everything that exists is galacticaly connected in this universe. Perhaps it’s all just one big schoolroom afterall.  It leaves me in awe at the magnificence of how everything is in a state of constant intelligent evolution.  We are the universe and the universal consciousness is US.

I am the universe, I am love (3:35 mins)

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Dr. Kathy Forti is a clinical psychologist, inventor of the Trinfinity8 technology, and author of the book, Fractals of God: A Psychologist’s Near-Death Experience and Journeys Into the Mystical

Let’s look at our “Stuff”

united-stuff-of-america-linear-gradient-hero2-HYes, we all have stuff.  Plenty of it.  The good, the bad, and some ugly stuff.  And I’m not even talking about the emotional stuff we carry around.  Most of us have closets, drawers, garages, attics, and filing cabinets full of our stuff.  Some of us have more stuff than others and some have even let it take over their life as it morphs into a “hoarding” problem of reality-TV show proportion.

Some of this stuff we’re sure we will need again someday.  Some of it we know we won’t (we might look at it once every few decades), but we just can’t let go of it without feeling different variations of guilt, grief, anxiety and/or emptiness.  This stuff, which we transport around for years, holds the memories of relationships, our travels, our weird collectible hobbies–even our very existence.  It becomes an extension of ourselves or a signal to others about who we want to be or where we want to belong.  But yet, deep down we know that there is a price to pay for holding on to all our stuff (and I don’t mean the moving guys we pay to lug it around).

Where does this holding onto “stuff” come from?  Where most things start–in our childhood.  Statistics shows that approximately 70% of all children make an early attachment to either a favorite blanket, a stuffed animal or a toy.   These items often provide a sense of security to children, while for an adult it attempts to restore a sense of self.  We surround ourselves with things that attempt to give us comfort or fill a void.

Normally, I try to clean out my closets every six months to keep from accumulating too much stuff.  It can sneak up on you and before you know it, you have no more room for more important stuff.  I always have an incredible feeling of lightness after purging and giving away my stuff.  I feel a sense of accomplishment and an incredible sense of freedom.  I like going through life with less things to protect, maintain, store, and generally have to look after.  How many times have you bought something only to find out later you already had one buried away in some drawer and/or closet which you forgot about?  Too much stuff makes us wasteful.  One has only to look in one’s refrigerator to verify that.  I bet you have plenty of sealed packets of mayo, ketchup, mustard or salad dressing you never use.  But you keep it, just in case.

So what can one do to avoid collecting unnecessary stuff?  Well, if you have ever moved and had to put your stuff in storage for any length of time, you quickly realize that you have a lot of stuff you never missed or needed.  Lessening your stuff is like a soul growth experiment in letting go of attachments to things.  If nothing else, think of the disposal agony you will be placing on your family members, who will have to go through all your stuff (not to miss something important), in the event you should suddenly die.  My siblings and myself had to liquidate two homes when my parents died.  My mother kept every birthday card, report card, letter we’d ever written, as well as hair samples, graduation tassels, drawings, and some other equally embarrassing stuff.   The basement and cellar were full of this stuff.  I whittled it down to one small box of mementos that I couldn’t bear to toss.

While writing this article, it got me to thinking about those journals I’ve kept for years in the back of my closet, along with some old love letters.  Geez, why do we keep such stuff?!  Is it some memorial to our lives that verify we actually existed and were loved?  All I know is that I would not want anyone reading some of those former-self thoughts.  So today I took out some of that stuff and started shredding it.  In fact, I shredded it all.   And you know what– I feel 100% better already.

So no more stuffing things away.  Try lightening your load in life.  Start with a drawer one day, a closet the next, and before you know it you, too, will have gotten rid of a lot of stuff and also feel great!

 Comedian George Carlin addresses “Stuff” (5:09 mins.)

Dr. Kathy Forti is a clinical psychologist, inventor of the Trinfinity8 technology, and author of the book, Fractals of God.

A Sacred Sun Salutation

Yoga_SunSalutationA_01_300x350The Sun is not only our most powerful source of light, but also essential for growth and optimum health.  Ancient sun worshiper civilizations going back to Babylonian times, knew the sun was just as nourishing to the human body and soul, as it was to plant and animal life.  It is a life-giving force that plays a powerful role, much like the Egyptian sun-god known as RA did during ancient times.  So then why are we told to avoid the sun, stay covered, and always slather ourselves with plenty of SPF sunblock?

Unfortunately, we have been programmed for years to fear that sun exposure leads to skin cancer and/or malignant melanoma. This fear has been promulgated by skin care companies, doctors who read the skin care company literature, decades old misconceptions about the sun, and by the FDA itself.  (Excuse me, but do we really trust these guys any more?)  Not one bona-fide study, to-date, has clearly shown the correlation between the sun and getting skin cancer.  This fear of the sun is based merely on assumptions.  Once again, we have fallen for another big lie.  One only has to ask oneself–who profits from this lie?  I did some research on the subject and what I found was enlightening.

WARNING:  What you read may change your belief system.

