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changeworldChange is a powerful and mysterious thing.  The world around us responds in surprising ways to even the slightest adjustment–and it all starts with YOU.  Back when I had my psychology practice, I would sometimes hear clients say:  “I can’t change the world, so why even try?”  The multitude of  problems inherent in our world right now do seem pretty daunting. The temptation to hide your head in the sand and pretend it does not affect you is certainly understandable.  Yet, looking at the bigger picture can provide some insight into navigating the change to create true magic.  You just have to be ready for it.

“Everything in the universe is subject to change and everything is right on schedule.”

Watch for the signs.  Perhaps you avoid change and/or find it uncomfortable. A clear example of resistance to change is feeling anxiety, even depression, due to lack of taking corrective action.  But have you ever noticed that once you take corrective action, the fear and anxiety oftentimes drops by the wayside?  You suddenly feel like a burden has been lifted from your shoulders and you may even wonder why putting it off was such a big deal in the first place.  Now stop and consider what your putting off could have positively changed and/or affected those around you, maybe even hundreds or thousands of others as well.

In the movie Dead Poet’s Society, the character of John Keating, memorably played by the late Robin Williams, tries to inspire his young students to seize the day and make a difference in their life, likening it to a Shakesperean play:  “…the powerful play goes on and you may contribute a verse.  What will your verse be?”

Will your “verse” be as a volunteer helping others in need, or as an activist for environmental change–or perhaps signing that petition to have your signature also count?  Ultimately, every word and action DOES count.  What you do for someone else on our planet, you do for yourself as well, because we are all connected in this global sea of humanity.   So, be an ambassador for change.  One voice can change a room, then change a city, then change a state, then a country, then even change the world.

If wolves can change rivers, think of what your positive words and actions could accomplish.  This short video below is both awesome and inspiring.  It demonstrates the true power of  what happens in nature with even the smallest change…

 How Wolves Change Rivers: (4:33 mins.)

Dr. Kathy Forti is a clinical psychologist, inventor, and author of the new book, Fractals of God.

Stargate Journeys

If you saw the original Stargate movie with Kurt Russell, or even the Stargate TV series, you’ve certainly heard the term.   Stargates, or portals into other dimensions, have always held a fascination for me since my own near-death experience in 2003.  The ancients of early Egypt and Pre-Egyptian civilizations referred to them in their sacred texts as “Portals of the Gods” — stepping-stones to other dimensions of mind and matter.  Are they real?  Absolutely!

Recently, I was invited to test drive a man-made Stargate device created by John Haan from Valkenswaard in the Netherlands. Haan had an incredible experience in a forest near his home back in October 1997 which transformed him on many levels.  Ultimately, it led to information received on how to build his own Stargate for both healing and enlightenment.  It’s an interesting story…

While walking through the forest near his home, Haan saw a strange blue light between the trees that transformed into the silhouette of a beautiful woman.  This blue light came towards him, then right into him, causing a tingling sensation all over.  The blue light quickly turned into a white light as it moved throughout his body.  Seconds later it shot out of him and was gone.  He recalls that it left him with a magical sense of love more beautiful than anything he had ever felt.   This experience later caused him to start receiving downloads of information from what he calls “the blue light beings” in all kinds of languages, including Latin and Spanish, which he wrote down.  Not understanding either language or what he was writing, he had to have the texts translated and found to his astonishment that they contained specific instructions to build a device called a trainer, that would include lead-free crystal orbs.  He was to place these crystals into the trainer to connect them with extraordinary energy.  What resulted was a Stargate pattern with 24 charged crystals that includes bio-geometric codes which create a unique energy field.  He was instructed that the name for this energy is “Dominus Cervix” – a Latin term meaning Original Portal.

As soon as I saw Haan’s creation, I was intrigued by the KJF Stargate PhotoMerkaba layout of his Stargate, as you can see from the picture.  I quickly learned it is a two-dimensional form of the three-dimensional Merkaba, intended to create an experience of direct contact, deep inner purification and activation of the light body.  I was game.  Bring it on.  I had done quite a bit of outer space exploration within the meditation state, so I climbed into the zero-gravity chair in the center of the Stargate grid, put on the headphones to listen to multidimensional tones, and went into my meditation mode.  I quickly felt the energy of the Stargate crystal orbs.  There was a tingling and buzz throughout my entire body.  Haan’s device was working for me.  Where it would take me was anyone’s guess.

About midway through my 30-minute session, I found myself out in the cosmos hovering near our fiery Sun.  Many may not know this, but the Sun is believed to be a huge Stargate.  It  has an immense black triangular patch on its surface which emits quick solar-like discharges of unknown origin.  SOHO (NASA) photographs have identified this anomaly, yet scientists have no idea what these strange discharges are.  I was soon to find out.

