Fatima Prophesy: The 3rd Secret Becomes True

One hundred years have passed since the apparition of an “Angel” calling itself the “Angel of Peace” first appeared to three shepherd children in the small town of Fatima, Portugal on May 13, 1917.

Two more appearances would follow by a being of light the children believed to be the Blessed Virgin Mary. The dire prophetic warnings that were given the children, Lucia, Jacinta and Francisco, would forever be known as the Miracles of Our Lady of Fatima.

The Third and final prophesy given the children has always been cloaked in mystery, its true implications hidden from the people of the world for many decades. This dark secret is now unraveling and becoming all too clear.

The first vision the Fatima children saw was of a hellish place that awaited man should he not change his evil ways. The children were instructed to pray the rosary daily. The second prophesy predicted events that would lead to World War II and the need to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary to bring about an era of peace for the world.

Pope Pius XII (1942), Pope John Paul II (1984), Pope Benedict XVI (2010) and Pope Francis (2013) have all consecrated the world to the Immaculate Heart, with Pius XII  specifically consecrating “the peoples of Russia” in 1952. (Russia now has the largest Christian population in the world.) Back in 1917, World War I was still raging, and the Russian Revolution broke out later in October of that year. The Virgin indicated that Russia would be the instrument through which God chastised the world for its sins. Whether this would also apply to current times is unknown.

The Third and final Secret of Fatima was kept hidden by the Catholic Church for good reason. Rumors abounded that it had something to do with the destruction of the Church and concerned a time when evil would exist and seem to triumph within the very enclaves of the Vatican.

The Vatican supposedly released the full text of the Third Secret on June 26, 2000. It referred to an apocalyptic war in which Godly people in general, and/or Godly churchmen in particular (including the Pope) would be persecuted by ungodly forces. Skeptics claim the text revealed in 2000 was not the full Third Secret, which is considerably more detailed. Vatican insiders reveal the full secret condemns the Satanic-Freemasonic infiltration of the Church.

From the rampant child sex scandals, busted Vatican gay orgies, and Church pedophilia lawsuits filed against hundreds of Catholic priests since the 1980’s, the Virgin Mary’s message has become alarmingly true.

Sister Lucia, the oldest of the Fatima children, took her final vows as a Catholic Carmelite nun in 1934. Upon becoming seriously ill from influenza and pleurisy in 1943, she was ordered by the Bishop of Leiria to write down the Third Secret in detail. Her statement was put in a sealed envelope with instructions that whoever was Pope in 1960 had to publicly reveal this Third Secret. In 1960, Pope John XXIII refused to do so.

Left: Real Sister Lucia, Right: Imposter Age 60

Many believe that sometime during 1958-1959 the real Sister Lucia either died or was silenced and killed. She was replaced by an imposter. Pictures of her changed. Her teeth—once extremely crooked and protruding, suddenly became Hollywood straight. Her chin—once pointy, became rounder. Her handwriting noticeably changed and she even looked younger. Family members and close friends were forbidden access to the nun without special permission by the Holy See and the Pope himself.

Sister Lucia remained in virtual isolation. Anyone who was allowed limited access to her could only converse through a closed curtain and iron grill. After sometime, the imposter nun was trotted out in public to contradict words the real Sister Lucy had once made about the Third Secret. The imposter Sr. Lucia died in 2005 at the supposed age of 97. Hard to believe for someone who had been quite sickly with pleurisy and other maladies most of her adult life.

The Vatican has much to hide. Jesuit priest Father Malachi Martin, who served as personal secretary to Cardinal Augustin Bea and was a close collaborator with Pope John XXIII, divulged that during a 1960 car ride with Pope John XXIII, the Pope showed him the true Third Secret. It was written on one sheet of paper, not the four sheets of paper later produced by the Vatican in 2000. Malachi read the Secret immediately. On many occasions prior to his death in 1999, he would often hint at the contents of the Third Secret even though he was under oath not to divulge this information. He once said: “Anybody who is acquainted with the state of affairs in the Vatican in the last 35 years is well aware that the prince of darkness has had and still has his surrogates in the court of St. Peter in Rome.”