FACT 1:  THE SUN PROVIDES NECESSARY VITAMIN D TO PREVENT CANCER.  Direct sun exposure is the best way to get Vitamin D, which almost everyone these days is deficient in.  Vitamin D affects our DNA  and is critical for good heath and disease prevention.  Exposure to sunlight, which produces vitamin D in direct response to UVB radiation, is actually protective against melanoma.  That’s right.  Research published in the British Journal of Dermatology shows that the sun is likely nothing more than a scapegoat in the development of melanoma.  “Researchers believe the rising rates of melanoma are due to an increase in diagnoses of non-cancerous lesions classified, misleadingly as ‘stage 1 melanoma’.”  Most melanomas don’t even appear on the face, but often on skin areas not even exposed to the sun.  Those and other researchers estimate that the absolute risk of developing skin cancer from sun exposure is less than one percent!  Of course, the corporation-friendly FDA and the skin care companies ignore these findings while failing to mention the benefits of sun exposure.

They use fear words like “dangerous UV radiation rays.”  Let’s clear things up.  Ultraviolet light from the sun comes in two types–UVA and UVB.  UVA is the bad form because it penetrates your skin more deeply causing sunburn and free radical damage (you bake, you burn).  UVB is the good form that actually causes your skin to convert cholesterol into Vitamin D.  Vitamin D has been shown to influence about 3,000 human genes, which in turn influences disease.  Actually, Vitamin D isn’t a vitamin at all.  It’s a very potent neuroregulatory steroidal hormone. Deficiency of Vitamin D has now grown to an epidemic in this country, and this is a primary factor causing abnormal cell growth.  Lack of Vitamin D producing sunshine has been known to lead to breast cancer, prostate and colon cancers, hypertension, obesity, heart disease, insomnia, aging, diabetes, arthritis, depression, migraines, skin problems, and the list goes on.

My mother, who rarely ever went outside to get sunlight, despite any attempts on my part to encourage her to do so, got breast cancer and later died of colon cancer.  She was a health and organic food fanatic most of her life, as I’ve mentioned before in prior posts.   But she failed to take in the benefits of the sun in her quest for health.   As a psychologist, I knew that lack of sunlight in the winter months can lead to SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) where mood can become destabilized, so it stands to reason that sunlight might help with other conditions besides depression.   (By the way, trying to get your daily dose of Vitamin D-producing sunshine through the glass window of your office or home, instead of from being outside, will not provide the same healing effects.  I’m sure my mother thought this was enough.  It wasn’t.)

I once worked in an altered state experimental lab in Northern California that called for me to spend most of the day in a dimly lit windowless environment.  Within a week’s time of working like an underground mole,  I became cranky, had trouble sleeping, starting experiencing mild depression, and my skin got oily.  I knew immediately that I wasn’t getting enough natural sunlight.  So a few times each day I would go outside, lift my face to the sun, and soak it in for about 10-15 minutes.  Sometimes, that’s all it takes.  Almost immediately my symptoms disappeared.  All people who suffer from depression should take note–sunshine increases levels of natural antidepressants in the brain, such as serotonin.  It’s better than a pill, and safer, too.

FACT 2:  SUNSCREENS CONTAIN HARMFUL SUBSTANCES LEADING TO CANCER.  Researchers at the Environmental Working Group, a Washington, D.C. based nonprofit, released a report showing that nearly half of the 500 most popular sunscreen products may actually increase the speed at which malignant cells develop and spread skin cancer.  This is because they contain Vitamin A  and its derivatives, retinol and retinyl palmitate.  These ingredients are known to block Vitamin D production that prevents cancer.  Sunscreens are also notorious for using toxic chemicals and the hormone-disrupting chemical oxybenzone, which penetrates the skin and enters the bloodstream quickly to do hormonal damage.  Oddly enough, the FDA does not regulate skin creams, even though absorption through the surface of the skin is one of the fastest routes into the body.  The FDA has known about the dangers of Vitamin A in sunscreen for years, and still does nothing.

I stopped using sunscreen years ago and regularly go out in the California sun several days a week, either bicycling or getting some other form of exercise.  I don’t sunburn, despite my hours in the sun.  My skin is softer and less wrinkled than most women my age, to the amazement of my friends.  Even supermodel, Giselle Bundchen, says she would never ruin her skin or the health of her body by using toxic sunscreens.

THE SUN IS NOT YOUR ENEMY, BUT DO RESPECT IT.  While the sun DOES have health giving benefitsbaking in the sun is never good.  Wear a hat or protective clothing if you’re light-skinned or prone to sunburn.  Use an organic non-toxic sunscreen on sensitive spots, like one’s nose, if you absolutely have to.  But, do not avoid the sun altogether. Try to get yourself exposed to the sun, without wearing any sunblock, even for just a few minutes. The best times to be out and to welcome the sun’s rays are during the first few hours of the morning between 6 am to 8 am and during the late afternoon before the sun sets.  Try it.  You will definitely feel better.

If you live in an area that gets little sunlight and need another option, then try eating more foods rich in vitamin D such as fish, dairy, and eggs.  Take a Vitamin D supplement.  Most adults need about 8,000 IU’s of Vitamin D daily in order to get their blood serum levels in an optimum range.  Those already experiencing heart disease and/or cancer require more. If you’re not sure, get a blood level test to see where you range:  <50 ng/ml is deficient;  50-70 ng/ml is optimal;  70-100 ng/ml is for cancer treatment;  >100 ng/ml is excess.

Every morning I do a sun salutation as I welcome the sun’s rays into my day.  I remember how grateful I am for all it gives me and others on this planet.   It would be a lonely, dark, and depressing place without it.

Dr. Kathy Forti is a clinical psychologist, inventor of the Trinfinity8 technology, and author of the book, Fractals of God.