Beneath the Great Pyramid – Part 2

EgyptTunnel8jpgIt is no secret that beneath the Great Pyramid are vertical shafts, tunnels, hidden chambers, and even a subterranean lake. To find underground water in a dry desert area, where there shouldn’t be any, is intriguing.

Tourists don’t get to see the more interesting lower depths of the Great Pyramid which, due to accessibility problems, has kept important secrets safe for thousands of years. There are layers of shafts that lead straight down through solid limestone, much like the tunnels seen in the tombs of the Valley of the Kings, where the Ancient Egyptians buried their dead and hid from ordinary man vast treasures.


Three levels of chambers under the Great Pyramid. The largest contains the solitary “Tomb of Osiris.”

Once you get past ground level in the Pyramid, there is a second layer shaft which descends to a court flanked on both sides by seven chambers. Some of these chambers contain huge sarcophagi of basalt and granite, 18 feet high. There are no carvings on the stone to tell us who its owner may have been or its purpose for being there. These sarcophagi were allegedly open and empty when found.

Down an even narrower shaft, to a third and even deeper level 95 feet down, lies a clear subterranean lake containing a submerged blue stone sarcophagus about 9 feet in length and weighing between 11-12 tons. Surrounded by four pillars (which have since been removed), the chamber was said to be the “Tomb of Osiris” by Dr. Zahi Hawass, the Director of the Giza Plateau back in 1997-1999, when they first discovered it. How it got down such narrow shafts is an even greater mystery, as no other entrances have been found.

lakeunder pyramidThe Egyptian government claims they extracted this sarcophagus and found it empty, but there are no videos or pictures anywhere to be found of them actually unsealing it. In this day of mass media promotion and documentaries on almost everything, it’s pretty hard to believe they would pass up such an extraordinary opportunity.

We do know that they supposedly carbon dated the sarcophagus and found the results completely challenged accepted Egypt chronology about the Pyramid’s age. Even that news went completely silent. This major discovery happened in the late 90’s, yet no new update has ever been made public on the alleged “Tomb of Osiris.” There are good reasons.


Solitary stone sarcophagus found in lake

I am quite certain the Egyptian Department of Antiquities will not find the God Osiris nor any other being inside. Why? Because this particular sarcophagus is virtually impossible to open.

I remote viewed the submerged area and found the sarcophagus to be impenetrable, so I contacted expert remote viewer, clairvoyant, and author, EM Nicolay, who is extremely proficient at these sort of things. Not knowing my lack of findings, he confirmed it had never been opened, but provided further information I wasn’t privy too.

It appears the sarcophagus is “genetically sealed,” meaning that no man can open it unless his or her DNA matches the genetic coding intentionally locked in place. The Ancient Atlanteans, who brought their advanced knowledge to Egypt (read Who Really Built the Great Pyramids – Part 1), apparently devised a fail safe method, much like our iris scans or fingerprint security locks do today, but much more sophisticated. Pretty clever using DNA.

Archaeologists report that the sarcophagus sits in cold clear water that sizzles when objects fall into it. Understandably they avoided physical contact, assuming it contained some caustic ancient substance. Yet, the water wasn’t always there. Due to the strange properties of this particular sarcophagus, a flooding of magnetic energy occurred when it came in contact with water and somehow charged it, creating an additional level of protection. Whether accidental or intentional in design, it only adds further to the mystery.

It’s obvious there is something very important inside the sarcophagus to warrant such safeguards. Nicolay reports that it contains a major planetary entrance to a dimensional portal. This particular portal is a key stargate that anchors our entire planet, much like a “Divine Engine.” Could this be the true entrance to the Hall of Records which the sleeping prophet Edgar Cayce predicted would be found, but could only be “unlocked” by a select few? If so, no archaeologist has, thus far, displayed the right genetic code to crack it.


Computer rendering of submerged discovery

While present day archaeologists are still trying to figure out how to open this sealed container, it may be a futile task. Unfortunately, the beings with the correct genetic codes to open it are no longer present in this world. One of these beings would, in fact, have to incarnate to accomplish this.

To understand how this genetic coding all came to be, one has to first go back to the time of Atlantis (as I referenced in my previous blog). I will attempt to give a brief overview in order to shed light on man’s rather complex history.

Before the third and final upheaval of Atlantis, there existed two major ruling parties on Atlantis—The Order of Melchizedek (also known as the Sons of the Law of One), which had 12 members (like Senators), and the Sons of Belial (sometimes referred to as Baal) which also had 12 members.

