My Dinner with Time Traveler Andrew Basiago

Kathy with AndyPresent day scientists agree that the ability for time travel and teleportation IS possible, but don’t say WHEN.  Would it surprise you to learn that we already have the technology and ability to transverse time NOW and that we’ve had it for well over 50 years?  It appears that the government has been experimenting with teleportation since the 1950’s, according to military whistle blower and Washington attorney, Andrew Basiago.  I was up in Mt. Shasta, California recently and had the opportunity to dine with Andy and question him firsthand.  Unusual dinner conversation?  You bet!  I found his story compellingly credible and his memory for details worthy of a Mensa candidate (which he is).  I can hardly remember what I ate I was so captivated by his story.

Basiago’s involvement as a time traveler for Project Pegasus, a Defense Advanced Research Project Agency program (DARPA) started as a young child in the late 60’s and continued through his teen years.  He was recruited by his father, who worked in military intelligence.  Andrew’s dad was a part of the “time-space program” known as Project Pegasus which utilized Nikola Tesla technology for teleportation.  (This explains why over 50% of Nikola Tesla patents and research materials have been placed under lock and key by the defense department for reasons of  “national security”.)

The military’s experimental use of young children of military intelligence personnel is legendary.  As a clinical therapist once practicing in the Norfolk, Virginia area, home of the Atlantic Fleet and several military bases, I treated a few grown-up candidates from some of these covert programs.  They included everything from mind-control to inducing dissociative states in children to create an alter personality to carry classified information without detection.  It was the penultimate spying program (see MKUltra).  It was hard to believe such tales at first, but their stories were all eerily similar and were not elicited under hypnosis.  Most of these programs are covert and not openly sanctioned by the government or, oftentimes, not even known about by even the top military brass.   So it wasn’t much of a stretch for me to keep an open mind about what Andy was sharing regarding his own experiences working for several secret military programs.

Much was first reported about Andy’s time travel in the Huffington Post in 2012.  He recounted how he had traveled back in time to President Lincoln’s Gettysburg address (and was caught in a photo), as well as forward in time to the year 2045.  Each time his handlers had him report back in detail what he saw, political and social details, and who the president was during that time.  He claims that after a very early time traveler leap into the future he reported back that there was a black president named Barack Obama.  He confides that his handlers were especially interested in identifying future presidents in order to foster and shape their early development.  Andy claims that many of the most recent presidents, including both Bushes, Clinton and Obama were told of their future presidential roles long before they came into power.  Andy even reports being involved on a project where he briefly roomed with a young black man named Barry Soetoro (later to take the name Barack Obama).  Interestingly, Obama has acknowledged  knowing Andy Basiago as well as being familiar with Project Pegasus.  As to any further details regarding his involvement–he has remained mum.  As Captain Spock would say, “Fascinating.”

Some people may recall hearing the term Project Pegasus from its use in the Stargate Atlantis TV series.  However, it’s no secret in Hollywood that deep space stories as well as the film The Day the Earth Stood Still were scripted based on info gathered from military film consultants who suggested such ideas.  Truth is often hidden in plain sight under the guise of fantasy.  I myself wondered how accurate time travel was, as portrayed in film and TV, with Andy’s own experience.  Can we go back in time and correct some horrendous event such as the realm of Hitler or John F. Kennedy’s assassination?  Unfortunately, the answer is “no.”  If it could be corrected, we wouldn’t even know about it ever having happened to go back and try to correct it in the first place.  Not even Stephen King’s time traveler character could go back and undo the Kennedy assassination in his book 11/22/63.   Too bad.

I also had to ask Andy whether teleportation is anything like Star Trek’s “beam me up Scotty” holodeck?  According to Andy, this would be impossible for humans, unlike inanimate objects.  Atomic cellular reconstruction from point A to point B is just too complex.  The re-assembled human version would arrive dead.  Andy says he traveled through man-made time vortals (vortex portals) that used pulsing radiant energy.   One had to take a fast running leap into the vortal or the body could start dis-assembling.  He recalls how one boy, who faltered, came through with both legs cut off at the knees.  Yikes!

Inside the vortal he would often see other alien-like entities observing him, and experienced the feeling at times of both falling and not moving.  As for the actual logistics–his time leaps might take from a few seconds to as long as one minute, during which time he was instructed to fill his lungs and hold his breath.  There was little oxygen in the vortal and having breathing control was necessary to avoid passing out.  If he passed out, he might not come back.

Hmm.  Teleportation, however intriguing as it may seem, also sounds kind of dangerous.  Is that why they sent expendable children?  Andy says that since the 1970’s they have perfected the technology and today it could be used to clean up the earth.  He came forward as a whistle blower because he believes such highly advanced technology should be freely available to the world and that it would positively change humanity.   Just in transporting goods, it would alleviate the need for combustion engines, fuels, and other materials that deplete and/or pollute our environment.  It’s no secret that this lawyer, turned activist for truth and transparency, intends to run for the U.S. Presidency in 2016.  His goal is to get the government to finally release this incredible technology and bring it out in the open.  He foresees escalator transports (kind of like subway stops) becoming the new teleportation vortals of the future.  Hey Andy, if teleportation technology can put an end to enduring the gridlock traffic of the Los Angeles 405 freeway, you certainly got my vote!

