Deflecting Psychic Attacks, Empowering One’s Light

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness… ” — Charles Dickens, A Tale of Two Cities

psychic-attack_OMTimes_bigstock-One-hand-preventing-punch-atta-85981796In the last few weeks, I have encountered several highly intuitive healers all tell me that they feel they are under some kind of psychic attack from something or someone trying to prevent the Light work they are doing. No, they’re probably not imagining it, which is why I think this is an important issue.

While the entire cosmos is being flooded with increased radiant light to facilitate man’s awakening, dark forces are working overtime to prevent and subvert this very process from happening in any way possible. Their way is dying and they believe they have nothing else to lose. When you encounter a force that feels they have nothing else to lose, they will usually pull out all the stops.

To start, sometimes the psychic attack comes from someone we know, perhaps even a friend or family member. It may be intentional or unintentional. They are angry with you. What they feel and think forms a thought entity. Whether consciously or unconsciously, this thought form can bombard you with powerful negative energy which can affect your etheric physical body, your emotional astral body, your mental body, and your spirit.

If you’ve ever made a powerful enemy, especially one who has dappled in black magic and is hell-bent on revenge, then know that strong fortification is called for or it can wreck serious damage. Since I have experienced this from a former colleague I had to severe all ties to, I know what this can feel like when psychic retaliation is suddenly turned on you. Thinking positive thoughts is simply not enough.

But before we get into some psychic self-defense techniques, let me say that sending negative or harmful energy to anyone always has an eventual boomerang effect, not to mention incurring some heavy-duty soul karma. Don’t even think about it, no matter how much you dislike the person, group, or entities coming after you. Send them love and light and hope that the darkness they have invited in will leave and they can see objectively again. Never forget that evil is repulsed by Love and Light. It is one of the basic Laws of Attraction.

If one’s psychic attacker refuses to let go of their target, they will eventually mentally destroy themselves  bringing on their own form of insanity, possibly even psychic possession. The former colleague I referred to was one of those individuals who wouldn’t let go and, unfortunately, suffered a strange accident where they sustained severe ligament injury. No one likes to hear of another’s misfortune. Karma works in mysterious ways and there are repercussions. Hate is the great destroyer. What you direct or do towards others, you eventually do to yourself.

That being said, how does one fight the forces of evil? Some psychic self-defense is clearly called for.  IHelp first use an energetic device I created called Trinfinity8 to set up a field of protection. It works well with entity removal, psychic attacks, even house spirits. But not everyone has a Trinfinity8, so I’ve listed other effective techniques which can be used to stand alone or supplement Trinfinity8 use.

Auric Shielding is Key. The aura that surrounds the human body is your personal energy field made up of several layers that affect your mental, physical and spiritual health. It can be penetrated and breached, just like a border control fence. Your own fears and doubts weaken it, just as much as being bombarded by others repeated negativity or ill will. You need to close off your aura from invasion by practicing some body defense and empowering your own light. One easy one way is to press the tongue to the upper palate and clasp both hands together. This immediately seals the energy circuit, helps increase your auric field, while also conserving your energy. Kirlian photography actually show the auric field expand when this is practiced.

There are many types of unbreakable etheric auric fields that can be placed around your body for 12 to 24 hour protection. I highly recommend the book: Practical Psychic Self-Defense for Home and Office to learn how to initiate this and more advanced techniques.

Pranic Breathing to Increase Warrior Energy. This is done through deep abdominal breathing. Some have different techniques, but one I like is to slowly inhale for seven counts, filling the abdomen with breath, then hold for one count. This is quickly followed by a slow exhale for seven counts and holding for one count. This practice, known as the “7-1-7-1 technique,” can be repeated seven times.

psychic_defense1-300x219Meditation & Prayer are Powerful Tools. Meditation not only clears the mind, but brings in spiritual energy and insight. To release your enemy and/or any negative thought forms, you will have to practice the law of forgiveness and mercy. To do this, stay heart-centered. Send the person blessings of “peace be with you”. Visualize cutting the psychic link that connects you. Call on God or another powerful spiritual deity for Light and assistance. Repeat daily. The heart is the great cleanser. It has the power to heal both you and your enemy. It doesn’t mean you have to suddenly start liking the person, just remaining neutral and seeing that on a spiritual level you have both contracted for this mutual learning lesson, painful though it may be.

Crystals Can Be Programmed to Neutralize Negativity. Crystals can absorb negative energy, while strengthening the aura and the chakra energy system. One can wear a crystal on their body in the form of jewelry (rings, pendants, etc.), or place it in the office, bedroom, and/or other living areas. Make sure you cleanse your crystal every few days with sea salt water to release any negativity if you are using it as a self-defense tool. I like to charge crystals with intent and prayer to make them even more powerful. They are working for you. They can even be used with an auric shield to divert any negative attack directed towards you. It’s what might be called a self-defense “call forwarding” target.

Mirrors Deflect Negative Thought Forms. Last year I purchased a large concave mirror for a science experiment I was conducting. Upon seeing it, a psychic friend told me mirrors are also great deflectors of negative energy if you paste a picture of yourself to the back of a mirror.  While this may appear to be deflecting negative energy back out into the universe to deal with it as it may, it can also send bad energy back to the sender. You don’t want the karma of hurting someone, so if you should apply this technique, put a prayer for peace and/or love on the mirror. It will not only neutralize the negative energy coming at you, but send light back to the sender to hopefully dissolve their negative thoughts. Whether it be written intent for peace or something like the 23rd Psalm, both are more effective then just sending back negative energy.

Sage Clears Your Home and Office. Burning sage or sandalwood incense weekly can also be very helpful. Open outside doors and windows to let out bad energy and bring in fresh air. Walk through your space with the sage, move it into corners and dark spots, and invoke the Light to safeguard your space.

Warm Epsom Salt Baths Release Negativity. If you need to release negativity, especially anxiety and fear, take a warm Epsom salt bath which provides a deep cleansing effect. Use approximately one cup of Epsom salts in a tub of water and soak for 10 minutes. If you soak too long you will feel weakened and will need to immediately eat higher vibrational food to replenish yourself.

Divine Alignment Oil. Anoint your third eye (forehead) and palm chakras daily with this sacred essential oil. Your body is your temple and this oil has been specially programmed to ward off undesirable elements while activating both the pineal and crown chakras. Here is the link: Divine Alignment Oil

This is only a small fraction of helpful psychic self-defense tools one can use. You owe it to yourself to protect your energy body, just as you would protect your physical body from harm. Stay safe and may the Divine Light always be with you!

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Dr. Kathy Forti is a clinical psychologist, inventor of the Trinfinity8 technology, and author of the book, Fractals of God


TGA: Hidden Human Memory States

Brain GamesThey say we are the sum of our memories, shaping our lives to be who we think we are. But what if our memory suddenly exits into a black hole and everything about an event, even days we’ve lived, become irretrievable for years—maybe even forever? Such an amnesic state would make sense if one was perhaps doing excessive drugs, alcohol, suffered a brain injury and/or a blackout event.

In the case of Transient Global Amnesia (TGA), none of these factors are the case. One minute you’re a coherent fully functioning human being, then the next minute, without warning, you can’t remember much of anything you were just doing. In 2003, this happened to my older sister upon the death of our father.

Even with my clinical psychology background, and a specialty in both Dissociative Identify Disorder and Neurofeedback, I had never once come across a client with a TGA history. I certainly knew about amnesia, but TGA was not written about in any of the clinical textbooks I studied. It’s rare. So I wasn’t prepared with  how to deal with it the day we buried my father.

With my sister’s permission, I retell this story… Having just left the funeral parlor, 10 members of my family got into a stretch limousine for the short drive to the church for the memorial mass. My sister and I sat in the back seat, both of us lost in our thoughts as we stared out the side window at the passing summer foliage. Suddenly she looked ahead, saw the hearse in front of us, and said to me, “Who died?”

I thought I had misheard her. “What?” I asked. “Who died?” she insisted, clearly puzzled.

“Dad died,” I answered, annoyed she was asking such a preposterous question. Panic overtook her face. “Dad, died!?” she screamed. “Why didn’t anyone tell me?”

My face must have registered equal shock. “You were the one that called me with the news!”

She shook her head, in disbelief. “How did he die?” she demanded. I told her. A fall to the head at the family’s Wisconsin vacation home, then being airlifted to a Milwaukee Hospital for tests, where he unexpectedly died of a brain aneurism in his sleep at the age of 82.

Everyone in the limousine quietly witnessed our bizarre exchange. Years of clinical training finally kicked in. I asked her what her name was. She looked at me indignantly, like I had lost my mind asking such a ridiculous question. “I know what my name is!” she protested. I prompted her to tell me anyway, just to make sure. She answered correctly.