Within my meditation, I found my mind projecting out into space to remote view the area on the Sun where these mysterious emissions originate.  About 15 years ago, I learned how to remote view directly from Russell Targ of the Stanford Research Institute (SRI) in Palo Alto, California after meeting him at a friend’s New Year’s Eve party.  Targ’s background teaching the military and CIA how to use remote long distance viewing for covert spying is legendary and worth checking out.  CLICK HERE  Anyone can acquire this skill with a little practice.

In my remote viewing mode, I saw several huge spacecraft going into the Sun’s black triangular patch.  They were the size of 2-3 football fields in length and were lined up like some cosmic Panama Canal awaiting passage.  Curiosity got the better of me.  I followed one of the large space vehicles into the Sun’s portal and suddenly found myself traveling through it at warp speed.  To my surprise, I shot out on the other side into a multi-colored universe.  Gone was the black space of our universe, replaced instead by the most incredible colors I had ever seen anywhere.

At the opening to this other universe was an arc formation of Federation-like spaceships.  I suddenly knew, with all certainty, that they were the “gatekeepers” to this dimension.  I watched as each spacecraft coming through the Stargate was energetically scanned in a nanosecond of time for intent and purpose.  I remember wondering if being in our solar system caused possible contamination and perhaps this welcoming committee was responsible for neutralizing such  things.  As each ship quickly passed the “gatekeepers” they shot off into space, each in a different stream of colored light.  One ship exited on a burst of pure white light, another in purple.  I knew that the specific color of light identified not only the occupants on the craft, but also their mission.  It would be akin to flying the colored flag of one’s nation on an ocean-going ship here on Earth.

Unfortunately, my 30-minute session was over too quickly and I found my awareness being pulled back to my physical body sitting in that wonderful anti-gravity chair back here on Earth.  I never did get to follow those other spacecraft awaiting passage back through to our own solar system.   It appears the passage goes both ways, which might explain those strange discharges from the Sun’s black patch.  By all means, the Sun holds some pretty incredible secrets.  The ancients knew and understood this and even referenced it on their artifacts (see the video).  I definitely plan on going back to that Sun Stargate sometime soon in hopes of learning more–or as Captain Kirk would say: “to boldly go where no man has gone before.”  Thank you John Haan for a wonderful enhancement tool to further our own explorations into that final frontier we call consciousness and space.  For more information on Haan’s Stargate:

Is our Sun a massive UFO Stargate? (5:47 mins)

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Dr. Kathy Forti is a clinical psychologist, inventor of the Trinfinity8 technology, and author of the book, Fractals of God: A Psychologist’s Near-Death Experience and Journeys Into the Mystical

The Simple Secret to Longevity


Aunt Jo at 90

I just got back from Chicago, where I celebrated a big birthday milestone with my now 90-year-old Aunt Jo.  Yes, the one I made infamous in my book Fractals of God.  She has managed to outlive all other family members of her generation, even those who were very conscious about good nutrition and health.  Ironically, my Aunt Jo doesn’t care about supplements or what’s in the McDonald’s hamburgers she eats.  I have seen the inside of her refrigerator and always silently groan.  She buys GMO-laden cereals, nitrate-filled lunch meats, pasty white bread, canned soda, and even has a drawer at the bottom of her refrigerator filled with candy bars, sugar-free desserts, and Jello in all colors of the rainbow.  Did I mention she’s also a diabetic?  Yet, oddly enough, she keeps her daily sugar levels under control, even after eating a big slice of Chicago’s Eli’s cheesecake.  Hard to believe, but true.

My mother, who ate macrobiotic and religiously bought organic health foods along with cupboards full of vitamins and minerals, landed up having breast cancer, then dying of colon cancer.  My Aunt Jo, on the other hand, eats virtual crap.  Yet she is alive, sharp as a tack, and is even still driving.  While her aging girlfriends are all falling apart or are in nursing homes, she still cleans her house daily, trudges up and down steps to do her laundry in the bowels of her basement, and sneaks into feature movies.  Okay, maybe the last fact she wouldn’t be too happy to have divulged, but she proclaims that “its okay for senior citizens trying to supplement their fixed income.”

So how has she managed to defy the ravages of age doing everything you’re not supposed to do?  For one–she doesn’t take herself so seriously.  She laughs at getting old, jokes about her friends who try to one up each other on who has the most ailments, and has an intense curiosity for all things.  She can be stubborn, but generally doesn’t hold onto to anger or self-limiting beliefs.  More importantly, she doesn’t dwell on her aging or health, but prefers to really enjoy life instead.

My Aunt is clearly on the right track.  The experts used to think longevity was a product of our genes, now they’re saying genetics accounts for only one-third of how long we live, if that much. The secret is all about ATTITUDE–a positive one.  Research shows the benefits of a positive attitude are far greater than any mind exercises, healthy habits, physical exercise, organic food diets, anti-aging nutrients, or for that matter–anything else you might do.

