Timeline Shifts: Incredible World Predictions Until 2050

dreamworld1If we could all look into the future, what might we see? Remote viewer and visionary intuitive E.M. (“Gene”) Nicolay is so good at predicting future events that governments and corporations have tried to pick his brain for years. Consequently, he learned quickly to fly low under the radar, which is why you’ve probably never heard of him. He is a modern-day Nostradamus and his remarkable gift has led him to lead a very seclusionary life.

I’ve known Gene for many years. In 2010 he warned me that my scheduled February 2011 trip to Egypt would most likely be cancelled.  He saw escalating civil unrest in the area. He advised me to purchase travel insurance to protect myself against cancellation. Six months later, and two weeks before I was supposed to leave for Cairo, Tahir Square erupted in chaos and the country was literally locked down. The trip was cancelled due to unforeseen “Acts of God.” I was grateful for having taken his advice about buying that travel insurance.

Around the same time that Gene warned me of Egypt’s upcoming civil unrest, he also informed me that World War 3 would be played out in Syria and to look for certain signs. At the time, not much was happening in Syria. But later, when President Bashar Al_Assad was erroneously accused of using chemical weapons on his people (it was later learned that the rebels obtained the chemicals from Western sources), and Russia saved the day by preventing the U.S. from waging war against Syria, I thought we had dodged a bullet on the WW3 prediction. In the past two weeks, I began to wonder if back then was only the beginning of something much bigger heating up and perhaps Gene was right after all.

It is now evident that events in Syria are quickly taking on disturbing global proportions. Many of us are wondering if this is indeed the “war of all wars” as biblical prophesy has predicted. Since I hadn’t spoken to Gene for some time, I decided it was time to see what else was appearing on his personal radar screen. I was surprised to hear he has just released his newest book on this very subject. Timeline Collapse & Universal Ascension: The Future of Third Dimensional Earth and Fifth Dimensional Terra is a riveting look at coming world events on the future timeline of Earth from now until 2569.  It also explores the Ascension of Human Angelic Souls to Earth’s Fifth Dimensional counterpart, planet Terra.

While the book is densely packed with information, more importantly it explains why things are transpiring in the world in accordance with one’s soul “essence path.” Man is in the process of moving from a 3rd dimensional plane to a 5th dimensional one, skipping right over the 4th dimensional realm—and all this is within a 12 dimensional sub-level structure within a 12 dimensional universal structure. Yes, it gets complicated, but then the divine plan of our world entails multiple complexities. But after reading it, it all begins to make sense.

Gene explains that people’s concepts about “the Rapture or Armageddon” are very misunderstood from a dimensional perspective. People aren’t going to be just “beamed up” one day. Some souls will choose to cycle out of this 3rd dimensional realm to a higher dimension, while others will choose to stay here and continue to work on this level, but there is a process involved. It doesn’t all happen one sunny day.

Since timelines are always shifting and can’t be measured in a linear way, it is important to understand the difference between “possible vs. probable” futures from a prediction standpoint. There are multiple universal timelines running parallel to each other simultaneously, but there is only one dominant timeline which is the most “probable” one. This is where Gene focuses his energies to see what the future may hold.

The future appears to hold some rather challenging times ahead for all of us. The good news is it won’t destroy man or the Earth and we will eventually get through it. This is important to keep in mind. Below are a few events written on our most probable present and future timeline:

  • Around March 2015, there was an assassination attempt on Vladimir Putin by Western covert operations. During this time, he mysteriously disappeared from the world stage for approximately 10 days. Speculation abounded on “Where is Putin?” and if he was dead or alive. As a result of this attempt on his life, Putin experienced a near-death experience or what might be called a “spiritual awakening” where he was shown his true destiny. This significantly changed him. He turned his back on any secret treaties already in effect with some of the power cabals. Instead, he decided to heavily protect himself and his people from these covert activities by taking new action.
  • World War 3 has already started even though it is not yet being called that. It will be officially given that title in the latter part of the 2010’s. Expect a lull in the fighting after Russia helps Syria destroy terrorist installations. There will come a regrouping by the terrorists after being re-funded by covert Western operations. Once the war spills over into Lebanon and Jordon there will be an escalation. Nuclear weapons will be deployed in not only the Middle East but important parts of Europe. This will cause devastation, severe economic turmoil and many world economies will collapse by 2025.
  • Expect Israel to try to rebuild the Temple Mount. They will exile Palestinians from the area.
  • The end of the Catholic Church will occur between 2025 and 2030 due to Islamist terrorists fleeing the Middle East after WW3 and causing the destruction of Rome. (The destruction and end of the church was actually one of the prophesies given to the children at Fatima, which the Church has kept hidden.)
  • Conflict continues to rage in the Middle East because many of these areas sit on key vortex portals that amplify and/or quickly manifest what a person thinks or feels, whether positive or negative. Consequently, violence is amplified with more violence due to the energy spiraling through these areas.
  • There will be continued economic problems in the U.S. but a global currency reset, based on a return to the gold standard, will not actually take place until 2017 or 2019 at the latest.
  • Around 2030 the U.S. will be embroiled in a civil war after the break off of states into regional unions. One of the strongest and more prosperous unions will be the New England Region. Many of these regions will have their own currency and militias, especially after the bankrupting of the federal government by 2030.
  • Russia will usher in a new Eurasian Enlightenment period in the latter part of the 21st century. It will lead the world in a cultural revolution and ultimately be seen as the “savior” while other parts of the world lie in ruin.
  • The second coming of the Christ figure (an enlightened avatar being) will emerge from the Northern Turkey area and help bring forth a “New Golden Age on Earth” beginning in Russia.
  • Russia and China will eventually become the world’s policemen for protection on U.S. soil.
  • For their own preservation, Mexico will form a close alliance with China and Canada will be allied with Russia.

From these world predictions, it appears much of the geopolitical influence will shift to Eurasia by 2050.  The Rise of Civilization moves westward once again, repeating what history has already shown us is a natural progression. The United States, as the world’s leading superpower, will undergo change. Some of us will be untouched by these changes. The more we let go of fear, the better our outcome. For this long-awaited, 26,000 year dimensional shift to happen, it may seem darkest before the dawn as old ways and patterns begin to crumble and fall away. But we will come through it,

From what Gene describes, 5th Dimensional Terra sounds like an answer to many of our prayers. While our soul may never stop learning and growing, this 5th dimension has no need for cellphones or the internet connecting us to each other. Goodbye Apple, Microsoft, Facebook and Google. Funny—but it appears all our mobile devices and the internet are just a dress rehearsal getting us ready for total telepathic communication with everyone and everything. Stay tuned, it should be an interesting ride.

For more information on E.M. Nicolay and his books:  www.essencepath.com

LISTEN to the full Audio Interview with E.M. Nicolay, with more incredible insights and predictions…(01:28:17)

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Dr. Kathy Forti is a clinical psychologist, inventor of the Trinfinity8 technology, and author of the book, Fractals of God


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  1. bibi
    bibi says:

    Hello webmaster.

    Here is a prediction for you, Trump will be the next U.S. President.
    He will make America prosperous again.

  2. Doug Bockus
    Doug Bockus says:

    Hi Kathy, I really appreciate the thought provoking articles you put into your weekly blog. I have read two of E. M. Nicolay’s books and am now reading his latest book, Timeline Collapse & Universal Ascension. His books are difficult for me to get my head around, but fascinating if you think
    you are one of the lucky ones who might be vibrating at a high enough level to make it to the 4th or 5th Dimension after death. However, if you are unsure of your vibrational level–his books could be very depressing. Evidently, you know him personally and trust his ability to obtain truthful messages from the spirits that are giving him these probable prophesies of our future. If you fully trust his prophesies–when and where do you plan on moving your location from the Los Angeles area? And, if our dollar is going to become worthless in the very near future, what are you planning on
    using to barter with–Gold–Food–Infinity8 Treatments at a cut rate? Or, perhaps it would be best if we get taken out with the first bomb blast.
    The 4th and 5th Dimension’s sound like they will be a wonderful place to live, so I’m looking for ways to raise my vibrational level in a hurry—any suggestions?? Thanks from a very grateful Infinity8 owner, Doug Bockus

    • Kathy J. Forti
      Kathy J. Forti says:

      Thank you, Doug. Please remember that this is the “most probable” timeline Nicolay is looking at. Personally, I don’t feel the “future fear shock” that others may be experiencing by some of these predictions. I’m sure this is due to having had a near-death experience and knowing if I die it is not the end of the Kathy and is a natural quick transition to a different dimension. Knowing this short circuits fear–especially since the greatest fear of all is death.

      Living in California, many of us are already prepared for natural or man-made disasters due to earthquakes. We have are usual supplies for such emergencies. I am no different. Trust in the fact that you will be where you need to be in such an event. Your higher self is always looking out for you. As they say–there is nothing to fear but fear itself. Hope this helps!