“Okay. What year is it?” I followed with. “It’s 2001,” she answered, clearly two years off. I had a sick feeling inside.

“Who is the President of the United States?” Her answer: “BillAmnesia Clinton.” At hearing this, her husband turned around in the front seat and looked at her aghast. In fact, so did everyone else. George W. Bush was then president. Something was seriously wrong.

I must admit I even tried to coax her into the right answer. “You know, the president who got us into the Iraq war,” I prompted. She looked at me blankly. Dead silence. Everyone waited to see how I would handle this dilemma—afterall, I was the therapist. I had no idea what to do. I didn’t know what was happening to her. I just wanted to be left alone to grieve my father’s passing without having to be “on duty.”

My cousin, from New York, turned to me at that point and offered her prescription Ativan, an anti-anxiety benzodiazepine. I had no idea she was even taking such medications. I waved away the suggestion, knowing it could possibly make the situation worse.

Just as we pulled up to the church, my sister turned to me and again asked, “Who died?” She had forgotten again? I hurriedly told her, seeing the distress happen a second time at hearing the news. While a crowd stood outside the church waiting for the immediate family to exit the lead car, no one inside the limousine was able to move. What to do?

My mother never said a word. She had her own grief to deal with. I was on my own to deal with my sister. I pulled her out of the limousine and remember hauling her against a tree trunk hoping that somehow it would miraculously ground her memory to reality. I whispered in her ear something totally untherapeutic. “Snap out of it now! For Mom!” I hissed, hoping no one could hear. She nodded and quietly walked with me into the church behind my father’s casket. The family looked relieved.

I sat next to my sister in the front row, silently watching the priest bless the casket. Then on some mysterious cue, my sister turned to me, and like a bad Abbott and Costello skit, once again voiced that terrible question, “Who died?” I tried to put off the inevitable by saying, “Sshh. I’ll tell you later,” but she was not to be deterred and insisted on knowing.

Throughout the day everyone in the family moved away from her, so as not to be caught in the net of continuous explanation. My sister’s memory continued to loop approximately every 15-20 minutes. And always the same question: “Who died?” Then followed by the inevitable same shock and grief. If memory shutdown is supposed to protect you from a traumatic emotional event, this was a cruel trick being traumatized over and over again each time she heard news of our father’s death.

At the cemetery, the priest allowed everyone to share a special memory about my father. As we went around the group, my sister got up and spoke quite eloquently and confidently. I breathed a sigh of relief, thinking she had finally solidified the memory, until I remembered that my sister had a fear of public speaking. Her old self would have been turning red, possibly even stumbling for words. This TGA memory looping had somehow blocked her fear of group speaking.

Before we left the cemetery, she was again back to asking, “Who died?” She would not stop until we put her to bed upon arriving home. Sleep finally stopped the looping, but she would never again remember the events of that day. Even now, more than 12 years later, her memory is only of what she was told happened. So just where did her memories go?

I asked her what she last remembered of that day. She told me she was kneeling at the casket in the funeral chapel, saying her goodbyes to our father, when she suddenly felt an “overwhelming wave” come over and engulf her. It caused her to become a virtual blank slate, despite the fact she was able to still physically function—even carry on engaging conversations with people she knew. This was clearly outside the normal “auto-pilot” mode many experience to get through the death of a loved one. While it had some similarities to Dissociative Identity Disorder, my sister had not created an alter personality to cope with the trauma, and she knew who she was and everyone else around her. Memory loss was confined to a specific span of time and any other events which took place in the world during that time.  Very selective memory.

According to medical experts:

“Transient global amnesia (TGA), is a benign condition of unknown etiology, characterized by a sudden onset of anterograde amnesia and variable retrograde amnesia. Clinical resolution occurs within 1-24 hrs.; the average duration of the attacks is 6-8 hrs. The minimum annual incidence of TGA is about three per 100,000. The peak incidence occurs between the ages of 50 and 60 yrs. Recurrence is observed in approximately 10% of those affected. In about half of the cases, TGA is precipitated by an emotionally or physically stressful event. An epidemiological relationship with migraine has been established, but the pathophysiological link remains unclear.”

Using SPECT imaging, physicians at the Departments of Neurology and Nuclear Medicine, University of Freiburg in Germany, found that substantial hypoperfusion, particularly in the temporo-basal/temporo-medial region, is regularly present during such a TGA attack. Also observed is a disproportional decrease of temporo-medial oxygen metabolism.

In layman’s terms, TGA can be caused by blood circulatory failure from neurogenic shock. The diameter of the blood vessels increases, the heart slows, and the blood pressure falls to the point where the supply of oxygen carried by the blood to the brain is insufficient. The “overwhelming wave” my sister experienced prior to her TGA is what some of us have experienced during moments of acute fear and/or loss of oxygen, just not as severe to impair neurological memory storage.

My sister has never had any psychological problems, nor does she have any seizure history.  She has been prone to migraine headaches over the years, which is sometimes a variable in the history of those having experienced TGA, but not always. What happens in the brain, and the mechanism that decides to trip such a switch in some, and not others, has us all searching for answers.

The human body is a complex and delicate instrument at times. Strange, even bizarre, things can happen to normal functioning under stressful conditions. My sister has never had another incidence of TGA. Thank, God. When my mother died less than two years after my father’s passing, I feared a repeat event. I warned her that if she pulled a TGA and made me go through all that again, I would personally see her buried along with my mother. Just kidding, of course. But she got the picture. It’s good to remember that it’s also quite traumatic for family and friends witnessing someone going through such an event. They feel totally powerless to help. Yet, I have to admit, it’s one of those fascinating experiences most of us could never forget.

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Dr. Kathy Forti is a clinical psychologist, inventor of the Trinfinity8 technology, and author of the book, Fractals of God


Searching for Answers on a Visit to NASA’s JPL

DSC04517After wanting to see this place for years, I finally managed to secure a private tour of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) through an engineer friend of mine who works there. I’ll let him remain anonymous, just in case anything I say in this blog could potentially embarrass or get him into trouble.

I’ve long been fascinated with space and U.S. expeditions to both the Moon and Mars, and have written blogs on the strange anomalies of both places. After hearing some of my theories, my friend swears that if there is a secret space program, as many believe, his clearance doesn’t allow him access to it. Damn. But, that didn’t stop me from asking lots of probing questions.

JPL is a very cool place. Some of the most interesting science nerds in the country work here. In fact, as I pulled up to the security gate, ahead of me was a long line of pristine vintage cars also entering. I jokingly asked the guard on duty, “Is it take your classic car to work day?” In fact, it was. IDSC04425 passed about 30 of these beauties all lined up on display in front of the main visitor building. The men of JPL were already emerging from buildings to check out the shiny chrome eye candy while others huddled over spotless engines exchanging serious car talk. I was told it was the best possible day to be there. Okay.

JPL is a huge, sprawling college-like campus on a rocky flood plain just outside the city limits of Pasadena, California (although technically it’s located in La Cañada Flintridge). It encompasses 177 acres of U.S. federally owned land, managed by the nearby California Institute of Technology (Caltech) for NASA. The laboratory’s primary function is the construction and operation of planetary robotic spacecraft. While it conducts Earth-orbit and astronomy missions, it is especially responsible for operating NASA’s Deep Space Network.

Rocket_BoysTo give a very brief history… JPL beginnings trace back to 1936 when a group of ambitious Caltech graduate students, Frank Malina, Jack Parsons and Edward S. Forman, decided to experiment with building their own alcohol-fueled rocket motor. In 1941 their little “rocket project” gained the financial support of the U.S. Army. In 1943, this Army facility became known as the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. It’s mission: To build deployed weapons systems and intermediate range ballistic missiles.


A mock-up of Explorer 1.

One of JPL’s founders, Jack Parsons, would come to be known as the “father of rocketry.” Unfortunately, much of his controversial personal life, mired in occultism, group sexual orgies, black magic, and a close friendship with L. Ron Hubbard, before he created Scientology, would eventually obscure his scientific accomplishments.

In 1954, JPL teamed up with Wernher von Braun and embarked on a classified project that would launch the United States’ first spy satellite, Explorer 1, on February 1, 1958. This led to JPL being transferred to NASA later that year, forever becoming the agency’s primary planetary spacecraft center. With over 5,000 employees, it is clearly its own little spaced out world.

DSC04492Passing by the back lot, where rover vehicles are tested for terrain adaptability, one can’t help but notice the strange markings on all the vehicles’ wheels. It turns out to be code. NASA told JPL not to put any identifying insignia on their terrain vehicles, so JPL designers found a DSC04522covert way to put their mark on these interplanetary creations. The three lines of cutout dots and dashes spell out “JPL” in Morse Code.

