African Dogon Tribe Reveals Man’s True Origins

The Dogon are an ancient tribe living in Mali, West Africa. They claim to be the living conduit between heaven and Earth and to possess not only knowledge of the cosmos, but of man’s true origins.

The Dogon are believed to be of Egyptian descent and their astronomical lore goes back thousands of years to 3200 BC. For centuries the Dogon successfully managed to remain isolated from neighboring influences as well as from capture by Islamic slave traders.  Their cultural, oral and written history stayed miraculously intact. What they kept hidden from the rest of the world is quite amazing.

According to one of their oldest legends, a race called the “Nommos” visited the Earth from the star Sirius many millennia ago. The Dogon learned from the Nommos that there was a companion star (Sirius B) orbiting the Sirius star (the brightest star in the sky near the constellation Orion) where the Nommos came from. They landed on Earth in an “ark” that made a spinning decent to the ground with great noise and wind.

Dogon Cliff Village

In the 1930’s two French anthropologists, Marcel Griaule and Germain Dieterlen, recorded this legend from four Dogon priests. The tribal elders not only shared their amazing understanding of Astronomy but Physics as well. They knew that the Earth was not flat, as many primitive tribes believed, but a spherical orbiting body in ‘space’.

Somehow they knew a companion star exists to Sirius A, even though Sirius B wasn’t visible to the naked eye until it was photographed by a large space telescope in 1970. While scientists had long suspected its existence since as early as 1844, none could confirm what was speculated as a “white dwarf” star smaller than Earth.

Some modern-day scientists scoff at the Dogon’s early knowledge of the cosmos, yet have a hard time explaining how the Dogon came to possess a 400-year old artifact that apparently depicts the Sirius configuration. Since the 13th Century they have also performed a “Sigui” ceremony every 60 years to celebrate the cycle of these stars, somehow accurately knowing that this is approximately how long it takes for Sirius A to orbit Sirius B.  (The next one is expected to occur n 2027.)

Scientists also find it hard to explain how the Dogons knew about the super-density of Sirius B, a fact only discovered a few years before the anthropologists recorded the Dogon stories. The Dogons legend goes on to say that the Nommos also furnished the Dogon’s with some interesting information about our own solar system: That the planet Jupiter has four major moons, that Saturn has rings, and that planets orbit the sun. These were all facts discovered by Westerners only after Galileo invented the telescope.

As larger and more powerful telescopes explore the Sirius system, they may be able to validate another Dogon legend of a third star—Sirius C. According to Dogon legend, the Nommos lived on a small planet that orbits Sirius C.  A planet that was dying out for some unknown reason which caused the Nommos to seek habitation elsewhere. (Most scientists do not consider any part of the Sirius system a prime candidate for life.)

However, in 1995 gravitational studies showed the possible presence of a brown dwarf star orbiting around Sirius (a Sirius C) with a six-year orbital period. More has yet to be learned.

The Dogon correctly define the key components of matter from atoms to quarks to the vibrating threads of string theory, all in the proper sequence, as supported by explicit tribal drawings. This, too, they learned from the Nommos, which they called the Gods that descended from the sky in a vessel accompanied by fire and thunder. They revealed that these Beings resembled amphibious creatures who were clothed in grey and were responsible for giving rise to all of mankind.

The Nommos’ visit to Earth is also alluded to in Ancient Babylonian and Sumerian myths. Africa is often known as the cradle of civilization and the birthplace of humanity. The question then is who were the Nommos and what exactly did they bring to Earth?

According to legend, there was an earlier race of aliens who came to our solar system from Sirius B almost 1,000,000 years ago. Their planet was dying and so they inhabited Mars where they thrived until a catastrophe occurred. Mars was struck by a huge asteroid about 900,000 years ago which eventually altered the atmosphere and forced this progenitor race to seek habitation elsewhere. (Our scientists have confirmed that Mars appears to have been hit by a devastating event in the past, as well as there being strong evidence of past civilizations.)

The legend says that after the Mars catastrophe this progenitor race made its way to Earth 350,000 years ago in order to avoid extinction. Although the Earth was abundant in oxygen, this ancestral race required more helium as well as higher nitrogen and carbon dioxide, which the Earth was lacking in.  In order to survive our atmosphere, this race began genetic engineering so their offspring could adapt and thrive under these new conditions. They called their engineered offspring “Anu”.

The Anu (later known as the Anunnaki) were a race of powerful non-human god-like beings. The Sumerian tablets make reference to them as the gods who then ‘created’ the Igigi (also known as the Eloah/Greys) to serve them. The Anu would rule over Earth for a thousand years, but eventually they, too, became sick from Earth’s environment like their parent predecessors.

The Ancient Near East texts say the Igigi rebelled against their Anu creators. Around 225,000 years ago, when the Anu began to slowly die off, the Eloah/Greys started growing in power and numbers.

To protect their future, the Anu created the Austra Albus race, their genetically enhanced offspring with Hominoid DNA. Eventually, they would also come to create the Modern Human race using enhanced genetic manipulation with a small infusion of their own alien DNA (that 5% “junk DNA” we still can’t figure out).

