A Glimpse into 5th Dimension Reality

The June 20, 2016 Full Moon Solstice was an “event horizon” which, due to several cosmic factors, caused a thinning of the veil between the dimensions, an overlapping of sorts, where souls now have greater access than ever before to 5th Dimension reality.

coronalholeThe universe has been slowly ramping up for this event and others that will soon follow. In early May, NASA discovered a growing hole on the Sun, which today has reached mammoth proportions. The effects are being experienced everywhere in the cosmos.

Ancient Mayan prophesy says that after 2012, a “cosmic sky portal” would open and a time for awakening and moving into a higher state of consciousness would take place—an event that happens approximately every 26,000 years. The Mayans looked to the Sun as the key sign heralding this great change. In the past many mistook this to mean a destruction of our world, not listening to the Older Elders which clarified it meant the end of a 26,000 period and the beginning of changes that would bring in the next 26,000 period. A time of greater enlightenment. A modern-day Renaissance period.

While many on Earth are still navigating 3rd/4th Dimensional awareness, a dimension inhabited primarily by service-to-self beings and a polarity between light and dark forces, others are already moving beyond lifetimes of fear, pain and limitation and catching glimpses of the next level of soul evolution through visions or dream states of the 5th Dimension.

About two months ago I had a rather vivid dream about being in a tall building in the sky, where incredible white light was streaming in from a two-story high, floor-to-ceiling, wall of slanted glass windows. The room, which I knew was my personal creative studio, had a large white sculpted workplace unit, where I was collaborating with a male client on a design project. I was slightly shorter, my hair and facial features were different, and I had darker skin. While I didn’t look anything like I do today, I knew it was me in some other reality—and wherever I was, I was very happy.

I was no stranger to this place and felt ecstatic to be back again. In this realm, I felt free to do, say, and create in any way I desired without limitation. I didn’t feel the pressure of time, no discordant thoughts or worries, just total and profound peace and freedom. In this place, I could just pursue becoming all I wanted to be and experience. And I knew others were also doing the same without any interference.

I felt telepathically connected to others residing there, along with a greater sense of compassion and understanding for who they were. Yes, it felt like heaven in comparison to this world. But, upon awakening I knew, without any doubt, it was my space in the 5th Dimension. I closed my eyes and tried to get back there—hoping to exchange this reality for that one which felt much more normal and real. While I was unable to return on command,  I did find that just thinking about my time there and recalling how everything felt, allowed me to recapture the peace and serenity all over again. I now make it my mind meditation space.

What is this 5th Dimension all about? According to spiritual author and future visionary, E.M. Nicolay, 4th and 5th Dimensional life is manifested through the higher consciousness of heart-centerness. The focus is on “lessons of compassion, the interface of physical and emotional content, and heart-based caring.”

Nicolay says the 5th Dimension is less linear and more about living in the “Now” in a multidimensional way—meaning one can experience the immediate past, present and future at the same time, something Nicolay refers to as the “Super Now.” One can liken it to playing a lifetime chess game on multi-levels where one’s level of consciousness guides one’s choices.

“The difference is that in Third Dimensional reality one builds one’s life through references from the mass consciousness background and interfaces with the background in order to find opportunities for growth. However, in Fifth Dimensional reality, one builds one’s life first then picks and chooses what is available in the mass consciousness background in order to add to, fill in or augment its experiences. In truth, a Fifth Dimensional Terran does not necessarily ever need to interact with society or with the events of the mass consciousness background should the entity choose, though most do so through love and compassion that lead naturally to the desire for cooperation in the growth of others.” –E.M. Nicolay

The differences between the dimensions are often misunderstood. They are levels of consciousness, not places or locations. Each dimension vibrates at a higher rate than the one below it, and with it comes a greater knowing, more freedom, and a more expansive understanding of reality. Evolution to the next dimensional level requires a shift in consciousness where the entity is vibrating in resonance with that dimension.

Our current 3rd dimensional reality runs on a rather rigid and limited set of rules. We find ourselves in dense physical bodies, subject to the forces of gravity and disease, where fear and judgment prevail—leading to a host of discordant emotions within and without. It’s often like living in a primitive society.

In the 4th Dimension, we are less dense, more light filled, and our experiences tend to be more heart-filled along with a realization of our own spiritual awakening.  These souls feel calmer and clearer. Their focus is more on service to others vs. service to self.

Many of today’s Lightworkers have been shifting in and out of this 4th dimensional reality for some time while detaching emotionally from the chaos around them. They are more likely to be exploring their spirituality without the dogma of traditional religion. They are finding God within. As they shift in consciousness, they are more likely to feel physical symptoms, which are really dimensional growing pains.

It’s not at all uncommon for these people to feel exhaustion, headaches, sleep problems, heart racing as their heart center opens, and/or sudden flu-like symptoms. The physical body has to adjust to the higher vibration rate and this transitional process may initially feel uncomfortable. One might actually get ill before they fully acclimate. As they shed the worry and anxiety of 3rd Dimension reality, they notice feeling lighter, more hopeful, more loving, and more in the Now. Intuition increases, as well as psi ability. They have to be especially careful of their thoughts, which are manifesting faster.

All this is preparation for the 5th Dimension where one can manifest things instantaneously and where telepathy with others makes verbal communication often unnecessary. In this dimension, there is no need to lie, deceive or hide information from others, when you can easily read their thoughts. Truth and honesty are the norm and there is no judgment of others. Everyone is working on soul growth, just as you are.

In my 5th Dimension dream-like experience, I knew I was working with like-minded souls in a community of galactic-help-300x233my choosing. It was a matter of like-attracts-like. I felt that my work equally mattered to those in my community as their work mattered to me. It felt very Utopian without ever losing a sense of self.