Next to the back lot was the Mars Curiosity Rover “testbed.” It’s used to simulate commands and test protocols before sending the actual commands to the real Curiosity Rover on Mars. The Rover moves at the painstakingly slow speed of 4.2 cms per second—which means 8.26 feet per minute, 165.2 yards per hour, and over 10 hours to cover just one mile. At that rate it would take forever to map a wide range of the Mars surface. Get the picture? There’s a lot out there we will never see.


Curiosity Rover “testbed”

I had to ask another question everyone is always asking, about the Curiosity Rover. Why are the optics on these vehicles taking such low resolution pictures when we clearly have NSA spy satellites in space that can zero in on someone’s face down on Earth and show every blemish?

JPL gets their optics from an outside contractor and weight is always a key factor, so I’m told. I guess it’s best to blame it on NASA who first releases the low resolution thumbnail pics to us and then tells us the HD pics will come later. But where are they? You can always find explanations about dust lens caps and Hazcam problems that may make some areas of a photo clear and other objects (that seem more interesting) blurry. If this is indeed the case, they should be able to correct this like they fixed the Hubble Satellite to take clearer pictures.

As long as I’m on the subject… I had to ask why NASA alters the colors of their pictures before  posting them online for all to see. Some pictures of Mars are clearly red-tinted. NASA has admitted on numerous occasions that they alter the colors of their pictures so that they look more like what we would see, if we were on Mars. Why?

NASA’s website explains it this way:

“Getting the colors right is not an exact science.  Giving an approximate view of what we’d see if we were there involves an artistic, visionary element as well – after all, no one’s ever been there before. However, great pains are taken to be as accurate as possible, short of going there ourselves.

“To give people a sense of being on Mars, scientists combine views through telescopes, data from past Mars missions, and new information from the current mission to create a color-balanced, uniform scene. Color-corrected mosaics simulate the view a person would see if all the images in the mosaic were taken on the same day, at the same moment.

“In addition, the rovers can take three pictures in a row of the same surface area on Mars using three different primary color filters – red, green, and blue – to make one color image.”

“It works a little like an inkjet color printer, which combines primary colors to create various76e50e120941571de3deec3112651d4e2c360b4a shades on paper,” explains Eric De Jong, Lead for the Solar System Visualization Team at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. “Then, we can tweak the color just like you can adjust the color balance on a TV screen at home.” —NASA, JPL

Since I’ve seen pictures of Mars with blue skies and a neutral beige and, sometimes green, landscape (indicating life), I find the need to “color correct” pictures puzzling. Especially when these same pictures have been marked by NASA as “TRUE or ACTUAL Color.” So what is the REAL true and actual color of Mars? My JPL friend had no answers for this either, but I encouraged him to ask around.DSC04482

We moved on to the sterile testing areas. JPL must have the largest Faraday cage in existence, reaching almost two stories high. It protects sensitive electronic equipment from external radio frequency interference (RFI). It’s also used to enclose devices that produce RFI, such as radio transmitters, to prevent their radio waves from interfering with other nearby equipment.

Curiosity was flipped upside down for its ride to Kennedy Space Center and carefully wrapped in a portable big, huge bag. That bag not only acted as a Faraday cage, but it kept Curiosity clean during its journey to Florida.


In one administrative building there was a pretty cool light show in the lobby that correlated with real-time information being received from one of their many satellite feeds. Whenever a data transmission was received, light streams travelled down from the ceiling like pulsating digital bits of information. When JPL was transmitting information back to a satellite, the light beams changed course and raced upwards. The transmissions never stopped.

Then there is the famous “Lucky Peanuts” jar that is enshrined DSC04504 in the Mission Control room lobby. NASA/JPL scientists keep it as a “good-luck charm.” This decades-old ritual began after a series of failed missions in the 1960s. Like a ballplayer who wears the same lucky underwear each game, NASA found that eating crunchy peanuts during a launch possessed successful “launch magic.” These guys don’t mess with superstition.

Although I clearly was left with more questions than answers, there is no denying that JPL is a great place to hang out. Even their gift shop had heat-sensitive pencils that change color upon hand contact. Kind of like a mood ring. Being a “hot” item, I promptly bought a dozen.

DSC04472Adjoining their in-house museum, which is filled with multi-media displays documenting every project they’ve ever designed and put into orbit, I came across staff setting up in their banquet hall for a top brass event that night.

The event was both a food and science project, sort of. On each table was a tray of edible materials—graham crackers, marshmallows, gumdrops, cinnamon sticks, candy canes, and even frosting. This was no children’s party. The woman in charge told me the engineers at each table would be instructed to form a team and build something unusual. I think the prize was a first class trip to Mars. These guys have all the fun!!

A Short History of JPL’s Rocket Boys (03:14 mins):


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Dr. Kathy Forti is a clinical psychologist, inventor of the Trinfinity8 technology, and author of the book, Fractals of God

Happy 2016 – The Year of Completion


This holiday season my neighbor put up a 15 foot high lit peace sign on their front hedge for all to see. It became a daily reminder of the turbulent year we are now leaving behind and to remember what is really important to each and every one of us—PEACE IN THE WORLD.

This is what we should all strive for. It means tolerating differences and getting along with family and friends, other religions, cultures and/or countries. We are all human angelic souls trying to learn and evolve. Fear, aggression, guns and war are not signs of evolving. Difficult as it may seem, we have to help those who are struggling with the belief that these methods are the only way. And in the process, we have to stand up for TRUTH and what is right in a sea of deception.

2016 is a “9” year in numerology, meaning completion. It may be a difficult and challenging year as we, as the human race, wrap up loose ends in all areas of our life and the world at large. But there is always something positive to reach for. The numerologists say that “9” also symbolizes Universal Spiritual Laws, the concept of karma, spiritual enlightenment, spiritual awakening, service to humanity, humanitarianism, leading by positive example, philanthropy, charity, self-sacrifice, selflessness, destiny, life purpose and soul mission, a higher perspective, inner-strength, responsibility, intuition, and strength of character. All our higher qualities and destiny crossroads. What will we choose?

Since the number 9 resonates with learning to say ‘No’ and Divine inner wisdom, it should be quite a year.

Wishing you all a very Peaceful and Loving New Year!

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Dr. Kathy Forti is a clinical psychologist, inventor of the Trinfinity8 technology, and author of the book, Fractals of God

Reincarnation of Om Sety and the Secrets at Abydos

La_Abydos_1If you’ve ever been to Egypt and visited the Temple at Abydos, then you’ve heard of the amazing story of a woman whose memory of a former life helped 20th Century Archaeologists uncover lost Egyptian history. Her name was Dorothy Eady (later to be called “Om Sety”) and her story is perhaps the most famous reincarnation case ever heard.

I’ve been to Abydos, Egypt twice. It is by far the temple I most resonate with, being home to the Ancient Egyptian Mystery Schools—so it’s not surprising that her energy lives on there.

To tell Dorothy’s story accurately, it is best told in her own words…

“I was born in London, England in 1904, and was christened Dorothy Lousie Eady. My father was then a Master Tailor. Neither he nor my mother had any interest in Egypt, ancient or modern.

“When I was three years old, I fell down a long flight of stairs and was knocked unconscious. The doctor was called; he examined me thoroughly and pronounced me dead. About one hour later he returned with my death certificate and a nurse to ‘lay out the body,’ but to his astonishment, the ‘body’ was completely conscious, playing about, and showing no signs of anything amiss!

“Soon after this accident, I began to dream of a huge and lovely building (which later I found out was actually the Temple of Seti I at Abydos). On waking, I would cry bitterly and beg to be allowed to go home.  This longing to ‘go home’ became a joke in my family, and I was assured that I WAS at home, but I was equally sure I was not.

“When I was four years old I was taken to the British Museum in London as part of a family party. Mother said I paid no attention to anything until we reached the Egyptian Galleries. Then I went simply crazy, running about and kissing the feet of all the statues that I could reach. When the family was ready to leave, Mother said I clung to a glass case containing a mummy and screamed, ‘Leave me here, these are my people.’ She was so surprised that she never forgot the incident.

“When I was six years old I saw a picture of the Temple of Seti I at Abydos, in a magazine. I recognized it at once as the place I had always dreamed about, but was puzzled because the photo showed it to be somewhat ruined. I showed the picture to my father, told him that it was my home, and that I wanted to return there. Of course, he told me not to talk nonsense. He told me that it was an old temple in a country called Egypt, and that I had never been there in my life.