Around 25,000 years ago the Austra Albus race was warned about the growing threat of the Eloah/Greys so they infected them with a powerful and permanent biogenetic virus. This caused the Eloah/Greys to be unable to withstand our Sun’s electromagnetic radiation, driving them underground to live in subterranean cavern-like environments.

The Austra Albus eventually began their own genetic manipulation program and started eliminating as much alien DNA from their lineage as possible to become 99.999% human in appearance and anatomy.  They became a highly controlled “bloodline” that today represents the “powers that be” amongst the ranks of humanity. This preserved bloodline is often referred to as the illuminated ones or “the Illuminati”.

So where does that leave all these species today? High-ranking military whistleblowers have come forward over the years to disclose that the Eloah/Grey race still exists with less than 1,000 in number due to breeding restrictions. These are the beings which have been reported to be working covertly with our military in secret underground bases, protecting their existence, in exchange for giving the U.S. advanced space and weaponry technology.

If true, this makes us all aliens. While this may seem implausible to accept, we need only examine some of the ancient Jewish and Biblical religious texts for confirmation. They infer a knowledge of genetic engineering taking place when they cite the “Sons of God” creating a new race (the Fallen Ones or the Nephilim) which they call the “sins above all others” (genetic engineering).

Molecular and cellar biologists have discovered that segments of the Human Genome have been clearly fused; leaving trace evidence of extraction, inversion and splicing of single genes into the human genome. This proves that evolution with regards to modern humanity is wrong.  Geneticists tell us that fusion such as this is only seen in advanced genetic laboratories where evidence of genetic engineering can be seen in genes that were manipulated. Natural mutation of this kind is said to be impossible.

Because modern man now knows more about the language of DNA, scientists today ARE capable of genetic manipulation, cloning, and a plethora of other unnatural experiments being conducted on animals and humans.  Most of which we will never know about.  This is what ethicists refer to as an “abomination of nature” or “playing God”. The Ancients simply called it “the sins above all others”.

In light of all this, a more highly advanced race from our past, which learned how to create multiple new species like us, is not such a far-fetched idea after all. The question today is whether those in power who know about man’s true origins will ever decide to finally come clean on the subject with their fellow brethren.

UPDATE: June 8, 2017:  Oldest ever 300,00-year old human fossils found in Africa after science believed humankind only went back 200,000 years. These new findings also provide information on the evolution of the human species, as the fossils were found to have had large ‘braincases’ which lacked the “globular” shape of today’s humans. (translation: elongated skulls)


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Dr. Kathy Forti is a clinical psychologist, inventor of the Trinfinity8 technology, and author of the book, Fractals of God: A Psychologist’s Near-Death Experience and Journeys Into the Mystical

19 replies
  1. Donnie Shevlin
    Donnie Shevlin says:

    I have been talking about this for many years. This article brings clarity to many things. I would enjoy to know more. Thank you…

  2. Hubert
    Hubert says:

    This is so interesting I enjoyed reading it I hope to see more similar to this. I’m just a 71 year old man that’s just as curious today as I was 70 years ago. Thank you for the article

  3. Fletcher Biceps
    Fletcher Biceps says:

    Very cool article. It sounds very believable with references to the Bible and such! Good stuff! The mysteries are still out there hopefully we can learn about our history from extra terrestrials themselves.

  4. Lari
    Lari says:

    I spoke with my daughter about this very thing a mere couple of months ago. I told her how all of my life i have felt a connection to other times and places. I can’t get the smile off of my face and I cannot WAIT to discuss this with her! Thank you!

  5. Avyon
    Avyon says:

    The Igigi were not the Greys. The Igigi refers to a select group of specific Annunaki/Sirians to which the ancient human civilizations worshipped (i.e. Gods of Egypt, Mesopotamia, Babylon, Assyria, etc)

  6. Brando
    Brando says:

    I thought the Anaki were a seprate race of “bird like” humanoids from Nibiru who altered primitive human DNA to be slaves to mine gold for their atmosphere. Nibiru is a REAL planet of Nemesis star system accompanied by several other planets including Helios and Blue Kachina. They’ve been visible since 12-21-12. Google it…. Or you could just go outside and look west just before dusk… Its the brightest thing in the sky… Ive recorded a video on YouTube
    “Me my girl & U.F.O.’s” please excuse the audio its really embarrassing but if u watch youll be amazed… 14:48-17:49 is interesting to say the least………… Aliens are real.

  7. Leroy Williams
    Leroy Williams says:

    I have had to go back and re-read the Bible, several times and over and over. I then realized that the Dogon people are for real in their history. The Bible tells you so, sound familiar? The Bible is a historical record of what had happened in our past history. I have had to restructure my knowledge of history, beliefs and truth. The key here, is to read more, think outside the box and pay attention to NASA. Read the Book of Enoch and you will know more. The universe is our power belief and G O D. Who created those others?

