I_remember_OnenessONENESS–individually we strive to attain it, but what does it mean? It’s not a simple answer, for the term can mean many different things to different people. Collectively we are one humanity, one species, with a common evolutionary destiny. Our origins are the same and our interconnectedness on a human level is without question. Yet, on a higher level, we are more than one humanity, we are the universal “I”.

I recently got to experience this in a rather profound sense.  I had just attended a week of intense meditation work in Arizona, and as I was driving home I felt a shift.  I looked out my driver window at all the hundreds of cars speeding along to their unknown destinations and I felt an overwhelming oneness with the drivers and passengers in each and every vehicle.  This is not something most Los Angelenos can ever admit too.  It is a battleground every day on our city’s congested freeways.  But on that particular day (due to all the meditation, I’m sure) I became aware that every car was filled with other “Kathys”.  There was Kathy in one car experiencing being in the body of a male (a rather buff one, I might add); there was Kathy in that Prius driving like a jerk trying to get ahead of everyone else; there was Kathy in that big semi-trailer looking bored and extremely tired and unhappy.  Wow, I thought!  This was quite a new perspective.  Suddenly, I had greater compassion and understanding for all those other Kathys.  They were me in all my multi-facets navigating this thing called “life”.

It didn’t end there.  I stopped off to buy water and came upon a man, dressed as a beggar, both homeless and penniless, needing food.  Better give Kathy some money, I thought–so I did.  With this sense of Oneness there was no way I could be dismissive or over-reactive to what my fellow man ever did.  Every one of them was me experiencing life in its many forms.  We are in this together.   It was very enlightening.  While that intense sense of Oneness has slightly faded, I am still aware of this inter-connectedness we all share.  I practice it in crowds to see how all my other parts are doing.  Like neurons making connections at rapid speed, we are a human internet—a Global Brain.  We are ONE.

Dr. Kathy Forti is a clinical psychologist, inventor, and author of the new book, Fractals of God.


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  1. Alan Riches
    Alan Riches says:

    We are indeed ONE. Thanks for creating this blog and sharing your state experience Kathy. By doing so, you have made it easier for the rest of us to integrate this wisdom into our being.

  2. Thomas Pieters
    Thomas Pieters says:

    But Kathy, by experiencing Kathy who sees all this, there is no oneness possible, does it?

    However still a wonderful experience, it still is a thought process, in which the experience is separate from that which she/he self is.
    And we can easily give it a name, by thoughts of oneness and wholeness, to give it a place.

    I know this situations, as I sometimes have, full of compassion it seems, but still staying the watcher of it all.
    And yes, slowly the watcher is loosing this effect, as it needs to be feeded by you’re energy. (it needs attention over and over again)
    In fact: loosing it is as ‘not beeing it’ .

    It’s my brain with all it’s content, playing this game, beeing one.
    It likes to be ‘one’, with everything, pretending it in order to feel, but it still is my thought doing it, another thought than yours.
    And there you have it; the ‘me’ (psychologically) is the cause of a ‘you’.

    The opposite is bourne out of it’s own opposite. 🙂

    Have you once tryed this for yourself:
    Meeting you’re partner, without the history and memories of him/her?
    Without you’re knowledge about the smiles and hurds?
    Without the family and friends, the habbits and reactions he/she has..?
    Some moments it is possible to do, to see you’re partner completely.. new!
    How wonderful this is..
    No knowledge.
    Falling in Love again!
    Have you done it, once?

    Just for a moment, yes, because it’s a thought process, it cannot stay.
    Because I did not loose the image of myself really, it wasn’t True.
    This to me is the same as beeing ‘one’, it isn’t True, I still cary the image with me which is ‘me’.
    And loosing the image of ‘me’, is the hardest thing to do, not difficult, but oh so hard.
    Gaining is what I learned, every day of my life, how can I change that in letting go?

    Just my thoughts, don’t worry.
    Thanks for the moment you gave me, it’s a joy!


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