“When I started to go to school, I was bored to tears unless there was a lesson in which there was a reference to Egypt. So I got the bright idea of skipping school and going to the British Museum instead. Old Sir Ernest Budge, who was then Keeper of the Egyptian Collection, saw me nearly every mooning around the Egyptian Galleries, asked me why I did not go to school. I replied that the school did not teach me what I wanted to know. I wanted to learn hieroglyphics. So he offered to teach me, and he did…”

Dorothy Eady would continue to pursue her obsession with Egypt. She worked for an Egyptian interest magazine in London, where she met a young visiting Egyptian student. They married and she followed him back to his homeland of Egypt where they had a child she named “Sety.” As a married woman with a child, she acquired the respectful title “Om Sety” (meaning, mother of Sety, her first-born child).

The marriage lasted only two years and Dorothy was on her own. She went to work for the Egyptian Department of Antiquities working with well-known Egyptologist Professor Selim Hassan. When he retired she worked for the Pyramid Research Project at Dasher. During this time she would decipher and transcribe the hieroglyphics and point the archaeologists in places she thought they would find something significant. She was always right and no one knew how she knew. She quickly earned the respect of the male Egyptologists on dig expeditions who would agree that “if Dorothy says it’s there, then it’s there.”

But the more interesting part of Dorothy’s story, which Dorothy only revealed to Dr. Selim Hassan and a few chosen others, was that not only did she remember her previous life in Egypt, but at night she would be visited by the solid-appearing spirit of the Pharaoh Seti I. And more astoundingly, there were others that witnessed a tall kingly like figure standing at the foot of Dorothy’s bed at night. So who was Dorothy Eady in a past life to merit nightly visitations from the spirit of a famous, yet very dead, pharaoh?

Dorothy claims her name during Ancient times was ‘Bentreshyt’. She came from a poor peasant family who gave her in offering to the Temple at Abydos when she was a young child to be tutored in the ways of the priesthood. Abydos is in northern Upper Egypt and has been a sacred site to the Egyptians since predynastic times. Abydos is the cult center for Osiris, god of the dead.

In the temples of Abydos, an initiate’s training was a process that took many years, requiring many tests of moral strength, character, and service. Dorothy recalls, as Bentreshyt, spending many hours of quiet contemplation in a beautiful tree-filled garden at Abydos. One day the Pharaoh Seti, who built the Abydos Temple circa 1300 B.C.E., came to call. He saw the young initiate in the garden and struck up a conversation with her. Whenever he would visit the temple he would seek out Bentreshyt, and over time the two developed a close relationship.  Eventually, they became secret lovers, something forbidden to a temple initiate.

The inevitable happened and Bentreshyt became pregnant. When she was brought before the temple priests, she refused to reveal the name of the child’s father. She feared telling anyone it was her true love, the Pharaoh Seti.

Before Seti could learn of her pregnancy, Bentreshyt committed suicide to protect her secret. The next time Seti visited, he inquired about the whereabouts of his young love. He was informed she was gone and nothing else. Apparently, as the story goes, Seti grieved the sudden loss of Bentreshyt. He vowed to search to the ends of the earth to find her again. And Eady claims he visited her up until her death in 1981. It’s certainly a tragic, yet romantic, love story. But because of these nightly visitations in this life, she was able to fill in some important historical gaps about not only Seti I, but the life and times of this Ancient Egyptian period.

DSC_3063Om Sety (aka Dorothy Eady) went to Abydos for the first time, in this lifetime, in 1956 when the temple was under much-needed restoration. Her first visit to the temple was upon her arrival at night and no electrical lights were available. She told the guard on duty she didn’t need lights. She knew where everything was and then proceeded to give him a tour in the dark, pointing out every chamber, its name, as well as identifying each of the seven sacred chapels dedicated to a specific god. She even told him where the gardens used to be, which were no longer there. They didn’t believe her until they started digging up the area and found the tree roots just as she had described.

Om Sety would spend the remainder of her life as a caretaker of the temple, helping in the restoration process, giving dignitaries and archaeologists alike personal tours. No one knew the temple better than Om Sety. Yet, they say, she was always pressing the temple walls and stones, looking to open hidden chambers she said were once there.

The interesting thing about Om Sety’s life, which is not talked about in books such as Jonathan Cott’s,1454682_3771453381936_973764201_n1 “Search for Om Sety” or even in her own autobiography, “Om Sety’s Abydos,” is that her destiny had already been pre-set to some degree by the High Priests of Abydos who were expert seers unto the Temple of the Prophets.

The High Priests knew she would fall in love with the virile pharaoh and would have a child by him. They knew she would never become a full-fledged initiate into the priesthood. They also knew that she would eventually choose to take her own life, and that she would forever be drawn in future lifetimes to the temple where she experienced such a deep love.

The High Priests knew that on a soul level Bentreshyt had agreed to be the future caretaker of the Temple at Abydos—to honor both its heritage and its sacred secrets. In this respect, Om Sety appears to have made good her soul’s purpose and mission.

The Temple at Abydos, along with the Temples at Saqqara, were the primary homes of the great Mystery Schools of  Egypt. Seti I erected his own temple over an existing, even older temple, making it automatically a “sacred temple.” Each Pharaoh would aspire to have either a real tomb or a symbolic “fake” tomb built there for himself to insure his entrance into the afterlife. Why?

One reason might be hidden in plain sight. Atop a high temple beam at Abydos, which was discovered in the early 1900’s, is the infamous stone symbols of a helicopter,Hieroglif_z_Abydos submarine, and a spaceship. The futuristic symbols have often baffled Egyptologists. Some claim these strange symbols are the result of later pharaohs (after Seti I), carving over old symbols, as they sometimes did to put down their own name instead, thereby distorting the original image. But there is no evidence of this on the stone slab in question and the beam is so close to the ceiling, most people never even see it.

According to military aerospace historian and pilot, Michael Schratt, Abydos sits on a natural occurring Stargate portal, much like the Great Pyramid. He reports that the U.S. military used this portal in 2003 to send an ET visitor home. Perhaps this is the technology former Lockheed Skunkworks Director, Ben Rich, was referring to when he said over 15 years ago that “we now have the technology to bring ET home.”

Did the pharaohs all know about this natural portal? Ramses II built a temple 300 yards northwest from his father Seti I’s temple at Abydos. No one knows why it is mysteriously referred to as the “Portal Temple.” More recently, “Abydos” is referenced in the 1994 “Stargate” movie and even in video games of the same nature. Is it any wonder the Ancients considered Abydos the most sacred temple in all of Egypt? The interest never seems to wane regarding Ancient Stargates and portals. Fimmakers are now in production to do a remake of the Stargate movie, in trilogy form.

This particular Stargate portal was protected by the Mystery School Priests of Egypt, long before Seti I built his temple at Abydos. This portal provided time travel capabilities and knowledge of the future, which might explain the mysterious futuristic aircraft symbols seen on the ceiling wall beam. Using this portal technology is how the High Priests verified the future destiny of the reincarnated initiate who would one day become famous as “Om Sety,” and also why Pharaohs built their tombs at Abydos to insure their entrance to the stars after death.

about_osIt is interesting to note that cosmologists have pointed out that the many temple drawings of Egyptian boats, always seen as carrier vehicles to the heavenly stars, have the odd shape of what today’s scientists say look exactly like wormholes in space. They have trumpet-like openings at each end and hardly look like sea-worthy vehicles. Did they represent portal streams to the universe?space_wormhole500

These depictions on the walls of Abydos and other Egyptian temples is always linked to the astrological stars and the quest for the “after” world. Perhaps, what they really were trying to show us was the pathway to an “other” world in time and space.

DSC04020The Abydos Stargate is part of the Osirion, a building that pre-dates Seti I’s temple. For centuries the Osirion was buried under layers of sand, protecting its secrets. It’s still partly underground and now flooded with green water. There is an unusual double laser-infused “Flower of Life” pattern on one of the granite walls. It’s not carved or burned into the stone—it’s lasered on, telling us it was done by advanced tools. This is the oldest example of sacred geometry found anywhere, to-date. Other examples can be found in Phoenician, Assyrian, Indian, Asian, Middle Eastern, and medieval art, but not laser stone cut.

The Flower of Life is the symbol said to contain the blueprint of creation and the fundamental forms of spacefloweroflife and time. It is the visual expression of the connections of life that runs through all sentient beings. The adepts of the Mystery Schools of Egypt knew and understood these universal truths. We are only now beginning to rediscover them again.

We may even discover that many of the sacred temples around the world, often said to be built on energetic Earth ley lines, may actually hide other portals into space and time that the ancients knew about. I guess it’s only a matter of time, but what an exciting time it’s bound to be.

OmmSety Priestess of Abydos Documentary (22 mins.)

