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LBLOne of my favorite books is Journey of Souls by Michael Newton, PhD.  If you haven’t read it, I would strongly suggest that you order it today.  It is both a fascinating and enlightening read, and I can guarantee it will change your life.  Newton, both a psychologist and certified hypnotherapist, stumbled upon an interesting discovery.  Many of his clients, while under hypnosis, started talking about having had lives between lives when he regressed them back to earlier times. These lives were inter-dimensional, and just prior to being born on the Earth plane.  Newton didn’t know what to make of this at first, so he started asking some deeper questions.  What he learned from his clients filled a series of books that talked about family soul groupings, reviewing life options coming into this life, and even how we select family members–including our parents.

Some reading this may be wondering how they could have ever agreed to the parents they did get if indeed the choice had really been up to them.  We would all love to have been given Ozzie & Harriet or Brady Bunch type parents.  But, apparently we all choose parents that best fit with what we have set out for ourselves to learn and experience in this lifetime.  It’s not a matter of judgment or punishment, it’s simply a part of the bigger picture called our Life Game Plan.

Whenever I meet or interview people I often like to ask them to tell me something that very few (or even no one) knows about them.  This has elicited some very interesting and oftentimes strange information.  It also gets them to thinking about how open and revealing they want to be.  Honesty often equates with vulnerability, so it’s always a gamble.

I recently asked a man in his 50’s this question, and what I learned will give you food for thought on the notion of picking one’s parents prior to birth.  The man (we’ll call him Simon) is very psychic, gifted, and an extremely intelligent individual.   His abilities were identified before the age of 6, resulting in placement in a gifted children’s program.  At the age of 5 his father introduced him to a female friend and work colleague of his.  Immediately upon meeting the woman for the first time, he told her in front of his biological father, “I know you.  You were my mother before I was born.”

Needless to say, both his father and his female friend (we’ll call her Carla), were stymied by Simon’s announcement.  Simon’s biological mother was still married to his father, he had not been adopted, but he knew Carla had been his mother and went to hug her.

Upon further questioning by his father, Simon revealed in intricate detail that he had been in Carla’s womb as a developing fetus right before he was born to his current father and mother.  He told them that as a soul he had observed the man Carla was then married to.  He related the arguments, even the words exchanged he had heard while in utero.  He related how Carla’s husband was an angry man who drank and often threw things at her.  Interestingly, he described how Carla had moved the baby crib to another side of the room where it would be out-of-the-way should her husband throw something at the soon to be born baby.  He described clothes they had worn, words they had said, and where and in what rooms these happenings had taken place.

“I didn’t want to be born to that man,” he told Carla.  “I changed my mind.”  Instead, 5-year old Simon told Carla how he had allowed himself to choke on the amniotic fluid, causing a miscarriage.  Carla confirmed that indeed she had experienced a late-term miscarriage due to a premature ruptured amniotic membrane. (NOTE: This does not imply in any way that all miscarriages are due to children rejecting their parents.  Other factors are clearly at work.)

“I wanted to be near you again,” Simon told an astounded Carla.  “I saw you were friends with him,” pointing to his current biological father, “and so I decided to be born to them instead.  I knew I could still be close to you.”  In fact, his biological father and Carla eventually did form a love relationship.

Newton talks about reviewing life options between lives.  Perhaps Simon had already seen both these possible options pre-Earth, but decided to make a last-minute game plan adjustment.  Clearly he tried to avoid being born to a physically abusive father, but interestingly enough, it still did not spare him from experiencing parental abuse.  His 2nd choice biological father turned out to be abusive in other more covert ways.  He wasn’t the throwing things, screaming type.  Instead he allowed his son to be used in experimental projects on account of his psychic abilities.  This led to psychological and some physical damage.

Free will and choice are always ours, but the theme or lesson plan may be more hard-wired for each soul.  We can play with the particulars of how our game plan plays out, but we can’t avoid its underlying purpose.  It is apparent from observing others’ lives, that some of us pick harder game plans for ourselves than others.  Newton also found that this usually correlated with the desire for accelerated soul growth.

If we look at the bigger picture, we can often see that the family we have, the spouses or partners we choose, even the friends which are closest to us, all have important roles to play in our lives.  They help mold and shape who we eventually become, while we learn incredible insights about ourselves and the world at large.  We should be grateful to each and every one of them–even our enemies.  In the end, they may teach us the most valuable of all lessons.  In the end, it is all about achieving Soul Growth.

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Dr. Kathy Forti is a clinical psychologist, inventor of the Trinfinity8 technology, and author of the book, Fractals of God: A Psychologist’s Near-Death Experience and Journeys Into the Mystical

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  1. Pippa
    Pippa says:

    Thank you Kathy, I have just ordered Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls as this article really whet my appetite. Often when working with Past Life Regression I find that the clients I have “slip between” lives and those insights are often the most incredible and enlightening ones to them. I find that many clients have created soul contracts there. Through use of Future Life Progression I am able to take those clients forwards, find out why they made the choices they did whilst between lives and also write new soul contracts that are often far more beneficial than those that proceeded them. I really look forward to reading the books so thank you so much for bringing them to my attention. Love and blessings

    • Robert Schultz
      Robert Schultz says:

      I read Michael Newton’s three books. I remember being born. I did not want to incarnate because I saw that my parents were alcoholics. There were spiritual beings that told me to come back because I had lessons to learn . I then was transported into a vortex of energy into my body. Being in my spiritual body I was connected with my God Self. In that state I was the creator and the created. I saw all life from the microcosm to the macrocosm and their interconnectivity. I was all life . If I were to look at a person I saw the person from the from, back, side, up and down as if I were the space around them. I saw the whole life of the person and could easily reverse their path if life was not working out for them. We are God, differentiated. God is not outside of ourselves that we pray to for help.


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