The New United States of Enlightenment

18412-desktop-wallpapers-change-your-worldAre you ready to let in a monumental influx of Light and be part of the transmutation process that is occurring right now on our little planet they call the third rock from the Sun?  If you’re alive, you’ve already made that commitment on some soul level to see this enlightenment process through to its end—whatever that end may be.

You may be asking yourself what in the world is happening on Earth right now anyway?  People killing each other, countries at war or on the brink of war, corporations poisoning our food supply and getting away with it, corporate banksters playing fast and loose with our money, and then there are those powerful elites who use their mega-millions to influence leaders and politicians to accomplish their own personal agendas.  Things are so obviously out of sync that most are asking, “How are they getting away with something so blatantly wrong?”  You can look at it all and be completely overwhelmed, or you can see it as an intense detox cleansing of the planet.  A process which is necessary to return to a state of optimum health.

During a detox, toxins are pushed out of the cells into the bloodstream where they can then be carried away and flushed out.  It feels pretty uncomfortable going through a detox process.  Resistant toxins are being pushed out of the system and making one last stand to stay in power.  Think of Earth and all its inhabitants being in the same process right now.  There’s some pretty intense energy occurring as we rid ourselves of all that which has become unhealthy to the Whole.  As a result of this internal and external purging process, people’s nerves are often frayed.  We’re all feeling awash in toxins.  As they say, “It always feels worse before it gets better.”

Just remember—it will get better. Focus your intent instead on the new world you want to create. Right now, this is extremely important to avoid toxic overload.  Focused intent creates Light energy on the Earth—and  Light eventually eclipses darkness.  When I was a therapist, we would liken it to “Solution Focused Therapy.” Focus on what’s working, not on what isn’t, and things can begin shifting.  INTENT is a very powerful tool in that process.

I went to a Equinox, full moon, eclipse ceremony last Friday (March 20th) and as we went around the circle, everyone voiced their intent for positive change.  I heard a lot of: “I am praying for a new job; I am praying for a satisfying relationship; I am praying for abundance; I am praying to complete what I started, etc.”  When they got to me I said, “I am praying for our world leaders to allow in the light of truth and work for the greatest good of humanity.”  I wasn’t trying to be a beauty pageant queen by my lofty goal statement, but I know our leaders need all the prayers they can get right now.

The person after me, voiced her prayer, then added…”and I’m also praying for what she is praying for,” glancing towards me.  At that moment you could feel everyone in the circle silently agree.  We have to remember to focus our intent globally as well as personally.  After all, we are all in this together.  What affects those at the highest level of influence, also affects those who come after them down to the lowest rung.  We have to remember what this is like for everyone going through these uncomfortable times. Some are better at weathering the storm than others.  Understanding and compassion are part of the enlightenment process.USE11flagcolor

Recently, a friend told me a story about how he went to get some gas and there was a guy inside the mini-mart that was pissed off at having to wait and was making a scene.  When the guy left, another customer said, “Can you believe that asshole?”  My friend turned to him and said, “What if he just learned today that he has cancer?” Everyone within earshot suddenly became still and quiet. The energy immediately shifted as they thought about that premise.  Every one of them had to be thinking about how they would receive such news.  Would they be having a bad day as well? Try using that same line sometime you find yourself in a similar situation.  See if, you too, can turn the situation around.

Energy shifts can happen spontaneously—and sometimes so does enlightenment. Use your conscious intent as a powerful instrument of change. Open your heart so that divine love, truth, tolerance, oneness and universal sisterhood and brotherhood will manifest into reality. Open your heart so that light shines upon all financial and banking institutions to act with honesty and integrity. Open your heart that all governments and world leaders focus on peace, cooperation, and oneness. Open your heart so that corporations that feed our people start producing food of the highest vibration.  Open your heart so that those powerful elite use their money and influence to help all men versus the greedy few.  In other words, choose love over fear and hate.

Three hundred years ago the Age of Enlightenment began in 1715.    It was America’s political evolution.  It was a gradual, but powerful awakening that established the ideals of democracy, liberty, and religious tolerance in America. They called it the “Great Awakening.”  We broke away from Great Britain to establish a new and free modern republic.  We are at that crossroads once again, regaining some of what we forgot or lost, but definitely working the steps up to the next evolutionary level.

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Dr. Kathy Forti is a clinical psychologist, inventor of the Trinfinity8 technology, and author of the book, Fractals of God.

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  1. Larry Coudriet
    Larry Coudriet says:

    This piece resonated well with me Kathy, as I share your conviction that during this period of cleansing we will witness and experience the residues that are best left behind. My prayers and intentions go out to all of our leaders so they too can be in better atunement with the needs of the many. For me to act in any other way (and believe me at times it is difficult not to REACT), would place me in the position of creating the residue which I am trying to expunge.

  2. Evalena Rose
    Evalena Rose says:

    Love this. At the end of each channeling I do, we ask the realms of light to bring in so much light and love that all beings feel the touch of the One Being within, and turn toward the Light and open to love. Planetary healing is something we all can pray for every moment every day, and it’s having good effect. I see how much the possibility of healing advances over time, especially this last year of transformative change.


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