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Dr. Kathy Forti is a clinical psychologist, inventor of the Trinfinity8 technology, and author of the book, Fractals of God


Great Pyramid Ascension Chambers Revealed – Part 3

PyramidThe Ancient Egyptians had a saying: “As above, so below,” meaning that man is the counterpoint of God on Earth. To look without, is to look within man. This was believed to hold the key to all mysteries.

To understand the chambers inside the Great Pyramid is akin to looking at an evolutionary timetable for man itself. New discoveries are being unlocked as man is being filled with the Light of Consciousness and Cosmic Awareness.

The King’s and Queen’s Chambers did not initially have such mundane names. Long ago these chamber rooms were seen as “temples” because they were pathways to the sacred knowledge of the universe. They were the Temples to Inner Man.

Oftentimes the Queen’s Chamber is seen as the poor second cousin to the King’s Chamber, butgreatpyramid3-19 what many do not know is that the Queen’s chamber was “control central” for the pyramid. Think of it as the switch/relay room of a dimensional access station. From this chamber, electromagnetic fields were directed up from the depths of the pyramid through the King’s Chamber and straight to the gold capstone and sun crystal that was once positioned atop the pyramid like a powerful antenna.

Both the King’s and Queen’s chambers have shafts that are aligned to certain star system coordinates in the cosmos. The Queen’s Chamber has two shafts that were bricked over, but uncovered in 1872. They can be found on the north and south walls of the chamber and are aligned with the Orion Constellation. While this fact is well-known, little is understood of the shafts’ true purpose.

TC-and-rover-Southern-shaft-entranceIn 1993 German engineer, Rudolph Gantenbrink, sent a robot called Upuaut2 (Wepwawet – “the opener of the ways”) to video the inner walls of these shafts. He discovered that the southern shaft ended with a small limestone slab in which two heavily corroded pieces of copper had been inserted. The door is estimated to be about six centimetres thick and is only about six meters from the outer surface of the pyramid.

Gantenbrink tried to video the northern shaft, butSouthern-chamber-secret couldn’t get around the curve. In 2002, a National Geographic robot, inserted a miniature fibre-optic camera into a three-quarter-of-an-inch hole to reveal a rough-hewn blocking stone about 21 centimetres beyond the original southern shaft door. It appeared to be covering a cracked surface that was sealed over. A similar discovery was also made in the southern shaft of the Queen’s Chamber.

What does it mean? The only clue is the strange symbols on the other side of the shaft door which the camera recorded through the bored hole—not hieroglyphics, not Sumerian, but a language which is unknown and undecipherable to those unable to read it.


These shafts are very important. While the Great Pyramid had multi-purposes, its most important function was as an inter-dimensional teleportation device (also known as an “Ascension Chamber”). During that time, some very advanced souls had learned how to create wormholes in spacetime to connect with the wisdom of the universe.

These hidden shafts, which only advanced robotics, much like we have today, could access, were intentionally sealed up at one time. They had a unique purpose. They were like runways to a cosmic airport for those who had mastered Light Transfiguration, the ability to send their ethereal bodies to higher dimensions.

According to remote viewer, clairvoyant and author EM Nicolay, the strange writing seen on the shaft wall does not contain any profound message for humanity by some alien race. The writing is actually instructional coordinates, much like today’s airport runway symbols which give path directions. These directions also tell the journeying soul how and when to “push through” to transverse specific higher dimensional areas of the cosmos. This is not as surprising as it may sound. The Ancient Egyptians were big on how-to instructions to access the stars even after death, as evidenced from inside funerary coffins.

While some may balk at the possibility of the Ancients having teleportation technology, this science is not new. The U.S. government has already successfully experimented with teleportation and time travel, compliments of the inventor Nikola Tesla, who developed a teleportation device before he died. This device became the secret U.S. military DARPA program known as Project Pegasus.

It was actually the Ancient Atlanteans who brought this “ascension” technology with them to Egypt just prior to the Great Flood that would bring down Atlantis (see Part 1 and Part 2). Unfortunately, much like DARPA, this knowledge got into the wrong hands during the reign of the Pharaoh Akhenaten, where the powerful and mighty Amun priesthood sabotaged it in order to control universal access. Their tampering, under the guise of being helpful, trapped some souls—leaving them in a state of dimensional limbo unable to return or ascend higher.

It was Akhenaten who had the Great Pyramid’s gold/crystal capstone removed, rendering its energy and purpose virtually useless.  At the same time, he dismantled its functional components and closed down all passage ways into the Great Pyramid—an act that would seal it off for thousands of years.

It’s only been in the last 50 years that much of these discoveries inside the pyramid have resurfaced. We are once again, like in ancient times, reaching an evolutionary time unlock period where Light is streaming forth from the cosmos and awakening us prior to a 5th dimensional shift. Are we ready for it?

Great Pyramid, Khufu burial chamberIn our own way, we are all preparing for this transition. Recently, I led a small group of eight people into the King’s Chamber for two hours of private time in the early hours of the morning prior to dawn.

We each brought with us a pitch-pipe. In unison we tuned ourselves to the tone “A,” which is the frequency of the pyramid and the sarcophagus. As we took turns laying down and meditating inside the sarcophagus, the others moved around it in a procession doing harmonic overtones and “Omming.” The energy was so intense in the chamber, we could feel our bodies vibrating in resonance. Down below, in the Grand Gallery, the one lone guard on duty later would tell us that our voices reverberated throughout the pyramid, sounding like a heavenly choir.

One can only imagine what the energy would have been like during ancient times when white limestone encased the outside of the pyramid and the gold and crystal capstone set up a powerful directional energy field. Even without it, it was easy to feel one’s physical body transport into time and space, while bathed in the resonance of this “temple”.

Before we left, we all stood together inside the sarcophagus, lined up like the chakras in the energy body, and formed a silent prayer for all our brothers, near and far, on all cosmic dimensions. For some in our group it opened memories and helped in healing. It was a transformative experience on so many levels—which is really what the ancients always intended it to be.

Peace and Namaste to all.

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Dr. Kathy Forti is a clinical psychologist, inventor of the Trinfinity8 technology, and author of the book, Fractals of God


Beneath the Great Pyramid – Part 2

EgyptTunnel8jpgIt is no secret that beneath the Great Pyramid are vertical shafts, tunnels, hidden chambers, and even a subterranean lake. To find underground water in a dry desert area, where there shouldn’t be any, is intriguing.

Tourists don’t get to see the more interesting lower depths of the Great Pyramid which, due to accessibility problems, has kept important secrets safe for thousands of years. There are layers of shafts that lead straight down through solid limestone, much like the tunnels seen in the tombs of the Valley of the Kings, where the Ancient Egyptians buried their dead and hid from ordinary man vast treasures.


Three levels of chambers under the Great Pyramid. The largest contains the solitary “Tomb of Osiris.”

Once you get past ground level in the Pyramid, there is a second layer shaft which descends to a court flanked on both sides by seven chambers. Some of these chambers contain huge sarcophagi of basalt and granite, 18 feet high. There are no carvings on the stone to tell us who its owner may have been or its purpose for being there. These sarcophagi were allegedly open and empty when found.

Down an even narrower shaft, to a third and even deeper level 95 feet down, lies a clear subterranean lake containing a submerged blue stone sarcophagus about 9 feet in length and weighing between 11-12 tons. Surrounded by four pillars (which have since been removed), the chamber was said to be the “Tomb of Osiris” by Dr. Zahi Hawass, the Director of the Giza Plateau back in 1997-1999, when they first discovered it. How it got down such narrow shafts is an even greater mystery, as no other entrances have been found.

lakeunder pyramidThe Egyptian government claims they extracted this sarcophagus and found it empty, but there are no videos or pictures anywhere to be found of them actually unsealing it. In this day of mass media promotion and documentaries on almost everything, it’s pretty hard to believe they would pass up such an extraordinary opportunity.

We do know that they supposedly carbon dated the sarcophagus and found the results completely challenged accepted Egypt chronology about the Pyramid’s age. Even that news went completely silent. This major discovery happened in the late 90’s, yet no new update has ever been made public on the alleged “Tomb of Osiris.” There are good reasons.


Solitary stone sarcophagus found in lake

I am quite certain the Egyptian Department of Antiquities will not find the God Osiris nor any other being inside. Why? Because this particular sarcophagus is virtually impossible to open.

I remote viewed the submerged area and found the sarcophagus to be impenetrable, so I contacted expert remote viewer, clairvoyant, and author, EM Nicolay, who is extremely proficient at these sort of things. Not knowing my lack of findings, he confirmed it had never been opened, but provided further information I wasn’t privy too.

