C. NORMAN SHEALY, M.D. – For over 3 decades, Norm Shealy as been at the forefront of Alternative Medicine and Health Care. He has over 312 publications, including 23 books and has acted as consultant to leaders in every specialty, including the personal physicians of President’s Kennedy and Eisenhower. In the mid-60’s he introduced major innovations for pain control – Dorsal Column Stimulation (DCS) and Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, both used world-wide. He broadened the vast field of Self-Regulation with the addition of biofeedback, autogenic training and his introduction of Biogenics ©, a major tool for stress reduction.

Dr. Shealy founded the American Holistic Medical Association in 1978, to include the concepts of spiritual healing and spiritual health. This led to almost 20 years of research with an emphasis on anti-aging. He has been president of the International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine. His work with author and medical intuitive Caroline Myss led to the establishment of Holos University Graduate Seminary and the first doctoral program in Energy Medicine. Dr. Shealy was President of Holos University for its first 7 years and continues there as Professor of Energy Medicine. In addition, he has hosted a popular call-in radio show in the Ozarks on KWTO, 560 AM for over 20 years and publishes a free weekly e-newsletter. For more information go

Dr. Shealy was intrigued with the potential of the Trinfinity8 system and contacted us about conducting a small study using it with obese individuals 30 to 150 lbs. overweight. He then advertised on his radio show for research volunteers. Norm recently completed his study on five patients who did a total of 58 minutes of treatment each week, over 8 weeks, using a Trinfinity8 weight loss protocol. Dr. Shealy reports there was an average weight loss of 5 pounds each without any change in diet or exercise! One patient lost 12.5 pounds. All participants stated that their appetite decreased and they felt better. Dr. Shealy was very impressed with the results: “A weight loss of one-half to one pound a week is an ideal marker for long term success!” he says. He also says that he plans to include Trinfinity8 in his clinic practice, combined with a nutritional support program.

9-MONTH FOLLOW UP: “There is no question in my mind that Trinfinity8 offers superb deep relaxation and assists in weight management. We have done long-term follow-up on the individuals in our study and I am delighted to say that most maintained the weight loss and have lost even more.” — Norman Shealy, MD