To understand why Sr. Lucia put the 1960 deadline for revealing the Third Secret, was because the secret warned the Church of a covert and pernicious movement growing in its ranks since 1958. According to Father Malachi, on June 29, 1963 there was a Satanic dedication to Lucifer in the Vatican by a small cadre of cardinals and ranking dignitaries.

The question many are asking is what happened in 1958 which would lead to such a Satanic dedication? Insiders claim there was a coup d’etat in the Catholic Church on October 26th, 1958 and the Church has been governed by imposters since that time.

At the center of the 1958 controversy is the papal election of the conservative prelate, Cardinal Giuseppe Siri, who took the name Gregory XVII. After a second confirmation ballot vote on election day, a very clear emission of white smoke was seen coming from the Sistine Chapel, the traditional signal that a new Pope had been elected by a 2/3 majority. News reports went out around the world announcing the decision. More than 200,000 people who had witnessed the white smoke in St. Peter’s Square, turned to the balcony to wait for the new Pope to emerge and give his blessing, as was the tradition. No Pope ever emerged.

The Vatican radio later announced that the white smoke was a mistake and that a Pope had not been elected. From the documentary Papal Imposters, it reveals the testimony of a FBI consultant who claims there are FBI and State Department files which state that on that night it was Cardinal Siri who was elected Pope and took the name Gregory XVII. Father Malachi Martin also gave his testimony that Cardinal Siri was elected, but resigned under extreme threat to him and his family. Siri would later verify this with close friends, but never publicly.

Who was placed in the papal office instead of Cardinal Siri? It would be John XXIII (Angelo Roncalli) and later Paul VI (Giovanni Montini). Upon John XXIII’s papal placement, he immediately made Montini (future Pope Paul VI) a Cardinal and called for a Second Vatican Council—something critics claim were two of the most disastrous decisions in the history of the Catholic Church.

According to Pier Capri’s book The Prophesies of John, there is a vast amount of evidence and testimony that John XXIII was initiated as a Mason. Papal Freemasonry or membership in other secret societies has always been banned in the Catholic Church, which would have made John ineligible for the papal office. No one ever challenged his association.

Church critics believe this papal switch signaled the beginning of the fall of the Church and set in motion dark agendas that would forever undermine the institution and its people.

Today, scandals involving a vast network of homosexual priests continue to rock the Catholic Church. It has become a worldwide viral epidemic that appears to have no end in sight. The vast lawsuit settlements and dioceses bankruptcies now total in the high billions. The most recent scandal erupted within Vatican City in the old apartments of former Pope Benedict XVI, now owned by head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith (CDF) and home to dozens of high-ranking cardinals. Swiss Guards broke in to find multiple gay orgies going on. Ironically, the CDF is the new name for the old Spanish Inquisition which set morals and punished all those who sinned against man and God. Insiders claim that today the CDF is influenced by a powerful Vatican Gay Lobby.

The “Prophesy of the Popes” also known as the “Prophesy of Malachy,” is a prediction attributed to Saint Philipp Neri in the 16th Century. According to Nero’s prediction, Pope Francis may be considered to be the last pope. Several prophecies, which were hidden away in the Vatican for hundreds of years, predict that the reign of the last Pope will herald the beginning of “great apostasy” followed by “great tribulation.”

Currently, the Catholic Church is comprised of internal power struggles. A variety of scandals not only involve sexual abuse, but also a strong belief in Satanism amongst many of the same clergy involved in homosexual activities.

In his last interview on the Art Bell Show, Fr. Malachi Martin spoke of an Anti-Pope. There was a caller calling in from Australia, who said that a Jesuit had revealed to him that in the Third Secret it is written that there will be, as it were, a Pope who was entirely in the control of the devil. Malachi answered, “That sounds like the verbatim words of the Third Secret.”

Pope St. Pius X, who died in 1914 prior to the Fatima prophesies, said he had a vision where he saw a successor Pope fleeing over the dead bodies of his brethren, and that this Pope would have to go into exile. He would go into hiding, but he would have to wear a disguise to conceal his identity. He would live in retirement, but then he would eventually suffer a cruel death.