It appears the sarcophagus is “genetically sealed,” meaning that no man can open it unless his or her DNA matches the genetic coding intentionally locked in place. The Ancient Atlanteans, who brought their advanced knowledge to Egypt (read Who Really Built the Great Pyramids – Part 1), apparently devised a fail safe method, much like our iris scans or fingerprint security locks do today, but much more sophisticated. Pretty clever using DNA.

Archaeologists report that the sarcophagus sits in cold clear water that sizzles when objects fall into it. Understandably they avoided physical contact, assuming it contained some caustic ancient substance. Yet, the water wasn’t always there. Due to the strange properties of this particular sarcophagus, a flooding of magnetic energy occurred when it came in contact with water and somehow charged it, creating an additional level of protection. Whether accidental or intentional in design, it only adds further to the mystery.

It’s obvious there is something very important inside the sarcophagus to warrant such safeguards. Nicolay reports that it contains a major planetary entrance to a dimensional portal. This particular portal is a key stargate that anchors our entire planet, much like a “Divine Engine.” Could this be the true entrance to the Hall of Records which the sleeping prophet Edgar Cayce predicted would be found, but could only be “unlocked” by a select few? If so, no archaeologist has, thus far, displayed the right genetic code to crack it.


Computer rendering of submerged discovery

While present day archaeologists are still trying to figure out how to open this sealed container, it may be a futile task. Unfortunately, the beings with the correct genetic codes to open it are no longer present in this world. One of these beings would, in fact, have to incarnate to accomplish this.

To understand how this genetic coding all came to be, one has to first go back to the time of Atlantis (as I referenced in my previous blog). I will attempt to give a brief overview in order to shed light on man’s rather complex history.

Before the third and final upheaval of Atlantis, there existed two major ruling parties on Atlantis—The Order of Melchizedek (also known as the Sons of the Law of One), which had 12 members (like Senators), and the Sons of Belial (sometimes referred to as Baal) which also had 12 members.

Each group knew how to use the spiritual truths of God and the forces of Nature, but the Sons of Belial used this knowledge for the material gain of physical power and service to self, whereas the Melchizedek followers believed that it should only be used for service to others. A continual struggle regarding man’s proper use of advanced technology and universal knowledge existed between these two opposing parties. (It’s the age old battle between the forces of Darkness and the Light.) These differences led to the misuse of advanced weaponry by the Sons of Belial for the purpose of ridding areas of the Earth from an overpopulation of large animals (the dinosaurs). The Belial followers ignored all safety warnings, which consequently caused a planetary shift, massive flood inundation, and thousands of lives being lost.

Before the final upheaval, Atlantis had many colonies or “outposts” spread throughout the world (i.e, China, Latin America, India, Mongolia, Egypt, etc.). Egypt was their principal outpost and it was here that the Atlantean entity known as Thoth, the “Lord of Magic and Time” (aka Enoch), traveled before the Great Flood (now known as the Biblical flood of Noah), to preserve the knowledge of Atlantis before it was destroyed. All 12 members from the Order of Melchizedek were dispersed to outposts in other parts of the world to also secure the sacred knowledge. The Mayan civilization was one of these outposts, and from the Atlanteans they would inherit celestial and “timekeeping” knowledge.

There were survivors of the Sons of Belial who set up their own habitation areas on Earth after the Great Flood, but the Sons of Belial and the Order of Melchizedek weren’t the only two groups to have staked out new territories.

There was also the Anunnaki. The ancient Sumerian texts referred to them as the “Gods from the sky.” The Bible refers to them as the “Nephilim” or “fallen angels” who came to Earth and mated with humans. Most of these “god” myths are not myths at all. The Anunnaki were an extraterrestrial race that came to Earth and put down roots in Mesopotamia. They were responsible for the advanced Sumerian civilization that suddenly sprang up out of no where. This ancient Assyrian land (today’s Iraq), has always been seen as the “cradle of civilization” because of the Anunnaki influence.


The Anunnaki changing the genetic tree of life.

The Anunnaki were technologically advanced, yet their primary interest was mining Earth’s gold resources in the African mines. To do so, they needed lots of workers which their own people would not provide. To fulfill their labor need, they employed genetic manipulation and in-vitro fertilization techniques to create a new breed of hybrid workers that came from their bloodline, but were essentially slaves.

The idea of ET genetic manipulation may sound preposterous to some, but just recently long-time researchers in the Human Genome Project stated that they now believe “the so-called 97% of non-coding sequences in the human DNA is nothing less than the genetic code of extraterrestrial life forms.” While science no longer finds this theory far-fetched, Nobel Prize winner of DNA fame, Sir Frances Crick, has always espoused the belief of our extraterrestrial origins.

Several races sprang forth from the Anunnaki genetic experiments—-the Arabs, the Hebrews, and the 12 Tribes of Israel. This would forever set the stage for undercurrents of resentment and persecution for centuries to come, especially when the Anunnaki left and the Hebrews were then taken into slavery by the Egyptians and Babylonians. One can begin to understand the conflict over the centuries between the races in the Middle East and the rest of the world. The roots to the Anunnaki and the disruptive energy of these areas runs deep, as we can still see today. There are those that have clearly taken advantage of this for the control of people and lands.

While certain civilizations tend to whitewash their history, as man oftentimes does to make himself appear good and righteous, the Anunnaki saw themselves as all-powerful and had no qualms about destroying those who might interfere with their legacy. When an influx of Atlanteans came into their lands after the Great Flood (approximately 15,000 – 13,000 BCE), the Anunnaki waged a war for territorial dominance. The Sons of Belial quickly sided against the Melchizideks and joined ranks with the Anunnaki who, like themselves, were more interested in material power and gain. A sky war was waged with “fireball weapons” that decimated thousands of people. This is the war the ancient Vedic texts described, in terms which we now understand to be the use of nuclear weapons. Researchers have verified evidence of such ancient nuclear battles sites in the Middle East. Again, it appears that history may be repeating itself.

After the great “sky war,” the Anunnaki eventually left Earth. The Melchizedek Atlanteans made sure the key Earth portal entry underneath the Great Pyramid was sealed and not accessible to those of the Anunnaki DNA bloodline, or their descendants. Thoth made sure of it.

It is undeniable that Thoth was a very interesting link in man’s history. He was a spiritual being with great knowledge and stature. In fact, many Atlanteans would be considered giants by today’s standards, with heights between 7-8 feet tall. They towered over man both intellectualy and physically. They were called “immortal gods” not because they couldn’t die, but because they could live for several hundred years having clearly discovered the secret to longevity which is a characteristic of higher dimensional lineage. This slow aging process has been known to confuse the historical timelines if one is thinking in limited human lifespan years. This is one reason why many of these ancient stories have been explained away as myth.

Much of what Thoth put in place deteriorated after his death and transmutation, but beneath the pyramids his legacy still lives on.

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Dr. Kathy Forti is a clinical psychologist, inventor of the Trinfinity8 technology, and author of the book, Fractals of God

Who Really Built the Great Pyramid – Part 1

GP_GizaEgyptologists will not agree with what I have to say about the Great Pyramid, but then they’ve been proven wrong countless times. This is because anything that contradicts one’s beliefs is oftentimes discarded or even suppressed. To understand Egypt and man’s true history, one has to see through a different lens.

The entire Great Pyramid timeline is inaccurate. The Sleeping Prophet, Edgar Cayce, was more in line with its true construction age, which is between 11,000 – 10,000 B.C. Chamber shafts inside the pyramid are perfectly aligned with key star systems during this time frame. Mainstream Egyptologists would have you believe the Great Pyramid came into being around 2500 B.C., which just happens to fit quite nicely into the reign of the Pharaoh Khufu.

Contrary to popular belief, Khufu (aka Cheops), a 4th Dynasty pharaoh of the Old Kingdom, was not the original builder of this great wonder. He did a great restoration job on a very old structure and no one will fault him for putting his name to it for vanity’s sake. But he did not build it.

Khufu had a reputation for cultural preservation and restoration building projects. He was also widely remembered as being an unlikeable tyrant—hardly someone with the higher consciousness required to build such a celestial monument. So little is known about Khufu, that historians are even in conflict about how long he actually ruled—anywhere from 26 to 53 years. Yet, because someone found an inscription in one of the chambers inside the Great Pyramid, which mentioned a work crew named “friends of Khufu,” historians jumped to the flimsy conclusion he must have been its builder. Wrong.

So who did built it? The very ancient Arab writers were convinced that the Great Pyramid was built by the Egyptian god “Thoth” (known as the Greek godThoth Ok Hermes, the Arabic Idris, the Hebrew Enoch, and the messenger of the gods, Mercury ). He went by many names in different world cultures, but it was the same man.

