UnEarthing Ancient Alien Artifacts in Mexico

In late November 2018  I managed to talk my way into joining a small private team of alien artifact hunters who were headed back to the high desert of the Mexican state of Jalisco near the town of Ojuelos.

They were amassing a strange cache of artifacts which included medallions, pipes, and small objects displaying strange inscriptions and drawings of ET beings and alien spacecraft.

What made it even more fascinating was that at one site they had stumbled upon mysterious stone tablets depicting what appeared to be creation stories of an ancient extraterrestrial race.

They were eager to go back and locate other stone tablets, if they existed, which might unlock secrets about this race’s beginnings and their history on Earth. I was definitely intrigued after handling some of the artifacts. Were they fakes, reproductions or the real thing? I felt oddly compelled to find out for myself.


The adventure turned out to be not only physically challenging, but even threatening at times. I was the only woman in a group of seven males, which included some locals and only one person I knew.

The climb to the dig area was grueling, especially at an elevation of 7000 to 8000 feet. We planned on camping overnight, so my backpack contained, food, water, tent, sleeping bag, digging tools, and extra clothing as temperatures can drop to 30 F at night.

Carrying all this gear, we had to machete a trail through dense razor-sharp cactus and mesquite flanking us on both sides. It tore through jeans and leather gloves, while the sun beat down unmercifully.


We brought along a young local man who knew the area well. He relied on dowsing instruments to locate hot spots of electromagnetic activity, which would prove to be a promising indicator of buried artifacts.

While members of the team broke off to dig in several spots, I stuck with the dowser. Within the first half hour he stopped at a gnarled old tree where his pendulum was wildly spinning in a counter-clockwise motion. We started digging.

My skeptical side wondered if the locals came up here and secretly buried artifacts to foster a lucrative tourist business. When I saw what was involved in the unearthing process, I quickly discarded that suspicion.

We hacked through deep tree roots that might have been there for hundreds of years. Under the roots we encountered rock. My dowser guy used his pendulum again. He was still convinced there was something buried deeper.

We dug up a slab of bedrock and went down another foot into the hard earth. The corner of a graystone tablet emerged. A call went out to the other team members who came running.

We carefully extricated a 5 x 7 inch stone artifact which depicted a being at the controls of an odd-looking spaceship. We cleaned it and found drawings of other beings on the flip side.

There was a strange energy about the tablet. My cell phone dropped all service near it. My magnetometer registered an elevated energy field. The question became—who had buried it and why?

Three more stone tablets were unearthed on that dig. They were all different in shape: one rectangular, another trapezoid, one even had a grooved notch in it. It appeared that they all fit together like some Chinese jigsaw puzzle. I wondered how many more of these tablets existed out there which might be part of some larger type of inter-locking assembly. And for what purpose did these stones serve?


The town of Ojuelos has some pretty funky energy and not the kind that makes you feel good all over. Being an intuitive, I saw dark forces at work in the area and some spirit possession of individuals as well. At times, it was so strong I almost aborted the adventure, but decided to keep going. There was a story to tell here and the artifacts and tablets were an important component.

The town’s people of Ojuelos claim they have been finding these strange alien artifacts for over 80 years. However, the Mexican government makes no claims to their authenticity and tends to look the other way. It’s simply too controversial. But that hasn’t stopped independent researchers from attempting scientific verification.

I spoke with the lead figure in carbon dating the Ojuelos artifacts, Russian researcher Oleg Elistratov. Elistratov took it upon himself, at his own cost, to bring some of the artifacts to the most preeminent radio carbon testing facility in the country, the test labs at the University of Arizona.

Stone is difficult to carbon date, but four of the stone artifacts found by Elistratov had objects attached to them with a glue-like substance. This type of organic material can be carbon dated using five different tests. The University of Arizona lab results showed that the glue-like substance was at least 8500 – 9500 years old.

They also ran tests on ceramic clay artifacts and estimated they were at least 3500 years old. Some showed they were buried over 900 years ago, which might indicate they are reproductions of older relics. But some of the graystone tablets, first found about six years ago in Ojuelos, are clearly thousands of years old. (Researcher Klaus Dona also used University of Arizona to validate the dating in relics he found in Ojuelos. The dating was similar at around 8000 years old.)

Elistratov also verifies that the stone tablets have a counter-clockwise negative spin. He claims being around them has slowed down his aging process. When asked who or where he believes these artifacts may have come from, he has no clear answer other than possibly beings from the constellation Sirius.


I called in a team of expert remote viewers and intuitives with a good track record to see if they could shed further light on the mystery. Individual readings showed a consensus that was not only staggering, but fascinating…

The beings connected to these artifacts and stone tablets come from the binary star Cygnus. Deneb, the brightest star in Cygnus, was the Pole Star going back to 15,000 B.C.  However this star was not discovered by astronomers until 1798.

The beings from Cygnus invaded the Earth, specifically the Atlantean outposts in Central and South America, in the aftermath chaos following the third and final upheaval of Atlantis, which resulted in a massive planetary flood.  At that time these beings, along with an influx of other various inter-dimensional species, saw an opportunity to take this planet.

