MKULTRA: What I Learned About Mind Control from Clients

MKULTRABack in the 1990’s I had a psychotherapy practice in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Since the area was home to the U.S. Atlantic Fleet, I saw many patients from military families. My clinical specialty was Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), formerly known as Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD), which is how I came to treat two women who had been part of an experimental and secret government mind control program dating back to the 1950’s.

Neither woman knew of or had met the other, and both had been referred to me at different times over a two year period. Yet, the information that came to light for both was so similar that it couldn’t be dismissed as delusional fabrication.

Both women claimed that they had been used during childhood for covert spying by some faction of the U.S. government. This was done by creating dissociative identities, as children, to safeguard classified information that would then be delivered by the child and its handler. I would later have a name for this program and its various offshoots. They were all part of what is now known as the “Mother of all Mind Control” CIA programs—Project MKULTRA along with the subprogram PROJECT MONARCH.

Because most MKULTRA records were deliberately destroyed in 1973 by order of then CIA director Richard Helms, it has been difficult, if not impossible, to gain a complete understanding of the more than 150 individually funded research sub-projects sponsored by MKULTRA and other related CIA programs. But the damage lives on.

Both women I saw were involuntarily recruited before the age of eight. This is an important factor. Thecould-military-mind-control-get-out-of-hand-video--85127ffe70 personality is still forming and has more plasticity before age seven. Severe physical, emotional, and/or sexual abuse before that age will have profound effects on the laying down of neuronal pathways as well as how memory is stored. Multiple personality disorder happens during childhood as a defense coping mechanism to deal with trauma. Despite public or medical opinion, it is not rare. This dysfunctional coping mechanism may become more noticeable during adulthood, but it starts in childhood, not in one’s adult years. This personality split off into an alter personality occurs to save the child from ego annihilation and insanity. In their eyes, it happened to someone else (the alter personality), not them.

Alter personalities can be induced under the right circumstances at a young age, and the people behind MKULTRA had to have known this in order to create covert childhood spies. What better way to transport information then hide it inside a child alter’s mind, which could only be retrieved on the other end by hypnosis or some other de-programming means. Who would suspect a child or take them seriously? It was quite a diabolical plan.

ADHDdrugsAcademicMy clients’ stories had so many similarities, it was beyond mere coincidence:

Both women were born and raised in Virginia and came from military families where a family member was involved in military intelligence work. This keeps the test subject close to home and able to be easily monitored. Oftentimes, a military family member becomes their “handler” and the one who transports them to and from an information retrieval operator.

Both women had memories of sexual abuse by participants in MKULTRA. (These memories were not retrieved under hypnosis.) They both claimed to have been sexually abused by Richard Nixon, Henry Kissinger, George Bush, Sr., Ronald Reagan and Bob Hope. This sounds totally implausible, unless those doing the abuse wore realistic masks to protect their identity. Picking famous people to hide behind, guarantees the victims will never be believed later, should they tell. (But then again, I may be wrong, and some of these luminaries may have been complicit in this secretive government program. Time will tell as what is hidden or Dark eventually is unmasked by the Light. )

Both drew similar pictures of equipment and/or devices used “to not tell.” Phallic symbols, drugs, and poker-like instruments “that burned” seemed to be prevalent.

When each women came close to revealing something secret and/or taboo, suddenly a new personality would come out and shut down the whole process. In the dissociative field, these are known as “scrambler personalities.” They are programmed into the person’s mind to block off memories and, sometimes, even report back to a handler for re-programming.

Each women remembers being taken on night-time trips by a handler, or nice person, to meet someone in a distant place. Sometimes air travel was involved. Sometimes they remembered where they were taken, other times they only remembered being returned home after a blank period of time away.

Both feared for their life by seeking therapeutic help.

Let me just preface here that I don’t know any military secrets and both these women were too damaged and psychologically tortured to stay in treatment. They each had a fear of being punished for “telling,” which was undoubtedly part of their mind control programming. I am not the only therapist to have encountered these types of stories. The victims are still out there, but are now adults with severe psychological problems. Over the years I’ve heard enough strange stories in my therapy office to not readily dismiss such claims. Some have proven to be true.

There was no secondary gain for either of the women trying to obtain help. They were plagued with nightmares and memories trying to bleed through to the surface after so many years of holding their secrets. While MKULTRA was allegedly shut down in 1973, it hasn’t stopped other mind control related work by our government.

Many experiments dealing with the disruption of brain function for human control are still very much real:

Scientists are researching the construction of super soldiers that feel no pain, terror and do not suffer from fatigue. The Pentagon allocated $400 million to this research.

Scientists are using electrodes to direct people’s movements by sending a signal from a mobile phone, which stimulates a muscle in the leg, showing them the direction they need to go in. They claim it is to replace the need for an external GPS program. I sure hope the Apple Watch doesn’t have this hidden program installed.