  8. Steve Know
    Steve Know says:

    A Outrageously Expansive and Thought Provoking Origin Story. I Love & Appreciate The Unique and Valued Perspective Of Kathy Forti⚛️

  9. Stan Hansen
    Stan Hansen says:

    As an Adamic white man I also think this is amazing history. The culture, the way of life is enlightening. They are even telling the story from Genesis 6:4 when giants were on the earth in those days. What I don’t understand is why so many blacks/negroes today want to detach from their incredible heritage and suddenly they want to Adamic white Israelites and say Jesus and His apostles were blacks. If Jesus is an Adamic man, and we all know He was, that makes Him white. Not black, not Middle Eastern, not Jewish but an Adamic white/Caucasian man. What is it that causes this with all of these camps to become white peoples. Blacks/negroes were here thousands and thousands of years before the Adamic white race was here. It makes no sense to me. Maybe someone else can help me understand this.

    • Dana London
      Dana London says:

      The term “Pre Adamic” White man is an affront to the origins of the Caucus race of Turkey. Adam could never had been a Caucasian man, because you can’t get dark or black skin from a man who is absent of melanin; furthermore the Giants of old resembled todays Caucasian race almost entirely. Historians such as Herotodus, Strabo, Pliny and others all said this and more, if science would only take the time and accept it. Moreover, Champollion and his original work said that Thoth and Memes created the races of the planet, and in the original hieroglyphs, there were four not five races of man; including the original man that was of the dark negroid race. Its very interesting, and solid in context.
      Another topic to discuss briefly, is the fact that ALL the ancient historians said that the “Ethiopian” thus dark negroid man, was the very Hebrew Israelite, that the world mislabeled as being a “Hamite” when in fact his is the Hebrew Israelite of the Holy Bible. I hate to shake your bones, but this history is known by the scientific world, although they choose to ignore it.
      Lastly, the Negroid race was the original race of man here on this planet, as colonization and intermixing shows how the world has been turned upside down. There is no EVOLUTION, as man was always black skinned no matter where he went. ; and it wasnt until the conquering of past Empires, did the original man of these countries of the world change or were murdered.

  10. Ray McCrea
    Ray McCrea says:

    Great summary of what is known so far about the Dogon and ancient Human history. Check out for more relevant information. You won’t find anything specifically about the Dogon, but there is lots of information about Humanity’s origins.

  11. JimDon
    JimDon says:

    I think the bible is just a mash up of all these other ancient stories from other people groups. Then the rulers of the era the bible came together just combined all of these stories. They added, deleted and changed what they wanted to benefit themselves and to rule over the masses. I also think there is no god in the sense of a deity that gets you to heaven or sends you to hell. Those are just levels of consciousness. That is just my elementary opinion of it anyways.

    • John Antonii
      John Antonii says:

      One of the ancestors of the Dogon tribe is Amma who they called Amen and King Hammon the great grandson of Cush and Raamah the son of Cush were deified by their descendants as the Egyptian god Amun Ra who was also called “Amen” and the symbol of the pyramid and prayer designed into our hands and the word “hand derives from the name Hind the son of Ham and the connection to the Egyptian Eye of Ra symbol and the Hamsa “hansa” symbol of India which has the name of Noah’s son Ham which is a “good luck” symbol the nickname of Batagöilık the son of Phut and grandson of Ham and Bakht the daughter of Batawil his short name is Geluc “Good Luck” and he was the grandson of Japheth through his son Tyrrhenus and the grandson of Ham through his daughter Cacia and her connection to the cacao tree and cocoa beans the daughter of Kezia who gets her name because of her connection to the Cassia Tree the daughter of Tubal-cain King of Ur whose sister Naamah married Noah.

      The Batwa also known as the Twa people of Africa are named for Batawil and Bir Tawil an area of land along the border between Egypt and Sudan is also named for him and he was also known as “Benawyl” the ancestor of the Bena people and the place called Benawil in Chad (Africa) is named for him.

      The African Khoekhoe tribe was called “men of men” as in Men who descend from Min which means they were descendants of Min “the lord of the eastern desert” the son of Osiris and Isis and the word “men” derives from the name Min and the word “her” derives from the name of his brother Horus.
      Mount Nebo in Jordan is named for Nabu “Tutu” the son of Marduk and brother of Osiris and Set.
      The original name of the Nabateans is Nabaʾatu and they are named after Nabu “Tutu”.
      The African Bantu tribal name also derives from his name Nabu “Tutu” and even the surname Tutu as in Desmond Tutu is still being used today to honor their ancestor Nabu “Tutu”.

  12. Crissi
    Crissi says:

    “Although the Earth was abundant in oxygen, this ancestral race required more helium as well as higher nitrogen and carbon dioxide, which the Earth was lacking in.”

    I wonder if CO2 sequestration (facilities capturing carbon dioxide from our atmosphere and storing it in underground reservoirs), and the nitrogen and helium shortages have anything to do with keeping beings like this alive.


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