So was he man or god?  Perhaps a little of both. Through the centuries, the Egyptian god Thoth has held an extremely dominant place in all the sacred temples. Depictions of Thoth show him in human form with the head of an ibis—the symbol on alchemical scripts for successful transmutation. Thoth was revered as the “creator god” who brought knowledge, wisdom, medicine, sacred geometry, and the alchemy arts to Earth. This ibis-headed distinction made him readily identifiable on any temple wall.

Who was he really? Thoth was the true builder of the Great Pyramid. He was one of the original elders that came to Ancient Egypt (called “Khem”) after the third and final upheaval of  the continent known as Atlantis. He was entrusted by his “father,” an advanced Temple elder, to preserve the great cosmic knowledge, technology, and alchemy of the Atlanteans.

Thoth’s vast knowledge of harnessing earth forces was like magic to the Ancient Egyptians who knew nothing of alchemy. To them he appeared to be a god. Like some early missionary to the native tribes, he brought knowledge of man’s true connection to the Light of Source, his origins to the stars, and how to attain the path to enlightenment and wisdom. For wisdom is power and power is wisdom. One could say that Thoth was man’s first Higher Consciousness coach.

The Egyptians knew him as “one of the ten members of the dynasty of gods who ruled earth before earthly kings,” meaning he came from the Atlantean Order of Melchizedek (the cosmic priests to the priests)—highly evolved beings who reincarnated to help man during key periods in evolutionary time.

Today Thoth is best remembered as the great scribe of the sacred writings called the “Emerald emerald tabletTablets.” These 12 Tablets are said to be constructed in a material that is “imperishable and resistant to all elements, corrosion and acids. The atomic and cellular structure is fixed, and no change can take place, thus violating the material law of ionization.” They were translated and interpreted by a Dr. M. Doreal in 1925. How and where they were first found is still unclear. To review the writings, click here: The Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean. In these Tablets, Thoth actually reveals his involvement in building the Great Pyramid. It’s definitely worth a read.

Thoth encapsulated much about the universe, the stars and mathematics into the dimensional structure of the Great Pyramid, thereby giving man a cosmic time capsule. Thoth intended that knowledge be preserved for those who would come after—those who could read the signs.

The Ancient Egyptians did not just wake up one day and suddenly know what even our scientists are still learning about our world today. This knowledge was shared with them by the Atlanteans—some of it openly revealed and some hinted at, even secreted away, until man had evolved enough to be ready to use it to connect with the Divine Source.

Misuse of some of this knowledge—i.e. weather manipulation, DNA experimentation, bio-engineering, and advanced weaponry led to man’s “fall into darkness,” causing the destabilization and submersion of Atlantis by those only interested in service to self. We seem to be revisiting that same trajectory pattern today. Is history once again repeating itself until we finally learn the lesson?

pyr4The Great Pyramid had several purposes. It was not just a cryptic depository of universal knowledge, but it also served to magnetically stabilize the Earth’s axis and anchor it in time and space. It was intentionally built on the exact center of Earth as well as aligned to Earth’s inner core, to correct a slight wobble in its orbit caused by the upheaval of the Atlantean continental landmass.

Today’s scientists have already established that Earth went through several magnetic pole reversals since pre-Ice Age time. They also know that continental drift and tectonic plate dynamics can cause strange magnetic anomalies to occur.

Could pole shift have disrupted the entire magnetic field of the planet during this Atlantean time? If so, someone certainly found a way to fix it. The Earth now has an unusual magnetic grid (the 12 Earth Vortices), laid out so astoundingly uniform throughout both hemispheres, it defies natural explanation. All these vortice sites display magnetic anomalies. Scientists admit the uniformity of design could not have been naturally formed, but appears to have been somehow intentionally placed in this pattern. Cosmic alchemy at work?

In addition to its function as an Earth stabilizer, the Great Pyramid was also a resonant energy generator using vibrational sound. The pyramids around the world, as well as obelisks were much like today’s electrical transmitting and receiving towers. Because of this natural energy source, the Great Pyramid also became a vehicle for transmutation—transforming matter into Light Energy—the key to Soul Evolution and Higher Consciousness. This knowledge was used in initiation rites to access the Divine Will of One and transverse the cosmos (more on this in a later blog).

The Ancient Egyptians, and our entire planet, have Thoth and the Order of Melchizedek to thank for all this. Is it any wonder he was thought of as a god. So what happened to Thoth?

The ancient Sabaeans, who inhabited the Biblical Land of Sheba, adamantly believed that the Great Pyramid concealed the tombs of both Thoth and his father. Because of this strong belief, they came on pilgrimages to Giza right up until medieval times in order to venerate them. They said Thoth possessed the secrets to immortality. They may have been right.

In Part 2 of my next blog, I will share what they found deep beneath the pyramid, in a vertical shaft chamber that is almost unreachable. Soon after they made the discovery, few in Egypt wanted to talk about it. Yet, the quest for Truth continues…

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Dr. Kathy Forti is a clinical psychologist, inventor of the Trinfinity8 technology, and author of the book, Fractals of God

Rediscovering the Healing Temples of Saqqara

saqqara1Modern-day Egyptologists will tell you the Step Pyramid at Saqqara is the oldest known stone pyramid in the world. But most are unaware of the incredible significance this ancient complex once held for history’s most advanced healers. These are the same healers who “wrote the book” for all mystery school teachings spread throughout the Temples of Egypt.

Last week I returned from leading a small group to this sacred site, my second visit there in this lifetime, but no less a powerful remembering experience. For me, it will always have a feeling of coming home.

Saqqara’s history goes back much further than the Third Dynasty when King Djoser had his royal architect, Imhotep, design the now famous Step Pyramid. The Saqqara area was where many of the elders, especially the priests of the Cosmic Order of Melchizedek, came to preserve the ancient knowledgeUnasTexts after the third and final upheaval of Atlantis.

Some of this knowledge was written down and preserved in the Fifth Dynasty on the inside walls of the Unas Pyramid, known as the “Pyramid Texts.” This depository of information, a stone’s throw from the Step Pyramid, displays the soul’s ascension through the celestial dimensions and the entire resurrection process. Sprinkled throughout these depictions are some written prayers and instructions, which would eventually form the Egyptian “Book of the Dead.”

These texts provided modern-day Egyptologists with some understanding of the beliefs of the time. But, the Pyramid Texts are only a small fraction of the full story. To have written down all they knew would have put this sacred knowledge in the hands of those very individuals they knew would misuse it for personal gain and power. (Clearly, some things never change.)

So what can we gather from the collective and shared memories of the many visionary intuitives who are able to look backwards in time? For one, the greatest alchemy and magic ever known was taught and practiced at Saqqara—but only to those willing to overcome all attachment to fear and the demands of the ego-self, and instead embrace a life of love and harmony. This was the training practiced in what was known as the “Temple Beautiful.”

The practices of the original Temple Beautiful (which the sleeping prophet Edgar Cayce spoke about) were carried forward from Atlantis to Saqqara where they flourished under the guidance of the spiritual and cosmic brotherhood. While there were many Temple Beautifuls in each community, the main Temple Beautiful was once housed inside the Step Pyramid of Djoser which has more than 5,700 meters of shafts, tunnels, chambers and galleries.  Much like the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx, it too has undiscovered underground passageways.

Many early Egyptian pharaohs, who maintained peaceful Atlantean principles taught by the elders, were eventually, over time, replaced by a more conquering, military-based succession of Kings. These military kings secured their power by disposing of those they thought had access to more celestial and earthly power than them. Consequently, many of the Temple Beautiful priests were assassinated. Others fled hoping to preserve the knowledge of the forces of nature with them. With the priests gone, the original Temple Beautiful would later become a tomb. But I’m getting ahead of myself in this story.

DSC04092The Saqqara complex was once surrounded by a high privacy wall that naturally kept out those who were not invited in and/or those who did not vibrate at the higher frequency it was tuned to. This frequency, which was tuned to love and harmony, versus fear and destruction, was regularly maintained by both initiates and priests by standing within the niches of the inside walls and using harmonic toning to set up a desired frequency field effect. My group set up their own tuning chain in the remaining part of the wall, connecting to their ancient counterparts (see pic).

On the east side of the Saqqara complex, located within the great outer walls, is a series of chambers once used as a teaching school for the vibrational sciences. This series of buildings housed sound healing rooms. Multiple “cone-like racks” were seen along many of the inner wall rooms. TheseDSC04107 strange-looking devices, which you don’t see anywhere else in Egyptian temples, were used in setting resonant frequencies for the purpose of healing the etheric body.

Healing with sound, color, light and music was integral to the ancient process of re-harmonizing the body back to a state of total health. This process aided in resetting the person’s own unique frequency signature (much like doing a computer restore point). Health was equated with being in tune with one’s true soul path. The body was seen as an earthly vehicle which housed the soul and was treated, “like God’s Holy Temple.” Living a life in resonance and loving service to others was what the tenets of Saqqara priesthood were all about.