The Ojuelos de Jalisco area is one of several large vortexes. Because of this alien race’s advanced electromagnetic technologies, they entered these inter-dimensional portals and could easily come and go.

The Mexico portals are intense due to the electromagnetic nature of the Ring of Fire. This is true for most of the coast of Mexico leading down to South America. This may explain why so much UFO activity is reported there by military and commercial pilots.

The symbols and writing found on the stones are a combination of the language of the Cygnus beings as well as some Atlantean symbols. These beings are Draconian and Reptilian in nature. They are not a race of giants, but smaller grey-like beings. Their leaders are tall, and are usually depicted wearing a fencing-like mask and sometimes with wings. This race inhabited Earth for about 1000 to 2000 years going back about 12,000 to 14,000 years ago.

They call themselves what sounds to us like “Ticahacan” but their language is mostly composed of clicks and hisses and is associated with the “snake” language. This may be why the ancient pyramid at Teotihuacan near Mexico City is called what it is. The ancients claimed they did not name it, but was named by those who came long before them. They claim Teotihuacan means “place where men become gods”.

Often you will see depictions on these alien artifacts of a planet with three moons, which is a descriptive feature of their planetary system.

They came to Earth to procreate. They tried mating with humans but were not successful. Most of their babies died as infants or were born dead. Their artifacts describe their creation myth story.

A number of the artifacts can be seen expelling a small alien creature from their mouth. While they tried perfecting hybrid experimentation for over 1000 years using all different types of methods, they were unsuccessful.

The Readers saw that their race came from a “hive” soul (multiple entities) whereas humans have “individual” souls. These beings could not animate the hive soul into a human angelic individual soul in a way which would make the human mating process successful. The Readers referred to it as “loosh” energy, which is a negative energy oftentimes depicted by a worm-like substance coming from the solar plexus area.

Many of the stones speak of their creation mythology. Some artifacts are actually very old replicas, not originals. The scenes are from actual happenings that were known or talked about for many millennium throughout many of the South American cultures.

What looks like medallions are actually grave markers that were buried along with their dead to identify them. It told their story, in their own alien language, of where they came from, who they were and what happened to them. Many were placed on the beds or sarcophagi of their dead infants.

The Readers agree that these beings were eventually banished by the Intergalactic Planetary Federation because their race, as well as a few other alien species, were interfering with the human race agenda through mating experimentation.

The Readers emphasized that Earth is a planet of free choice. If you agreed to mate with such beings it was acceptable, but with these beings, consent was not always the case.

The Cygnus beings attempted to come back to Earth again in the 1500 – 1600s during the Middle Ages, but were again banished. Much of their myths have been blended into the Aztec and Mayan cultures.

Relatives of the first Cygnus group came back at the end of the 19th century (1800s) when somehow the portal became re-activated. They are still here today.

It appears that several worldwide governments are covertly working with them. These aliens are the ones responsible for breeding abductions. Once governments agreed to work with them for technology exchange, they were able to get around the “free will” clause.  Consequently, the Intergalactic Federation cannot interfere.

The Readers agreed that these Cygnus beings are not friendly nor spiritually evolved. They could care less about the human experience on Earth. They are trying to bring about the demise of humans and destroy our environment to make it more habitable for their race.

Looking at a future timeline, it shows that in the 26th Century their interaction with Earth will become such a big problem it will have to be dealt with.

It appears that these beings are here to solve and correct something in their own future timeline that results in the destruction of their planet. So far, they have not been successful in accomplishing this, but are still trying.

The stone tablets our group found are the ones placed with the original Cygnus crew members, which are buried much deeper down, according to the Readers. There are more yet to be found.

These “driver” stones were all buried in separate places for a very good reason. They can communicate with each other. They should never be re-assembled. Remote viewing shows that they can affect a rippling electromagnetic hologram to form which can open an existing portal, amplify it, and allow more beings and ships to come through.

It is no surprise that dark forces are being manipulated to bring these original stone tablets together again. I saw them at work down there and it felt threatening. It was highly advised to re-bury, freeze, or destroy the tablets so they are never re-activated. The remote viewers assembled on this project wanted to remind those who will listen that there is a very good reason why the once green and fertile land mass of Antarctica was allowed to freeze over. Buried alien technology can be found there as well. Unfortunately, some of it is already being accidentally re-activated through multi-government exploration.

While I do believe there are good inter-dimensional beings out there, which I can personally vouch for, not all ETs have good intentions, as some ET enthusiasts have espoused. So much of Earth’s early history has been lost. We are only now beginning to get a glimmer of the hidden truth. And it is quite a story that is slowly emerging. I’m quite certain we haven’t heard the last of this fascinating tale.

EU and US Copyright 2019 – Article reprint by Permission Only with full source attribution.

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Dr. Kathy Forti is a clinical psychologist, inventor of the Trinfinity8 and Ascension11 technologies, and author of the book, Fractals of God: A Psychologist’s Near-Death Experience and Journeys Into the Mystical