      • Doug Bockus
        Doug Bockus says:

        Hi Kathy, Thank you for your timely response to my blog to you earlier today. Like you, I live in California, (the Chico area of Northern California) and am prepared for earth quakes and emergencies and I have no personal fear of death, however, I do fear for my friends and family members scattered throughout our country. I wish there
        could be a way protect them from what seems to be heading our way. Yes, everyone has their own Essence Path to follow–and a horrible death may be at the end of that path for some, but do we– who have some degree of prior knowledge of what is coming have any responsibility to the uninformed to help them get out of the way? I know, some of my questions may have no satisfactory answer, but I appreciate any thoughts you may have as I realize you also have friends and family spread all over the world. Thanks again for your response. Doug

        • EM Nicolay
          EM Nicolay says:

          Hi Doug. Thanks for your comments. I thought I might be able to clarify certain things regarding some of the events that appear on the coming timeline that are presented in “Timeline Collapse & Universal Ascension”. First off, when one sees 200 or more years of dramatic events compressed into one book, chapter after chapter, one has the tendency to panic and move into fear just from the sheer magnitude of change and upheaval that may be presented. However, it’s important to realize that the events detailed do not all transpire at once, and occur instead as part of the normal course of life. Granted, because the timeline is collapsing, things seems sped up in a way that it appears these events are happening one right after the other. But even when this is so, daily life continues on, each of us continues our journey against the backdrop of this mass consciousness, and despite very desperate sometimes challenging events, many times these things become opportunities for growth as we live out our lives juxtaposed to them. By no means is the book intended to generate fear, but rather to forewarn and forearm us so that we are conscious about what is taking place in the world, and the reasons, from a higher perspective, that things are occurring in such a way. The most important thing to remember is that each of us has their essence path to follow. Yes, some of us will be faced with being exposed to these events. Others will not. There are reasons that reason can not decipher sometimes. Having Faith that you will be where you are intended to be as the timeline unfolds is paramount. Fear blocks the guidance that will direct you, knowingly or not. The same goes for family and loved ones. Faith, not of the religious variety but of the kind that puts trust in the universe and our Higher Selves that what is happening has purpose and reason, for us individually and for the planet, is what should guide us as we discover through events what we truly believe and who we truly are. As described in the book, there may be challenges but there are also benefits and good that emerge – regional successes in North America, a period of world enlightenment after 2050, etc. Remember one thing: Now more than ever before it is important to become conscious, to live your truth and in doing so, raise your vibrational resonance. When you are mindful and reach that place of groundedness and higher consciousness, and when you are resonating at a higher oscillation, negativity, whatever its form, can no longer manifest in your reality because it can no longer find you.

          • Cyndi McKenna
            Cyndi McKenna says:

            Thanks Kathy for this article about Nicolay, of whom I was not aware. Thanks Nicolay for your reply here. My integration of the changes have been helped significantly by the teachings/activations of an enlightened teacher in Seattle, Matt Kahn. He gives freely on Youtube and teaches practical ways to live in 5D all that Nicolay shares about being grounded in higher consciousness. So many people are finding him on Youtube and receiving help now and that give me great hope for our world as well!

          • Raven
            Raven says:

            Thank you Gene and Kathy for putting this information out. I am currently reading “TImeline Collapse and Universal Ascension” and it’s quite true for a person who cares deeply about earth and humanity that the first part is a bit depressing. I do appreciate your explanation that while the events you have listed seem to occur rapidly in text form, the actual experience of them is much slower, and that is very good to know.

            I have been preparing for 5D for many years (indeed, my husband says I have one foot in it already) and it has always been apparent that each individual has the ability to chart their ascension course. This may be what Gene refers to as “essence path” (I have not read his prior books but I surely intend to do so) so there is in each of us a “knowing” of this, coupled with the uncertainty that Doug expresses about the fate of others, particularly friends and loved ones. It’s quite hard for caring individuals engaged in a service to others existence to just “let it be” but that’s exactly what we have to do. I have been recently gifted with telepathic insight, so I am facing this “let it be” situation on a very personal level and it’s quite a challenge.

            At any rate, I would like to thank you both for sharing your insights with us.