A DARPA program conducted by The Center for Strategic Communication at Arizona State University experimented with “Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation” (TMS) to remotely combat dissent and extremism. TMS stimulates the temporal lobe of the brain with electromagnetic fields in order to “turn off” reactive centers in the brain. While those in the psychology field may use such experimentation to help combat depression and anxiety, DARPA’s sole goal has always been for defense and weaponry use.

I once worked for an altered-states research lab in Northern California which used alpha brainwave entrainment programs for consciousness exploration. I learned that the institute had been coerced into training several elite Green Berets groups for mind control or, as the military termed it “affecting one-mind cooperation in the field.” tv-mind-control

One only has to look around to see the signs that we are already slaves to mind control. We sit in front of TVs for hours being bombarded by messages, both subliminal and overt to buy products, take drugs, or show us what we are missing or might never have. We become immune to violence and killings. We are glued to our mobile devices, whipping them out at the first second of inactivity, to amuse and district us from life going on all around us.

Can we escape it all?  We can certainly try.

UPDATE:  Canadian Government Quietly Compensates Daughter of MKULTRA Victim


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Dr. Kathy Forti is a clinical psychologist, inventor of the Trinfinity8 technology, and author of the book, Fractals of God

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  1. Rebecca Ann Hale
    Rebecca Ann Hale says:

    this is really interesting Dr. Forti. I would love to communicate with you further, about this over my personal email but I understand you are a ‘public figure’ and could be very busy. i was born in January of 1961, and throughout my life have been directly effected by the MK Ultra program and by extension have experienced loss of income, loss of health, and have unwillingly been exposed to extreme situations. i am looking for victims-rights and remediations, through proper legal channels and with the correct supporting evidence. your testimony on this page could be helpful for my case, so thanks for posting / bringing my attention to your work.

    • whisperingsage
      whisperingsage says:

      My heart goes out to you Rebecca. Reading and listening to Cathy o Brien and Sue Ford were heartbreaking. Look up Ted Gunderson on YouTube. He dedicated his life to this cause starting with the McMartin daycare tunnels. I even looked up John Walsh and it looks like he’s afraid to really reach out to the possibility his son may be alive and locked into this network. Look up Johnny Gosch, there is a lot on this. I haven’t yet figured out which groups are fronts for the evil network and who are genuine.
      The betrayal of parents to me is the most disturbing. Handing their children over to these monsters is mind boggling. Right now, prayer is a must, but pizzagate is starting to wake people up.

    • Jennifer Ayres
      Jennifer Ayres says:

      There are many victims. Nowadays they are calling themselves Targeted Individuals. If you have Facebook, look up the TI groups so you can find the others.

  2. Cyndi McKenna
    Cyndi McKenna says:

    Cathy O’Brien has an autobiography of her time in MK Ultra program, it is difficult to read and the co-author helped craft it to not trigger certain things in others. “Trance Formation of America”. She and her mom were rescued. May all those involved in those programs be blessed with healing.

  3. Teach
    Teach says:

    Whenever I read a story of deep corruption like this I am filled with anger and sadness. I get angry that there are people who think a program like MK Ultra is necessary. Some probably even think it is innovative or useful. They passionately lobby their superiors for its creation implementation and execution. The order of the day is control. Many nations are ushering in demagogues (america France Brazil russia China north korea). The people are lost. They don’t know where to look for answers. I get sad because I imagine how amazing it would be if the governments of Earth put all the energy and resources they put into controlling and hurting people into developing alternative energy or health care programs. Those in power now are teaching us a massively important lesson summed up thusly: “don’t be like me”. The generations that will rise to power MUST NOT repeat the mistakes of their parents and grandparents. Mk ultra is just another page out of the “how not to manual”.

  4. SJAAK
    SJAAK says:

    Same MKULTRA stuff happening for over 10 years in Sittard and Geleen in The Netherlands. It’s 2018 now. They don’t stop. The local intelligence services AIVD and MIVD are consentual. But it’s the big American-British agencies who run our world. These are not conspiracy theories.

  5. J Andrews
    J Andrews says:

    Great article and also great comments from readers! I’m so glad to see more people, especially professionals like Dr. Forti, taking this issue seriously. I can’t do a better job than any of the previous posters in terms of laying out details. I hope that Dr. Forti will revisit this topic at some point. It would be great if we could all figure out how to get compensation for what was done to us. They usually don’t just dump you once they’re done but instead build in what’s called a “deterioration program” so that you end up broke, potentially homeless, etc. Most MK Ultra survivors also later become subject to the targeting process involving experiments with gang stalking and electronic harassment. I’m struggling currently with what feels like programmed dreams. Prior to that I was going through a flood program recalling the trauma memories and pieces of classified information, but even that is part of deteriorating when you can’t stop it.


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