Omegawave Heart Rate Variability Testing on Trinfinity8

By Dr. Michel Kessler DC

Global Health Solutions, Brisbane, California

Dr. Kessler of Health Detectives gives Trinfinity8 an A+

Omegawave HRV is one of the most effective methods for identifying the functional state of the cardiac system. This assessment method is based on the concept of biological cybernetics and the theory of biological systems regulation. The patient tested for Cardiovascular System Adaptability (Blue), Autonomic Nervous System Regulation (Green), Central Nervous System Regulation (Yellow), Psycho-Emotional State (Pink), and Overall Health Index Function (Red).

SUMMARY: A 68-year old male conference participant was independently tested by conference testing exhibitor Dr. Michael Kessler (who had no affiliation with Trifninity8 at the time). Kessler had the male participant establish a baseline Omegawave reading prior to Trinfinity8 use. His baseline registered a biological age of 76 (eight years older than he actually was). After one 15-minute Trinfinity8 session (#1), the man’s overall health improved by 36%. The next morning the same participant was re-tested to see if the Trinfinity8 benefits held. Results showed that the man had continued to improve by 42%. The participant then had a second 15-minute Trinfinity8 session (#2) and his scores improved even more by 48%.

The participant then decided to see what would happen if he tried a different company’s therapy device at the conference (name excluded). He was re-tested after this other therapy session and his scores dropped getting worse. Wondering if Trinfnity8 would correct this score drop, he returned to the Trinfinity8 exhibitor booth and had a third 15-minute session #3 with Trifninity8, but this time on the INTENSE setting. He then walked over to Dr. Kessler’s booth and was once again re-tested. On Trinfinity8 intense mode his functional health scores improved by 68% and his biological age had dropped to 58 (making him register younger by 10 years). Dr. Kessler reports that he tested many people over the course of the 3-day conference and over 90% of participants using Trinfinity8 scored better on health improvement that any other system being offered.