The 12 Electromagnetic Vortices on Human Consciousness

There are 12 electromagnetic anomaly “triangles” or “hotspots” on Earth known as the “vile vortices.”  The “Bermuda Triangle,” off the Bimini Coast east of Miami, Florida, is the most well-known.  Here  ships and planes have mysteriously disappeared or reported experiencing strange instrumentation malfunctions,  sudden electromagnetic storms, disorientation, and even time loss.

Few people are aware that these 12 electromagnetic spots are evenly placed around our planet in a grid-like pattern set along two distinct latitude lines.   The popular assumption would be that they are naturally there to stabilize the Earth’s rotational axis.  But one has to ask oneself—could nature lay a grid work that precise on its own, or did it have a little help?

The 12 vortices were brought to the world’s attention by biologist and science writer, Ivan T. Sanderson, in the early 70’s.  The History2 Channel, under the guise of a “documentary,” did a rather hokey 2014 re-dramatization of  “The 12 Devil’s Triangles” based on scientists discovering that these vortices contained an intelligently placed grid work of strange elements that were rare to Earth and almost impossible to deconstruct.  Despite the over-acting and melodramatic script, the question still remains.  If there is an intelligent design behind these vortices, then who put them there and for what purpose?

This very question led me to the work of the great 20th century physicist, Nikolai Kozyrev and Russian medical doctor, Alexander V. Trofimov for some answers.  Trofimov, inspired by Kozyrev, has done some groundbreaking research in the field of human consciousness and magnetic fields.

Just a little background…

Kozyrev devised reproducible experiments that prove the existence of a “torsional energy field” beyond electromagnetism and gravity, which travels much faster than light. He called it the “flow of time.” Others, Einstein among them, called it “ether,” while still others call it “zero point energy.” Within this “flow of time,” the past, present, and future all exist at the same time, and in every place.  Even more incredible was his finding that man has access to it under the right conditions. This discovery set the stage for all psychic phenomena to be scientifically explainable.  (At least in Russia, where scientists have made far greater advancement in this field than the rest of the world.)

As for Trofimov, his work consisted of “remote viewing” experiments across both distance and time. He discovered that results were more positive when the “sender” was in the far north, where the electromagnetic field is less powerful [away from the 12 vortices].  So he and his colleagues invented an apparatus that would shield their subjects from all local electromagnetic fields in order to reliably access all place and time — past, present, and future — instantaneously.  Based on  “Kozyrev’s Mirrors,” invention, it reflected thought energy back to the thinker and the results were astounding (see video below).

As an interesting footnote: Among the drawings left behind by reputed 16th Century French seer, Michel de Nostradamus, was a strange-looking enclosed metal container he built which he claimed to have sat in enabling him to tap into future events.  (Sounds like a primitive electromagnetic shield chamber, much like Trofimov’s.)

Some of the conclusions from Kozynev and Trofimov experiments are: 

1) our planet’s electromagnetic field is actually the “veil” which filters time and place down to our everyday Newtonian reality — enabling us to have the human experience of linear time,

2) in the absence of an electromagnetic field, we have access to an energy field of “instantaneous locality” that underlies our reality,

3) that once a person has accessed these altered states, his or her consciousness remains so enhanced.

Based on these findings, the 12 electromagnetic vortices would definitely serve as blockages to increased human consciousness and full psychic awareness.  I meditated on it and I kept coming back to the same conclusion. Were these vortices placed there by a higher intelligence from space during man’s first creation on this planet in order to allow us to evolve with free will and without the hinderance of total memory and our full inherent psychic abilities?  From an evolutionary “experiment” perspective, this would make sense.  More interesting, as human consciousness increases, what effect, if any, does it have on these electromagnetic vortices or the Earth itself?   I searched for more answers…

According to recent scientific data, something is causing Earth’s electromagnetic field to decrease.  The Earth’s magnetic field currently has 49,000 nano-Teslas (a unit of magnetic flux density). It has been decreasing by about 50-70 nano-Teslas per year. By the end of the millennium, they predict we will have only 100-200 nano-Teslas.  This decrease and/or disturbance in our electromagnetic field could be why animal behavior and migration patterns, influenced by such fields, are changing.