Each group knew how to use the spiritual truths of God and the forces of Nature, but the Sons of Belial used this knowledge for the material gain of physical power and service to self, whereas the Melchizedek followers believed that it should only be used for service to others. A continual struggle regarding man’s proper use of advanced technology and universal knowledge existed between these two opposing parties. (It’s the age old battle between the forces of Darkness and the Light.) These differences led to the misuse of advanced weaponry by the Sons of Belial for the purpose of ridding areas of the Earth from an overpopulation of large animals (the dinosaurs). The Belial followers ignored all safety warnings, which consequently caused a planetary shift, massive flood inundation, and thousands of lives being lost.

Before the final upheaval, Atlantis had many colonies or “outposts” spread throughout the world (i.e, China, Latin America, India, Mongolia, Egypt, etc.). Egypt was their principal outpost and it was here that the Atlantean entity known as Thoth, the “Lord of Magic and Time” (aka Enoch), traveled before the Great Flood (now known as the Biblical flood of Noah), to preserve the knowledge of Atlantis before it was destroyed. All 12 members from the Order of Melchizedek were dispersed to outposts in other parts of the world to also secure the sacred knowledge. The Mayan civilization was one of these outposts, and from the Atlanteans they would inherit celestial and “timekeeping” knowledge.

There were survivors of the Sons of Belial who set up their own habitation areas on Earth after the Great Flood, but the Sons of Belial and the Order of Melchizedek weren’t the only two groups to have staked out new territories.

There was also the Anunnaki. The ancient Sumerian texts referred to them as the “Gods from the sky.” The Bible refers to them as the “Nephilim” or “fallen angels” who came to Earth and mated with humans. Most of these “god” myths are not myths at all. The Anunnaki were an extraterrestrial race that came to Earth and put down roots in Mesopotamia. They were responsible for the advanced Sumerian civilization that suddenly sprang up out of no where. This ancient Assyrian land (today’s Iraq), has always been seen as the “cradle of civilization” because of the Anunnaki influence.


The Anunnaki changing the genetic tree of life.

The Anunnaki were technologically advanced, yet their primary interest was mining Earth’s gold resources in the African mines. To do so, they needed lots of workers which their own people would not provide. To fulfill their labor need, they employed genetic manipulation and in-vitro fertilization techniques to create a new breed of hybrid workers that came from their bloodline, but were essentially slaves.

The idea of ET genetic manipulation may sound preposterous to some, but just recently long-time researchers in the Human Genome Project stated that they now believe “the so-called 97% of non-coding sequences in the human DNA is nothing less than the genetic code of extraterrestrial life forms.” While science no longer finds this theory far-fetched, Nobel Prize winner of DNA fame, Sir Frances Crick, has always espoused the belief of our extraterrestrial origins.

Several races sprang forth from the Anunnaki genetic experiments—-the Arabs, the Hebrews, and the 12 Tribes of Israel. This would forever set the stage for undercurrents of resentment and persecution for centuries to come, especially when the Anunnaki left and the Hebrews were then taken into slavery by the Egyptians and Babylonians. One can begin to understand the conflict over the centuries between the races in the Middle East and the rest of the world. The roots to the Anunnaki and the disruptive energy of these areas runs deep, as we can still see today. There are those that have clearly taken advantage of this for the control of people and lands.

While certain civilizations tend to whitewash their history, as man oftentimes does to make himself appear good and righteous, the Anunnaki saw themselves as all-powerful and had no qualms about destroying those who might interfere with their legacy. When an influx of Atlanteans came into their lands after the Great Flood (approximately 15,000 – 13,000 BCE), the Anunnaki waged a war for territorial dominance. The Sons of Belial quickly sided against the Melchizideks and joined ranks with the Anunnaki who, like themselves, were more interested in material power and gain. A sky war was waged with “fireball weapons” that decimated thousands of people. This is the war the ancient Vedic texts described, in terms which we now understand to be the use of nuclear weapons. Researchers have verified evidence of such ancient nuclear battles sites in the Middle East. Again, it appears that history may be repeating itself.

After the great “sky war,” the Anunnaki eventually left Earth. The Melchizedek Atlanteans made sure the key Earth portal entry underneath the Great Pyramid was sealed and not accessible to those of the Anunnaki DNA bloodline, or their descendants. Thoth made sure of it.

It is undeniable that Thoth was a very interesting link in man’s history. He was a spiritual being with great knowledge and stature. In fact, many Atlanteans would be considered giants by today’s standards, with heights between 7-8 feet tall. They towered over man both intellectualy and physically. They were called “immortal gods” not because they couldn’t die, but because they could live for several hundred years having clearly discovered the secret to longevity which is a characteristic of higher dimensional lineage. This slow aging process has been known to confuse the historical timelines if one is thinking in limited human lifespan years. This is one reason why many of these ancient stories have been explained away as myth.

