Preparing for Change in 2015

What-can-you-see-here-resizecrop--Big changes can be expected in 2015.  Of course, they say that every year. But this year, all the signs support it.  In numerology, 2015 is an “8” universal year.  The number “8” is often associated with money and power, but the key word for this year is “balance.”  This means that anything out of balance, especially in the realm of money and power, will go through some major change.  2014 was a just a dress rehearsal for the bigger shift expected this year.  In 2014, we saw how those who abused power and money were being exposed more frequently.  Whistleblowers increased as consciousness expanded and people became less afraid to speak out and fight for real change.  It’s been a long time in coming, but it’s here.  Expect more of it in 2015.

On a financial level, this will probably be the year of a global currency reset.  More and more financial experts are starting to admit the obvious.  The worldwide petrodollar is dying.  The U.S. can no longer keep propping up our economy by printing worthless paper money that hasn’t been backed by real gold since the days of Nixon.  Russia and China, and the other BRICS nations, have stockpiled their gold reserves preparing for this global currency reset.  What it will look like is anyone’s guess. Experts predict that change could come as early as the beginning of March, after the Chinese New Year.

2015 is also being called the International Year of Light and Light-Based Technologies.  The United Nations’ observance of this year aims to raise awareness of the achievements of light-based sciences and its applications.  I’m sure their definition of “light based science” and mine are probably somewhat different.  I see that term and think of consciousness and energy-based devices to heal us and our planet—more so in the realm of the quantum sciences.  Nevertheless, I find it interesting that 2015 was given such an auspicious title.  The “Year of Light” indeed.  We need all the light we can to chase away the darkness brought about by years of fear and manipulation.ring-of-fire-solar-eclipse

There will be two lunar eclipses in 2015 and two solar eclipses.  This is statistically unusual and oftentimes correlates with significant world and evolutionary events in history.   We will just have to wait and see what that may bring as well.

From a mathematical standing, 2015 is a palindrome in binary code.  Binary code is 0’s and 1’s—the language of computers and the language of the universe.  2015 equals 11111011111 in binary code.  That’s five ones, followed by one zero, followed by five ones (perfect balance!).  To have a little more fun, that all adds up to a “1” which is significant of “the beginning.”  By the way, the next binary palindrome year isn’t for another 32 years in 2047.

Either way you add it up, “balance” will remain the focus of 2015.  Sounds good to me.  Here’s hoping the extremists of the world, whether they be in the realm of religion, politics, world leadership, business, and/or human relations, will all start working towards creating a more global brotherhood of man based on peace, love, acceptance and harmony with nature.  It’s a tall order, but we’ve got a whole year to start making that dream possible.  I, for one, feel very optimistic.


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Dr. Kathy Forti is a clinical psychologist, inventor of the Trinfinity8 technology, and author of the book, Fractals of God.

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  1. Lisanne
    Lisanne says:

    Very interesting on the year 2015 I studied the kalabarian philosophy all about numbers balance I’m in my 1st year every 9 years so this looks like a good year


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