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Dr. Kathy Forti is a clinical psychologist, inventor of the Trinfinity8 technology, and author of the book, Fractals of God: A Psychologist’s Near-Death Experience and Journeys Into the Mystical

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  1. Janie Martin
    Janie Martin says:

    Kathy this is interesting also.

    I have only time traveled while slipping from the Astral dreaming level to a more Lucid other astral level and when this happened I tried to bring back proof by bringing the notes I was taking. But of course I could not bring back physical evidence.

    Now having read SETH SPEAKS and listening to Bashar the ET (he is on youtube) when someone asks a question of him concerning the Earth and something happening he will say: “Which Earth? You have many earths in many paralelle universes and all have a different history and a differnt future.” He says we are consantly dropping into these without even knowing it. There is no set History as SETH says as this is an open ended reality constantly changing and creating by our thoughts from momemt to moment. So I would have been tempted to ask your dinner companion: “Which Earth and which Time line”

    I always wanted to be a nurse but I never got to one. I was shown a number of photographs of me that looked not exactly like me but in many versions showing me as actually becoming a nurse in other paralelle realities. I have sometime actually had a dialogue with other me’s in other paralelle realities. They seem to live in their own psychic reality of their own and they seemed to have been created and born out of my desires of things or projects I was not able to do in this time based reality. SETH speaks of these as our fragment selves that actually go on to live along another path.

    I just found out about a wonderful man I am fascinated with and have ordered his book who has traveled outsid his body for over 40 years. There are other of course who have done the same that are associated with the Monroe Institute. So I wonder how this all fits in regard to time travel. Which time path are they following? There are many versions of ourselves out there!! So funny how the title of his book is almost the same title ot the book by my friend Kurt Leland: The Interdimensional Human in which my name is in the acknowlegements first paragraph. His other books helped me understand a lot of my experiences also.
    Janie Martin

  2. km
    km says:

    Andy should have used the high tech to realize he wasn’t going to win. He sounds like a real good story teller. If this tech does exist, there is no way the elites would want the masses having it… They want to control our lives, not make them better..

  3. Robert Guthrie
    Robert Guthrie says:

    I look forward to reading the book MY DINNER WITH TIME TRAVELLER ANDREW BASIAGO. His story and his presentation of it
    is interesting to listen to and will be interesting to read about. My interest in listening to him speak whether what he said is true or a work of fiction or whatever. I’m not sure whether Mr. Basiago travelled to anywhere or another plane of existence by way of another dimension. Perhaps he did. However, listening to him causes one’s mind to imagine walking through downtown Gettysburg in the Lincoln era hoping to see somebody of President Lincoln’s like image and exact personage give the Gettysburg Address all over again exactly as it was initially presented way back when.

    That photograph with the lone youth in the background wearing what could be taken to be over-sized brown or lighter colored shoes. was taken in initial real time back when Mr. Lincoln was alive and survived down through the ages. That exact photograph. When it was taken, young Andrew wasn’t even born. But the boy in the photograph was. This fact dispels any possibility of the figure in question being our Andrew Basiago born in the early 1970s. Its only common logic initiating a cause and effect and reality factor. What Attorney Basiago presents here is a fantasy scenario found only in movies, The Time tunnel and The Twilight Zone, and from stories and out of famous books such as H.G. Wells’ The Time Machine. The fact remains that we are not a part of some movie or cartoon strip where you can rewind or move forward to any scene of the movie. Those people in the photograph had lived out their lives and moved on out of existence. They do not relive their lives any time the Basiagos wish to travel back in certain periods of time. For instance Abraham Lincoln is not giving his Gettysburg Address over and over again nor being assassinated on every occasion an alleged time traveler enters and activate his time machine. If young Andrew indeed did travel somewhere it would have to have been to another plane of existence where folks are living in an exact or duplicate 1800 civil war scenario. In such a case Andrew could personally meet the boy or his exact duplicate and converse with him and learn his true identity. If you want to know real time travel look online for Gary Moore’s What’s My Line Show of the 1950’s. On that show its guest was a 96 year old man name Samuel Seymour from the state of Maryland, who as a five-year-old was at Ford’s Theater at the time of the Lincoln Assassination and witness the whole thing. Mr. Seymour, like the aged photograph in official possession, survived through the ages to tell folks in the present about it. Finally I want to point out that the future is basically determined by what we do or what occurs in the present. It’s like railroad tracks leading to a certain town. The town at the other end of the railroad tracks represents the potential future. You can change that by switching to another track heading in another direction or the train can derail and never make it to that town. It all depends on what happens or doesn’t happen in the present scheme of things.

    • Lewis Michael Rhinehart
      Lewis Michael Rhinehart says:

      Robert, Andrew D. Basiago is the child in Gettysburg Josephine Cobb photograph taken by the famous civil war photographer Mathew Brady. Andy traveled to Gettysburg via plasma confinement; a method of time travel that required worm holing. The project pegasus principles, when viewing historical time in the past saw Andy there and then sent him there fulfilling the past retro-causally. ALL time exists in time space and that is why time travel is not only possible but was put to practical use by the late 60’s. Everything that Andy has said in over 500 radio, TV and in person interviews and presentations is the absolute truth. Lewis


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