We are divine beings who have been asleep for some time. We have temporarily forgotten who we are, but all that is changing as Light continues to stream into our world opening our heart awareness.

Many may now find themselves taking nightly sojourns to this new dimension, slowly acclimating themselves, before the day when they make the final journey leaving 3rd and 4th dimensional reality incarnations forever behind. Lifetimes will now occur in this new higher dimension. This is the dimensional process the Ancient Egyptians aspired to. They weren’t just obsessed with death, as many would have you believe, but the “afterlife” transition to the stars. Today we know this as the “Ascension” process and God-consciousness. It means going to the next dimensional level.

From one who has had a near-death experience (NDE), I now realize many may have already accessed this dimensional level during their NDE thinking it was a realm of heaven. This realm is not in the sky somewhere, it resides in consciousness alongside the other dimensions, yet invisible to our 3rd dimensional brain. This is what the scientists are referring to when they speak about multiple or parallel universes residing in the same space and time.

Not everyone on this planet will make the conscious or unconscious choice to shift into the 5th Dimension. There are still many who will wish to remain in 3rd Dimensional reality. It may be more in line with soul lessons they are working on and want to continue to experience.

While Biblical scholars call this period the “end times,” it is really just a transitional time prior to experiencing a major evolutionary leap forward. The 3rd Dimension reality won’t disappear or cease to exist for those who choose to stay behind, but it will figuratively become obsolete for those choosing to move on. Think of it as graduating from primary school straight to graduate level work. We rarely have any interest in looking backward once we see the possibilities of what lies ahead.

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Dr. Kathy Forti is a clinical psychologist, inventor of the Trinfinity8 technology, and author of the book, Fractals of God: A Psychologist’s Near-Death Experience and Journeys Into the Mystical

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  1. Christopher Rudy
    Christopher Rudy says:

    Well put Kathy. Now I understand that I don’t have ‘multiple personalities’ but rather have experienced multiple dimensions in the multiverse every since my own NDE. I’ll bet that’s how Hermes was messenger of the gods: dimensional shift. Since I was writing about global shift dynamics today, I’ve also linked your excellent article at http://www.heartcom.org/InspiredOrder.htm

  2. Peter Kelly
    Peter Kelly says:

    Thank you Kathy for another excellent article. You seem to always know the right things to say to make sense of the chaos that surrounds us in the 3rd dimension and the peace that exists in the higher realms of consciousness.

  3. JOANNE Goyer
    JOANNE Goyer says:

    Others have also been asked …. but its’ abit hazy … will both realities be happening on the planet at the same time? Will we see each other? Interact? ty

    • Kathy J. Forti
      Kathy J. Forti says:

      Yes, both dimensional realities are happening simultaneously, as are all the other even higher dimensions as well. There won’t be much interest in interacting with lower dimensional levels once you move on. It will seem quite primitive and disturbing. It’s already feeling that way for many souls.

      • Teach
        Teach says:

        When my ascension began to kick into high gear it became impossible to work in large organizations. So many choices people were making were just horrible for one another the organization and the planet. The fake niceness politics and backstabbing seemed so irrelevant. It was a 6 figure job but that suddenly didn’t matter to me. So I went on vacation and never came back. I knew I had to work so I started a business translating as I am multilingual. Now I work at home in complete peace and bliss. I give municipal clients a 25% discount off the going rate as my way to serve the common good. I am also going to be starting a podcast because I want others to experience the bliss I have. It took me 40 years to get to this place in my life and I am very very grateful to be here. It’s like you said…. once you see the wonders that await you ahead you will never want to go back. Humanity has a strong chance for redemption and ascension if we follow th 5th Dimensional path. The choice is ours. The answers are within. Peace and blessings.

  4. Ashlee Sharp
    Ashlee Sharp says:

    Great artical! I have had so many things happening to me at the beginning of the year. I felt I was having visions at the same time I was really tired and sick and couldn’t eat or smoke a cigarette. All I could do was drink water. I was feeling very weak. I couldn’t sleep. Didn’t know what was going on. All I know is after it was all said and done I felt like I had taken for granted everything in life! I was so sad about the way I treated people and how much I had taken for granted just the fact that I had family around that loved me. I think I shifted into a higher deminsion.

  5. Justin lamb
    Justin lamb says:

    Hey Kathy my name’s is Justin I’m 18 and I habe been through a lot of trauma in this life bit keeping a positive mind and focus ive learned to overcome those hardships so far everything seems to be working out but I do have a question do you think the christianity bible is real if God is nothing more than an energetic being and if we do good you go to heaven cause I’m not a bad person I look at everything in the light and I’mk don’t make fun of anyone cause were all human and we are all would ive been reading about the power of the subconscious your inner self which I’m now beginning tok believe comes from the soul I just want to know cause youj can’t be more than one religion I don’t want to follow a higher ascension and a universal consciousness way of life if it means everything the bible said was true and I end up going to help cause I don’t pray and worship God if what all these articles on the internet are true my own experiences and everyone else’s why wouldn’t I want to leave my life and enter a state of bliss and harmony please reply back thank you I also believe in synchronicity cause nothing in my life as so far just been a coincidence I now just go with the flow and let me get to where I’m going I don’t know yet but I know it’s going to be wonderful and I wish everyone else had this sense of awareness as we would all be one do unto others as you would do to yourselves we would all live in harmony just imagine if every one came together on one though no more wars boost the economy we would all be living happier lives as there would be no depression or anxiety thank you

  6. Brian
    Brian says:

    I have been a mystic since 1969 and I have travelled to many other realms. There are universes upon universes and I do not do this in a dream.


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