Healing Frequencies Take on New Depth in Pools & Spas

 “A drop of water, if it could write out its own history,

would explain the universe to us.”

The ancients believed that water is the great healer. Not only does it soothe the weary soul but is the driving force behind all of nature. And now research proves water is programmable and can provide benefits when applied in some very unique ways.

Psychologist and holistic software inventor, Dr. Kathy Forti, was first inspired to bring her healing algorithms to water shortly after relocating to Maui in 2021.

“I was swimming in a friend’s pool and I found myself immediately being transported back to Ancient Greek and Roman times when pools were used for healing,” Forti recalls.  “I wondered when we had lost some of this knowledge and why we couldn’t just infuse certain frequencies into the water to speed up beneficial effects.  After all, water is the fastest carrier of information and the human body is made up of approximately 60% water.”

To find out, Forti teamed up with a local Maui pool professional company to start experimenting.  She admits she initially knew very little about water hardness, PH or alkalinity, chlorine or salt levels, as well as a myriad of other things a pool professional does to keep a swimming pool pristine and healthy.

There were several components Forti was interested in testing…

“I was familiar with Masaru Emoto’s work (Messages from Water) where he documented how positive human thoughts and words could affect the molecular structure of liquid,” she explains.  “His ice crystal photographs show phenomenal validation that water clearly responds to directed human consciousness.  But the question was would it also respond to frequency and information algorithms?”

There was only one way to find out. Using professional underwater lab speakers, Forti first infused certain harmonic sounds into the testing pool. “We started out using a 528 Hertz “I AM LOVE” frequency, which a composer friend had orchestrated for my Ascension11 software program. We played it underwater for 33 minutes without anyone in the pool.”

Forti recalls the first results were interesting.  “Our first test pool was chlorinated vs. salt water based.  Pre-testing showed it had a higher PH of 7.8 which can cause eye stinging (normal range is around 7.4). Using pre and post sample testing, we found that the LOVE frequency normalized the PH of the water to 7.4.  That surprised even our pool professional.”

Forti then incorporated her existing software technologies Trinfinity8 and Ascension11, which contain thousands of healing algorithms based on mathematical coding.  “I had a near death experience back in 2003 and came back a physics geek,” she explains.  “I found out on the other side that math rules the universe, even human DNA and, ironically, math was my worst subject in school. But without that mystical experience, I would never have expanded my knowledge and gotten into inventing.”

Her next experiment pool was saltwater, where she was invited to use both sound and algorithms on a class of eight taking a floating program with aqua therapist, Susan Varsames of the Holistic Learning Center of Maui.  The participants agreed to be test subjects at no additional cost.

Forti’s team set up a floating platform where four pure quartz crystal rods, attached to a computer’s digital to analog signal box, were half submerged in the water.  Each of these lab grown crystals would stream Forti’s information codes into the water while the sound frequencies from the underwater speakers played simultaneously.

“Before entering the pool, we prepped the water with the ‘I AM LOVE’ frequency as well as our own healing codes,” Forti recalls.  “Several people commented how the water felt softer and even warmer as they dangled their feet over the pool’s edge.”

When the participants floated in the pool, the team switched to the “I AM HEALED” frequency codes, then ended with “I AM ETERNAL PEACE” for about a total 90 minute session.  Since participants’ ears were submerged, they could hear and feel the music through their bodies.  From a viewer’s standpoint, the scene resembled a flotilla of human bumper cars.

“While most of the participants had already taken a floating Reiki class prior to this one, without using our proprietary algorithms and music,” Forti says, “we were curious if their feedback would be any different.  And it was.”

Participants reported feeling more one with the flow and consciousness of the water.  Several experienced energy pockets in the water akin to a swirling vortex.  A few felt their bodies naturally gravitating towards the crystal rod platform.

Participant, Lisa Wear, owner of Sail Maui, reported experiencing a visitation from other entities during the session. She, too, found herself drifting towards the crystal platform and admitted that she is not only sensitive to crystals but has been known to make electrical devices “go haywire”.

When asked about the “visitation” component of her session she related her experience years ago when, being a strong swimmer, she had been called upon to rescue two sisters from drowning.  A large wave pulled them out to sea on a Mexico beach and they kept going under. Unfortunately, Lisa was only able to save one of them, causing feelings of guilt and remorse for years after.

“I dived down so many times to bring them back to the surface.  I was finally able to to get them to shore and do resuscitation, but only one survived,” she explained. “The one I hadn’t been able to save came to me during the session and thanked me for rescuing her sister.”

The deceased woman also told Lisa that it was for the best, as their family really needed the surviving sister so much more at that time in their life.  Lisa found this visitation to be such a powerful emotional healing release that she cried.  This response occurred during the time “I AM HEALED” was used in the pool.

Another participant, who had just had oral surgery a few days earlier, was amazed that after the session all soreness and pain disappeared and did not return. Forti claims that healing can take place on many levels—emotional, physical and/or spiritual and water is the great conductor.

Scientists are well aware that a wave of sound carries vibration into the human cells of the body where it can have profound benefits.  Forti points out that during humpback whale mating season in Maui you can be in the water and feel the male singer whales’ vibrations through your entire body, even from miles away.  Sound travels and affects all things in its path.

“It can be quite an experience,” Forti says.  “But imagine adding the component of informational algorithms into the sound as well.  Magic can happen as humans are essentially algorithmic in nature.  The mind is a super complex algorithm and one’s body handles higher-dimensional data simulation in every moment of their existence.  Sound is the first sense to develop in the womb and the last sense to go when you die.”

Forti reports that she’s seen some interesting reports from this unique form of water therapy.  “I personally believe this new field of exploration is wide open for a host of various applications.”   Water massage, Reiki and other already existing therapeutic modalities are enhanced with sound frequencies.  What else might we learn about the human healing condition from such research?

As one participant reported, “My body tingled all over right down to my toes.  I felt less anxiety and I slept like a log that night.  It was magical.”

As a result, Forti has received requests by pool and spa owners to infuse their pools with specific frequencies and sounds for not only their own health, but as a gift to share with family and friends who might also benefit while in their pool.  For many it can become almost a spiritual experience–unique, gratifying, and consciousness awakening.

Forti reports they have many different programs, which they tailor to the needs of the pool owner.  “One of our biggest requests, which is not surprising during these stressful times, is to infuse the frequency of LOVE and ABUNDANCE into the water.  It really helps soothe any weary soul.”

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