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The Art of Timeline Jumping

There are days when you look at the continuing turmoil, war and violence on Planet Earth and you think to yourself, “Please, beam me up Scotty!” There’s got to be a more peaceful and loving planet in the universe with which to do our soul work. However challenging Earth may be in navigating one’s spiritual […]

Waking Illusion or Dream Reality

Is life as we know it real or some illusionary dream reality? Can we exist in two waking/dream dimensions simultaneously? These are some deeper philosophical questions to ponder, and I don’t hold all the answers, but they certainly intrigue me. This question always brings to mind a 9-year old client I once treated for seizure […]

Living an Examined Life – The Hieroglyph of the Human Soul

If one’s home is truly one’s castle, then Leigh J. McCloskey has created a portal into another dimension in his Malibu house.  His upstairs “living” library is an acrylic painted road map into the psyche, with vivid, colorful archetypal symbols that leave each visitor enthralled.   I just had to come back for more of […]

Random Acts of Forgiveness

 “To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you.” – Louis B. Smedes Forgiveness is something we can all  practice on a daily basis.  Perhaps its that person intentionally cutting ahead of you in the Starbuck’s line, or someone on their cellphone in a movie theater.   While some might […]

May I Be Frank – An Amazing Transformation

Frank Ferrante is a no-holds barred Sicilian from Brooklyn with an incredible story to tell.  Being Italian myself, and an ex-New Yorker, we naturally gravitated to each other at a mutual friend’s house where I learned about his amazing life transformation.  A drug addict since his early 20’s, Frank contracted Hepatitis C and, as a […]

Are We Living in a Multi-Universe?

Cosmologists studying a map of the universe, from data gathered by the Planck spacecraft, have concluded that it shows anomalies that can only have been caused by the gravitational pull of other universes.  These gravitational waves point to the existence of mult-universes existing in parallel conjunction with ours. First revealed by physicist Alan Guth in […]


ONENESS–individually we strive to attain it, but what does it mean? It’s not a simple answer, for the term can mean many different things to different people. Collectively we are one humanity, one species, with a common evolutionary destiny. Our origins are the same and our interconnectedness on a human level is without question. Yet, […]

Overcoming “Friday the 13th” Fears

Today is an auspicious day for me. My first blog post ever, which just so happens to fall on Friday the 13th. I admit that the pressure of keeping up with an ever evolving social media scene raises some fears in me. I wonder if I will be any good at this thing called “blogging” […]