Much of what Thoth put in place deteriorated after his death and transmutation, but beneath the pyramids his legacy still lives on.

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Dr. Kathy Forti is a clinical psychologist, inventor of the Trinfinity8 technology, and author of the book, Fractals of God

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  1. Christopher Rudy
    Christopher Rudy says:

    Yowza! I remember reading about the expert remote viewer, clairvoyant, and author, EM Nicolay in your book Fractals of God. The context here is indeed fascinating. The ‘Star Wars’ analogy is timely. It’s rather evident that the evil empire ‘dark side’ is trying to amplify the fear matrix to counter the power of 4 billion global Netizens who are waking up, wising up and rising up with conscious evolution revelations that magnify ‘Christ Mass Conscience’ to Make It So!

  2. Doug Bockus
    Doug Bockus says:

    Wow Kathy, Your Pyramid visit just gets better and better (more interesting). I am a little confused about the Sarcophagus in the sizzling clear water.
    They obviously have not removed it from the water, so have they actually made an attempt to open it while it is under water? If so, wouldn’t the sizzling water have harmed anyone getting into it? Maybe I misunderstood what you wrote–and no one has tried to open it yet.
    I am still curious about whether you were able to lay in the open Sarcophagus in the middle of the Great Pyramid like you were able to do on your last visit to Egypt. If so, I would love to hear about what you saw. Doug

    • Kathy J. Forti
      Kathy J. Forti says:

      The sarcophagus under the pyramid and the well-known one in the King’s Chamber are two separate things. Most people don’t know about the one under the pyramid and there is no documentation anywhere that they have actually attempted to open it. Maury Povich did a TV special on this sarcophagus discovery in 1999 which you can find on YouTube, but they only show raising it out of the water, not opening it, which is like telling a story and not telling the ending. As I stated in my blog, I believe they could not open it and therefore, skipped over that part in the telling of the TV story. The “sizzling” water is actually one archaeologist’s way of describing the sound produced when an object fell in the water. There are underground aquifers under the pyramid, which once served to generate electrical power under certain conditions. To my knowledge I don’t know if anyone has ever been harmed by coming in contact with this “charged” water.

  3. Christine Lammers
    Christine Lammers says:

    Kathy, I’m intrigued by the parallels between the geopolitical structures you’re describing and the tenets of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. In fact, I find them astounding! Have you studied that religion in depth? While our church leadership is based on the rule of 12, I had no idea that this might be reflected in Ancient Alien theory. I think I should reread The Book of Mormon from the perspective of a (now) believer in Ancient Aliens. Thank you for your insight. Christine

    • Kathy J. Forti
      Kathy J. Forti says:

      I haven’t studied the Book of Mormon, but the number 12 comes up in other religions as well. The most obvious being the 12 apostles. Twelve is broken down to a 3 (1+2=3). Three is a very sacred number (ie. the trinity, etc.). The ancients were big into sacred geometry.

  4. Filippo
    Filippo says:

    …” To find underground water in a dry desert area, where there shouldn’t be any, is intriguing.”
    NOT at ALL – It is very common! And even more near a river …
    But some OTHER things here are intriguing …!

  5. Doctor Moebius
    Doctor Moebius says:

    It’s obvious to all but academics that an very advanced global civilization once existed here, then it was wiped out. I believe we were seeded here by ET’s, but the details of what was here first (Dinosaurs), wiped out in 65M BC; then perhaps monkeyman develops here. ET arrives, and Atlantis thrives. A comet hits the Earth in 11,500 BC (Graham Hancock Magicians of the Gods), wiping out a whole lot of us. Viracocha (Atlanteans) go across the world, and we rebuild. Then, the floods come, and a bunch of us die again. Exactly when is unknown. We know Govekli Tepe shows the comet, so this site must be post 11,500 BC, whereas there seems to be some really ancient ruins UNDER the Egyptian pyramid. It’s possible the Giza pyramids were built post-flood, but they are probably antediluvian.

    And Dr. Forti, you are so right, they were in to sacred geometry (clearly) – if only we taught our children SG; they’d be on their way to enlightenment.

  6. Angel Perez
    Angel Perez says:

    I believe, that the genetic code is to safeguard it from a selfish person opening it, perhaps it needs various genetics from different peoples to ensure that the knowledge isn’t hoarded away by one person…. try remote viewing it with a dozen people, from various backgrounds, it should help….

  7. Mike Clymer
    Mike Clymer says:

    I read something on internet late last night . I thought Graham Hancock was in it .It was saying that a woman or a goddess built the great pyramid to reincarnate Osiris after being killed by Set . This made sense to me because of the nature of its construction .


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