With regard to human brain activity, it becomes even more interesting.  When assessing brain functions like intellect level, memory, and other functions, findings shows we currently use only 5% of the capacity of our brains throughout our whole lives.  Trofimov experimentation showed that when their subjects spent some time inside a space without electromagnetism, post-testing showed a drastically different picture.  They discovered that our mind’s additional reserves and abilities are activated. They saw an increase in memory capacity, increased IQ, and changing zones of electric activity of the brain.

This tells us that when the electromagnetic field is decreased, we see an increasing ability to use the reserves and capacity of the human brain.  When a person is totally shielded from electromagnetism, brain function is in direct correlational dependency not only with solar energies, but with galactic rays.  In other words, it directly opens a conduit to information from the galaxy.  It increases cosmic awareness. As a result, we begin desiring to reconnect with our inter-galactic brotherhood—to discover worlds beyond our own.  Is it any wonder that now, more than ever, people and reputable organizations (i.e. Sirius Disclosure and Paradigm Research Group) and are pushing for full government disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence and our true origins.

The mechanism by which cosmic human consciousness is currently being opened, appears to correlate with the decreasing electromagnetic field.  If this is true, and I don’t claim to have all the answers, then we are lifting the veil.  We are the builders of planetary change–both literally and figuratively.

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Dr. Kathy Forti is a clinical psychologist, inventor of the Trinfinity8 technology, and author of the book, Fractals of God: A Psychologist’s Near-Death Experience and Journeys Into the Mystical


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  1. Duncan Hawkins
    Duncan Hawkins says:

    I wonder if there are ones in the northern hemisphere (Rather like looking at an ac waveform on an oscilloscope) – perhaps 2 sites – Glastonbury UK / Stonehenge UK and Croatian pyramids?

    just a thought.


  2. Angela Graham
    Angela Graham says:

    Interesting enough the sages of India and many other cultures went deep inside caves such as the one in Patal Buvaneshwar which is seven miles deep and far away from the electromagnetic fields, to experience messages of enlightenment. I went there in 1995 and was allowed only on the first level of the cave of Shiva to do puja due the sacredness of the environment.

    Dr. Kathy Forti is a clinical psychologist, inventor of the Trinfinity8 technology, and author of the book, Fractals of God.

  3. Angela Graham
    Angela Graham says:

    It is also interesting to know that Edgar Cayce “The sleeping prophet” mentioned that a pyramid could be found in Bimini and other areas of the world. Could these unseen pyramid be the cause of the distortion of the field. Very possibly since knowledge shows that pyramids positioned at very precise angles have powers of conservation and rejuvenation and many other unseen powers.

  4. V
    V says:

    I’ve been following Kryon (of Magnetic Service) and he often talks about how his group came in to adjust the ‘magnetic grid’ of the earth (as in EM grid) in order to allow our consciousness to evolve Higher.- i never quite understand what he meant by ‘adjusting the grid’, but think i’m getting some clues from this article! thanks so much Kathy, most interesting info and Great food for thoughts, as always! V 🙂

  5. Tibetan
    Tibetan says:

    Oddly enough…. Feng Shui uses mirror to direct energies to desire places as well as to dilute energies if necessary. Not dogma as many believe! good to know!

  6. Joan Cataudella
    Joan Cataudella says:

    I was wondering if the degree of latitude ur referring to here is known. Is it the 3 3rd degree both in the Northern Hemisphere & the Southern? Love these articles. I’ve been studying this ally life, yet never had access to the materials that are becoming widely available at this time. It IS the time. I was told many years ago that I was a High Priest in Atlantis. I’ve always known due to who I am today & my attraction to Melchesedeck that I was one of those 12. I was even given my name at the time though that never resonated with me. Please keep us updated. Thank you for all your hard work.


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