The most positive character traits of studied longevity cultures is the attitude of not seeing aging as an inevitable path to decr120117060611-betty-white-laughing-story-topepitude.  How often we hear statements such as “I’m too old for that” or “One can’t do that at my age.”    The truth is–if you believe you are falling apart–you will fall apart.   Thoughts are powerful things.  Others are quick to emphasize their family’s bad health history as determining their own.  FACT: One’s genes do not predict one’s destiny.  Just because everyone in your family gets breast cancer doesn’t mean you will as well.  Having the right positive attitude is the best deterrent to disease.

A positive attitude includes one key ingredient–laughter.  I’ve noticed that my Aunt Jo laughs a lot and makes me laugh as well.  She’s like Betty White–and we all know Betty White is a riot and feistier than hell at 90+.  The woman is a walking tome of positive quotes on aging:

A lot of people think this is a goodie two-shoes talking. But we do have a tendency to complain rather than celebrating who we are. I learned at my mother’s knee it’s better to appreciate what’s happening… I think we kind of talk ourselves into the negative sometimes.–Betty White

The most important thing you can do for increasing health and longevity is to eliminate negative and self-limiting beliefs about yourself and others.  This entails staying away from negative people–the whiners, the complainers, the ones that always see the glass half empty rather than half full.  We all know who these people are.  I call them energy vampires and limit my time with them accordingly.  They have a knack for siphoning off your good energy, leaving you wondering why you feel so tired from being around them.  Also on the list is to avoid negative habits, activities, or anything that is not life affirming.  Instead, play uplifting music, find work that feeds your passion, and above all else hang out with people who make you laugh.  I have a great friend that when we get together we can’t stop laughing.  We keep each other young.  She’s the first person I turn to when I’m down.  Before long we’re both laughing about the problem.  Life is too important to take so seriously.  This I’ve learned.  It’s the most simplest solution to both life and longevity.

Dr. Kathy Forti is a clinical psychologist, inventor, and author of the new book, Fractals of God.

A Mindfulness Connection

We hear the term “mindfulness” a lot these days.  Mindfulness is being aware of what’s happening right now or being fully present in the moment.  Not an easy task.  With the busy pace of our everyday lives, I agree it’s hard for anyone to stay 100% in the Now.  But ask yourself how many moments, or percentage of each day, you can actually claim to be truly in a state of mindfulness.  Probably not much.  The disturbing truth is that so many of us don’t want to be alone, let alone sit with our own thoughts. We seem compelled to always be doing something—usually on our cell phones or computers. We have sadly become electronic junkies, being immersed in non-stop stimulation for most of our day.  We rarely stop to eat or wait in a line without whipping out our phones for something to do.  Consequently, we often have no idea what’s going on around us or the amazing opportunities we might be missing–not to mention the incredible insights we might have had were we to actually allow reflection.

In a recent study by the Universities of Virginia and Harvard, results showed some of us would rather suffer mild electric shocks than be left alone with our thoughts:

“Researchers in the US recruited volunteers aged 18 to 77 from a church and a farmers’ market, then subjected them to a series of experiments. One test, in which individuals were asked to sit in an empty room doing nothing for a few minutes, had to be abandoned when one of them found a pen and began writing a “to do” list; in another case, a researcher left behind an instruction sheet, and returned to find the volunteer using it for origami. When asked to do nothing at home, 38% admitted to cheating. Finally, participants were sat in a room with no distractions save for a machine that delivered electric shocks. Although they had all suffered shocks before, two-thirds of men, and a quarter of women, chose to distract themselves with pain–with many doing it more than once. “What is striking,” said the team, “is that simply being alone with their thoughts for 15 minutes was apparently so averse that it drove many participants to self-administer an electric shock that they had earlier said they would pay to avoid.”

Shocking? (no pun intended)  I reflected on why some hadn’t simply opted to meditate or even take a 15 minute cat nap, unless eyes closed was not an option.  I know that meditating and napping are still theoretically doing “something,” but it does appear that the study focused on the ability to physically and mentally disengage.   The bottom line is still the same–a majority weren’t able to do it.  Which leads one to ask, what are we missing in life when we are so entrenched in being electronically connected?  I personally believe we’re missing the bigger picture and this state of disconnection  is a roadblock to spiritual growth.

A friend of mine, who is quite often on his cell phone–texting, emailing, or cruising the internet, had an epiphany the other day and sent me the following video.  He told me that it made him take a look at himself and, as a result, he made a substantial change to his “hooked-on-being-hooked-in” lifestyle.  I was impressed.  It always starts with a moment of mindfulness reflection to see a whole new path.  The video is called LOOK UP and you might just see what you’re missing, too…

LOOK UP (4:58 mins.)

Dr. Kathy Forti is a clinical psychologist, inventor, and author of the new book, Fractals of God.