  3. Doug Henderson
    Doug Henderson says:

    Thank You Gene and Thank You Kathy. I have been gobbling up Gene’s books voraciously. I feel blessed to have come across such an avatar through Kathy and the T8. It seems to me that as T8 Practitioners, each of us has work to do for ourselves and others to increase our/their level of consciousness to better facilitate the transistion to 5th D. I have been encouraged by the work of Hellen Wambach (hope that’s the correct spelling). Hellen, from the late 40’s until approximately 1970 regressed prior to birth over 10,000 subjects. She was probably the person who influenced Dr. Michael Newton to regress prior to birth approximately 4500 subjects and write about what his subjects reported. Now, Hellen did not write a book but Chet Snow who worked with her for 25 years did. It was entitled; Dreams of Mass Destruction. Not a very uplifting title. A few years back, I was compelled to get a copy of this book at a personal cost of approximately $200.00 Cdn. The book is quite depressing because almost al the subjects, after WWII were reporting mass destruction of the planet that was to have taken place long before now. The book was so depressing that I gave it away. Nevertheless, what seems to have been reported was what was in the Collective Unconscious at the time. I was encouraged because it seems to me that enough people were already working toward raising their consciousness that it was having an affect upon the subconscious of thousands and thousands of others, the planet and the timeline itself that the anticipated destruction was being possibly minimized and delayed. It seems to me that the more that each of us persues raising our level of consciousness by looking at the shadow side within us and ask for help from our Higher Self and Spirit Guides the more we not only make ourselves invisible to the vibration of fear because we don’t resonate with it but the more we facilitate the ability of others to cope with the transition. I was also very encouraged in Kathy’s book Fractals of God after Gene had a chance to experience the T8 when he said (paraphrased) that this was not just a healing or anti-aging device, it was an Ascension Device. So, there is work to be done and it seems to me, that those who have gravitated to the T8 are Soul Essence Facilitators for the Ascension Process. The final points that I would like to make is that each of us has to learn to become neutral as Creation is and happy with whatever outcome comes because it is Spiritual Law that we must give up what it is that we desire most, if we are to experience it.accepting that there is a price to be paid for everything. Also, whatever it is that we desire, we must desire for all of Creation because when we do, all of Creation reciprocates and desires the same for us. In other words, if I desire Love for all of Creation, All of creation desires Love for me! Substitute whatever Higher Attractor word you wish – Peace, Joy, Bliss, Compassion etc.and watch it manifest as the Timeline speeds up.

  4. Susan Hadlow
    Susan Hadlow says:

    I am a remote viewer working in the Middle East for many years .
    I can see the time lines changing and yes we are at war and have been for many years.

    These things I can confirm from my own work.
    The leader of Turkey is a dangerous man. Syria has become the focus of evil. The use of nuclear weapons is not far in the future. The Arab States play a far greater role in all this turmoil than is readily apparent.
    Israel will survive , many countries won’t.
    Third World War?
    Yes , by any other name!

    Egypt will not survive this time.
    Palistine will survive in part.
    Jordan, not at all.

    Trump as the new President of the USA ., what can one say?
    If there is division of the state’s, and I see this, and failure of the dollar, and civil war, it starts with this man.

    The many portals to the higher and lower dimensions, clustered in the Mediterranean, are super active at this time.
    I can’t be bothered looking at the Catholic Church, sorry.
    The energy shift to raise our conciousness on ,Earth One ,is stronger each day.
    I see Prince and Freddie Mercury singing together in the higher dimensions. This keeps me going!

    All communications we have out of body are telepathic. It is humanities default setting.
    Don’t worry about the future, you will be fine.

    As to raising your vibrations, unless you are a goana living under a rock,
    the incoming vibrational shift will have started working on you now.
    You don’t have to change vibration,
    it will shift for you..

    Now we’re talking change and like the phonix rising from the ashes, the world will see a new age of music and art and literature.
    Russian art and antiquities will survive when much of European history lies in ruin.

    We have not seen the final stages of the Middle East War.
    We are seeing a hugely increased vibratory rate on Earth.

    Stay positive, that’s all I have at this time.

    • Tom
      Tom says:

      Susan, thank you for a wonderful post! May I dutifully remind you that Jimi was playing with Prince and Freddie!

      To everyone, drop your hate for everyone and everything and turn towards Love.. you CAN take that with you.

      I can personally attest to forgiveness for everyone and releasing your hate will open your heart, mind and soul to everything that is good. Plus, you might never have heartburn again!

      My Love to all of you…

  5. D
    D says:

    It is near the end of 2020. We all are assuming that everything said plays out in our physical dimension – the dimension that we all know. Perhaps it is in the realm that most of us could not perceive. We are, after all, physical beings still limited or restricted or trapped in this realm or dimension. Or minds are small.


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