What Would You Do If You Weren’t Afraid?

unnamedThis is a great question to ask yourself.  What would I do if I wasn’t afraid?  If fear wasn’t holding me back?  Did you know that 95% of our energy is spent protecting, defending and maintaining our self-image?  That’s a lot of energy that could be put into positive action. And who’s to say that self-image we have of ourselves is even accurate?  It’s just our ego in imaginary over-drive.  Yes, most of our fears aren’t even REAL.

There are lots of acronyms for fear:

FEAR – “F” Everything and Run

FEAR – Frustration Ego Anxiety Resentment

FEAR – False Experience Appearing Real

FEAR – False Expectations Altering Reality

FEAR – Finding Everything A Roadblock

FEAR – Foolishly Erasing All Reasoning

I did a Hay House Radio for the Soul interview recently and a caller asked me what fear held him back from achieving what he wanted.  I’m no psychic but behind almost every fear is the fear of rejection, failure, success, not being loved and/or death.  That pretty much covers everything.

Fear is the great unknown because we don’t know if were going to win or lose. What if we replaced fear of the unknown with curiosity instead?  The only way to get rid of fear is to  FACE IT, EXPLORE IT, ACCEPT IT, RESPOND.

My first really big fear as a kid was after seeing the movie JAWS.  I know I’m not alone on this one.  I was sure the ocean was teaming with sharks wanting to pull me under and have me for dinner.  In my early 30’s I decided to tackle that fear of the deep and signed up for a scuba diving course which offered certification.  My very first ocean dive was in Maui, off Molokini Crater.  Being a novice at the time, I was using up air in my tank much quicker than my fellow divers.  I signaled the dive master that I was going back up to the boat.  While I did my two-minute underwater safety stop on the boat’s rope line before surfacing, I got the distinct feeling that something was swimming below me.  I looked down in the 80 foot deep water, but even though visibility was good, I saw nothing.  I tried telling myself that my JAWS fear was kicking in and to just let it go.  I took a deep breath and forced myself to relax. A few seconds later  I got back on the boat only to find that I had unknowingly cut myself on some coral and my leg was bleeding.

overcoming-fears-theme-for-the-month...About five minutes later the other divers surfaced, saw my leg being patched up, and asked me if I had seen the shark.  Shark?  The other divers were strangers to me.  They didn’t know about my shark attack fear, but quickly told me what they had seen.  As they approached the dive boat, they saw a shark was making wide circles underneath where I was suspended on the rope line.  “We thought when you got out of the water you spotted it,” they said.

I’ve learned to be careful of what you fear, because it does have a way of chasing you.  I knew that I had attracted and manifested my very worst fear right to me–swimming alone in the deep, feeling vulnerable, unable to see what was beneath me–and a bloody leg to boot.  The worst case scenario.  Yet, I wasn’t attacked or eaten for dinner.  They said the shark moved away when I got out of the water.  Thank you, God!  Over the years I’ve seen plenty of shark while diving, and have respectfully given them room to pass.  I don’t panic when I’m out in the ocean swimming. The deep no longer scares me.  Somehow that day I transformed that fear.

Start transforming your own fears by doing something each day that scares you.  I love the solfeggio listening selections from Source Vibrations.  Here is one for 693Hz to transform Fear & Anxiety (3:41 mins.).  You’ve got to start somewhere!

Dr. Kathy Forti is a clinical psychologist, inventor, and author of the new book, Fractals of God.   amazon.com/author/kathyforti

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