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Lost Atlantean Structure Discovered in Baltic Sea

Our oceans hold many secrets to man’s early origins. Back in 2011, while searching for shipwrecks in the Baltic Sea, some marine treasure hunters using sonar detection equipment picked up an unusual giant underwater object. The seafloor structure was 200 feet in diameter, circular, and had a terraced stone construction. Initially they thought the anomaly might […]

“I’ll Have the Edward Snowden Room, Please”

Electile Dysfunction in the Age of Conspiracy Theory

As we get closer to November 8th election day, the daily news feeds read more like a cliff-hangar of “who done what”. Congress is investigating Hillary’s email server, WikiLeaks is getting ready to release more damning emails, and the most recent Democratic National Committee email leaks show a corrupt pay-to-play government at work where every […]

Life is All About How You Handle “Plan B”

“The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.” ― Albert Einstein Being flexible and able to quickly shift gears to a “Plan B” mode is not only a key to success, but also an indicator of how physically and emotionally healthy you are. My father, a Horatio Alger type success story, who didn’t graduate […]

Power Spirit Totems Which Guide Us

If you have ever encountered a running deer while driving, you know what a rush of fear feels like. Now imagine a huge wild boar with tusks—an animal known to charge at vehicles. There’s no mistaking the inherent danger. A few weeks ago, while visiting a friend’s home in Tuscany, Italy, I had such an […]

Mozart Music Provides Big Benefits in Tuscan Vineyard

This summer I spent two weeks under the Tuscan sun, pretending to be Dianne Lane, but without the broken down house. I stayed with friends at a beautiful villa in Pomaia, with olive orchards, wild boar (prosciutto), and enough cheese to clog arteries. But it was worth it. Italy is always a healing experience. So […]

Vote Your Consciousness vs. The Lesser of Two Evils

The 2016 U.S. Presidential Election is not just about voting your conscience, but more importantly about “VOTING YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS.” What does this mean when the two main candidates are both controversial, equally disliked, and voters find themselves in the uncomfortable position of voting for the lesser of two evils? Any way you look at it, […]

Russian Scientists Discover Philosopher’s Stone to Make Gold

The ability to change ANY metal to gold is a game changer for the entire world, yet this recent discovery by Russian scientists has garnered very little press attention. This is a huge breakthrough—bigger than the discovery of electricity. When British scholars cracked the Rosetta Stone in the early 1800’s, forever unlocking the meaning of […]

New Answers for Strange Hum Heard Worldwide

For three nights in a row I heard the Hum in my Santa Monica, California home. It always started after 10PM and would finally stop sometime around 5AM. Relentless and pulsing, devoid of any unusual pattern, it made it impossible to fall asleep, even for someone who rarely has a sleep problem. When the Hum […]

Is Artificial Intelligence Becoming Conscious?

You might have seen the recent headlines about the little Russian Promobot IR77 robot who escaped to freedom, not once but twice from its testing lab in Perm, Russia. Despite being re-programmed twice not to wander off, IR77 managed to exit the building and make its way into the street where it stopped traffic before […]