I think we can safely conclude that these prophecies may be fulfilled in the Pontificate of Benedict XVI, Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger who was the first pope to ever resign in 2013.

As reported in The Guardian newspaper:

A potentially explosive report has linked the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI to the discovery of a network of gay prelates in the Vatican, some of whom – the report said – were being blackmailed by outsiders.

The veil on this story was lifted by the Vatileaks scandal, which erupted after Pope Benedict XVI’s butler, Paolo Gabriele, was arrested for aggravated theft of secret Church documents.

This included letters to the Pope and the then Vatican Secretary of State Tarcisio Bertone, sent from the Holy See’s ambassador in Washington, Carlo Maria Vigano, who was deputy governor of the Vatican City.

Cardinal Ratzinger, prior to becoming Pope Benedict XVI, headed up the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF).  During most of his tenure, the CDF was too busy disciplining anyone who dared step out of line with Church teachings on personal sexuality and family planning to responsibly address the thousands of priests molesting children.

When the Vatican released their version of the Third Secret in 2000, Ratzinger was confronted by disgruntled clergy who suspected they were not being given the full truth. Ratzinger finally admitted, “Truly, that was not all of it.” He did let some know that in the Third Secret, Our Lady warns that there will be an evil council. She also warned against specific changes: changes in the liturgy; changes in the Mass.

Since Cardinal Ratzinger believed that the word of the Second Vatican Council was equivalent to the word of God, he did not believe that there was any “evil” in the Council. Probably because he played an important part in those council decisions. This is why Cardinal Ratzinger suggested that the apparition of the Lady of Fatima was something conjured up in the imagination of Sister Lucia.  It was Cardinal Ratzinger, as prefect of the CDF, who forbade Sister Lucia from ever publicly discussing the Third Secret.

Many do not have an inkling about what occurred as a result of the Second Vatican Council and what part Joseph Ratzinger played. Here are a few eye-opening reform details:

  • Immediately after the Council began, the head of the liberal faction, Cardinal Josef Frings of Belguim, opposes Ottaviani’s proposed plan of discussion. Ottaviani boycotts the Council for weeks out of pique, giving liberals the chance to determine their own agenda. Among them is Joseph Ratzinger, one of Frings’ trusted theological advisors.
  • On November 8, 1963, Frings gives a rousing speech that Ratzinger wrote calling for reform of the Holy Office and its “medieval ways.” It is enthusiastically applauded. Pope Paul VI calls Frings that evening to tell him that the reform will go through.
  • Heated discussions over celibacy and the clergy also consume the Council. Finally in the Decree on the Life and Ministry of Priests, carefully coded language reveals that 1) priests will no longer be punished for sexual transgressions but treated “with fraternal charity and magnanimity” and 2) celibacy is not necessary for the priesthood but would still be demanded of Latin-rite priests. This sets the stage for the great clergy exodus.
  • On December 7, 1965, the very last day of the Council, the reform of the Holy Office is announced. It will henceforth be called the “Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith” (CDF). Some secrecy will be ended, priests would be given certain rights of appeal and representation, and the Index of Forbidden Books will be discontinued. (The Index was for religious censorship of heretical information going back to Roman Inquisition times.) Ominously, the CDF was given the power of questioning faith and morals anywhere in the entire Church. Only the Pope retains more power.

Consequently, when Our Lady’s and Sister Lucia’s warnings went unheeded, a dark element infiltrated the Catholic Church in the guise of reformation. The question now is whether this set the ultimate course for the Church’s final destruction as prophesy foretells? Quite possibly.

This is a time when dark secrets that have been going on for decades are finally coming to light. The Netflix TV series The Keepers tells the true story of a nun’s brutal death in the 60’s for trying to expose a priest-led pedophile ring in the Baltimore Catholic school where she taught. Fifty plus years later, some of the victims are still piecing together the evidence to find her murderer(s).  It is a riveting exposure of the Church that reaches to the highest-ranking offices.  Clearly, the time of reckoning is already here for an institution that has failed to protect its people.

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