The frequencies generated on a Rife deliver a single frequency or sequence of frequencies that target a particular organ, symptom or parasite, for example. They may or may not be the exact frequencies needed for each individual.

In contrast, Trinfinity8 delivers information to the body in the form of mathematical codes. It does not target disease states or individual organs. It supports cellular and system functions by delivering information to the body to support the body’s own healing process. Trinfinity8 streams millions of codes in an algorithmic format, rather than a single-frequency format.

Frequency generators do not have the audio and visual components which further enhance T8’s binary coding by infusing the body’s sensory functions with self-healing information.

Individual results will vary, everyone will experience different results. One could compare it to meditation. They may not be able to explain what it is doing for them, but they know it is doing good. Some may notice a shift after one session, some after five, some after ten. It really depends on where someone is in their healing process (physical, emotional/mental, spiritual). We have found intention to be very powerful in the process. If one is open to receiving healing in whatever form it takes, one may experience more noticeable results.

The Trinfinity8 is a tool for aligning with one’s divinity, for awakening to one’s highest potential.

Some may feel that physically the progress of degeneration has been slowed. That a greater degree of vitality and quality of life has been restored. Many users report experiencing enhanced pleasant mental and emotional states. Everyone has a different experience.

The degree to which you can achieve any health goal will be determined by how fully one:

embraces the new energy they are feeling
mentally and emotionally focus on the positive and what they are grateful for
keep their body hydrated daily
embrace positive changes in diet, exercise and sound nutrition
If you look in the mirror every day and say, I don’t see any changes, that can work against the progress your system is making. Negative affirmations, emotions and environment can have a strong negative influence on the system.
It is suggested that you listen to your body and easily move in the new direction you desire for your life with enthusiasm, hope, gratitude, and love for yourself.

You are giving yourself a marvelous gift with your Trinfinity8 sessions — whether you own your own unit, go to a spa or health center for sessions. Feel the changes and be glad. You will see results in time. Embrace the gift of your healing and change with your heart and mind.

No, there is nothing in the program that will interact with your medications. Since you are under a doctor’s supervision, you regularly report any changes in how you are feeling, so the doctor will adjust dosages accordingly, if your particular condition does change.

Simply pause the program and restart it when you come back. We do recommend that, before you begin, you turn off your phones, tv, any other source of distraction so that your session timeis just for you.

No. If you prefer to close your eyes that is fine. You can meditate if you like. In fact, you could fall asleep while it is running and still receive the energy through the crystals. The fractals work with the algorithmic codes and amplifies the information coming through to the user. The codes continue to work on you whether you watch the fractal animations or not.

Yes. Many of our practitioners and users send rejuvenation sessions effectively to loved ones and friends around the globe. As a Trifinity8 owner you will be instructed and shown how to do this simple procedure.