DSC04100The cosmic priests of the Order of Melchizedek were not only highly adept in harmonic sound healing, but also possessed the ability to transmute matter into spiritual light energy (known today as tachyon energy). This is what Jesus (a Mystery School initiate himself) spoke about when he referred to “God is Light.” Through this process one could perform such things as Jesus did in turning water to wine and resurrection of one’s physical body into pure light. Pure light energy could then be changed into anything—even silver or gold.  This was the basis of alchemy.

Transmutation was the key to the ascension/resurrection process. Taking this step opened one to the understanding of the Universe. This is why the Ancient Egyptians were obsessed with the cosmos, the stars, and traveling through the underworld to other realms. They were trying to tell us what they knew, while not exactly giving us the step-by-step instructions on how to accomplish the physics of it.

In the transmutation process one’s body could move beyond the limitations of earthly existence and travel freely throughout the dimensions where even the future could be seen. To learn transmutation was in essence receiving the Keys to the Cosmos. Is it any wonder the priests who learned this knowledge from their Atlantean brotherhood, who probably learned it from Star Visitors to this planet, were something the latter Kings would try to vanquish?

While the ability to transmute one’s earthly body was the penultimate to aspire towards, the Saqqara priests knew more about harnessing the forces of nature than we do today—especially in building. They employed the use of high frequency sound in precision stone cutting. Today’s expert engineers in masonary sheepishly admit we have nothing nearly as comparable as the ancients had.

In addition, priests used sound to unlock the effects of gravity, allowing them to levitate and move large objects easily. They coupled the power of sound with the power of the mind. Learning to control one’s own mind against destructive thoughts signaled an initiate’s true awakening. One could say the ancient priests of Saqqara invented the term, “mind over matter.” When the mind was clear, one could work with the divine forces of nature. To do so, they had an instrument they used to harness these forces. They were called the “Rods of Ptah” (after the “Creator God” called Ptah), also known as “vril rods.”

harmonicrodptahThe Rods of Ptah were “U-shaped” at the bottom, resembling resonant tuning forks that could be struck in ways to create electromagnetic effects. At the top were the symbols of the Ankh (the symbol of life) and the Djed Pillar (a symbol for the spine of the God Osiris and rising energy). These powerful symbols could only be used by the higher priests or a Pharaoh (who had also undergone initiation). They could only be used within the right mindset of the operator or the power could be destructive. You will not find these instruments in museums anywhere today.  The priests of the ancient mystery schools destroyed them to keep them out of the hands of those who would abuse the power they could harness, much like the Ark of the Covenant was later secreted away for safety and protection. Although later Pharaohs used these power symbols in depictions of themselves, many were no longer privy to the full extent of this mystery school ability. Today, the representation of these symbols are seen as kingly sceptres, their true meaning entirely lost.

Before one could enter the Temple Beautiful, and be initiated into the knowledge of cosmic alchemy, one had to first pass tests of one’s true spirit in the Temple of Sacrifice. This Temple was where one demonstrated they had mastered the ability to let go of anything fearful, ego-based and self-serving. The ancients used the auric field of the initiate to determine this. This test was more accurate than today’s lie detectors. One simply could not fake one’s auric color field. If the initiate maintained this field throughout all their tests, then and only then were they allowed entrance to the Temple Beautiful.

The Temple of Sacrifice, which was mostly underground, is now long gone. Only two large “B” like structures marking the places where the initiates entered and exited, can be seen in the courtyard. Egyptologists today say it was used to race horse carts around. IDSC04122 guess, nothing else made sense to them due to the odd shape and placement. So far, they have DSC04124not attempted to dig any deeper to see what might be found underneath this structure. Perhaps, time will tell.

For centuries, much of this ancient knowledge has been buried and forgotten. Today, during this great evolutionary time in our 26,000 year planetary cycle, many souls from this ancient time have once again returned. They are being re-awakened. They are the healers and helpers of the world. They are here to hold the frequency of love and peace, so man will not destroy himself through fear and hate. Instead, man must find his way back to his true Source and God’s Divine Light.

In the spirit of our ancient Saqqara brotherhood, we should find time each day to sit in quiet meditation, to tone, to pray, to send out loving and healing thoughts to all our brothers, both here on this planet and throughout the Universe. It’s time to put aside our differences, embrace our true oneness, and come together to make peace work. Namaste to all.

More unusual articles on Egypt are coming. Stay tuned for my next blog “Who Really Built the Great Pyramid”

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Dr. Kathy Forti is a clinical psychologist, inventor of the Trinfinity8 technology, and author of the book, Fractals of God


The House with Cleaning Spirits

BlueVictorianA HALLOWEEN TALE: Most of us have a story or two to tell about houses that are occupied by spirits. What usually keeps an incarnated spirit from moving on is one of several things:  1) They may have died suddenly or traumatically, and don’t realize they’ve died; 2) They have unresolved or unfinished business on this plane that holds them here; or  3) their stuck in a holding pattern and keep coming back to what feels most familiar to them.  What they all have in common is the need for guidance and healing to move towards their final destination.

Years ago I bought an old blue and white Victorian house in Kansas with my then psychologist boyfriend. When we were shown the house, something prompted me to ask the owner whether it had any old ghosts.  She hesitated a fraction too long before finally saying, “I know this house.  It will take care of you.”  It was a very odd and rather cryptic statement. “It will take care of you???”  What in the world did that mean? Before I could question her further, she was called to the phone and had to end the tour.  We loved the house, it felt good and I thought how wonderful it would be to restore it—so we bought it.

The night before we moved in, I had a very unusual dream.  In the dream I saw myself in the kitchen of the new house.  The kitchen door leading down to the root cellar opened and a brown-haired woman, her hair in a severely pulled back bun and wearing a blue apron, appeared with a menagerie of cats following her.  They stepped into the kitchen and acted as if I wasn’t there.  Still in the dream state, I asked the woman what she was doing in MY house.  She told me quite matter-of-fact that it was HER house and that SHE lived there.  I knew this was impossible, but I quickly deduced (even in my dream state) that perhaps she was not from this world.  Just as I was going to tell her, “Well then you must be dead…,” I suddenly woke up.  I told my boyfriend the dream, but we managed to laugh it off.

Our first night in the new house, we were both tired from the long moving process and went to bed in the big master suite upstairs.  Just8040be5de1013aadb8ac361bf7f160ad before drifting off to sleep I remember thinking “the downstairs neighbors are awfully noisy tonight.”  I had been used to apartment living and it hadn’t yet occurred to me that we no longer had downstairs neighbors.  I fell asleep from exhaustion, never giving it a second thought.

The next morning my boyfriend asked me if I had “heard all the racket going on downstairs” the night before. I looked at him blankly. He related how he heard people talking and moving around on the first floor.  He got up, walked downstairs and the noise stopped. He returned back upstairs and it started again. Needless to say, he was somewhat concerned. No one was outside.  The neighbors on either side of us had their lights out and the only noise was coming from our downstairs living room.  He said he told whomever it was making the noise “please be quiet.”  It apparently worked.

The next day I was alone in the house.  Around noontime I was moving a large house plant down to the root cellar to be re-potted. As I awkwardly maneuvered it through the kitchen doorway, some dirt spilled out on the floor along with a few seashells.  I left the mess on the floor intending to return later to clean it up.

Imagine my surprise when I came back upstairs about 20 minutes later to find the spilled dirt all gone. That’s when I looked over at the kitchen garbage container and saw to my amazement that the sea shells were now sitting on top of it.  I opened the lid and saw the dirt had been disposed of neatly inside the can. I called out thinking my boyfriend had come home early from seeing patients and had cleaned up.  However, I was puzzled to see his car was not in the driveway. I immediately called his office to learn he was still at work and had been there  all morning. Wow, I thought. We’ve got a house cleaning spirit! It suddenly occurred to me this could have some real benefits.  That evening I placed a note on the kitchen table saying, “Thank you so much for cleaning up. I know you’re here. What is your name?”  I jokingly added a P.S.— “Feel free to clean anything you want.  The vacuum cleaner is in the side hall closet.”

Of course, there was no answer to my note the next day, nor had the vacuum cleaner been used (one can always dream). In the process of our move, I had developed a chest cold and was experiencing bouts of coughing. I decided to sleep that night in the upstairs guest bedroom, so as not to disturb my boyfriend’s sleep. I recall propping myself up in bed to an almost sitting position to breathe easier.  I was just starting to feel sleepy when I felt something jump up and land on the bed.  It was pitch dark in the room, but I could feel the footfalls of what I knew had to be a small animal.  I was paralyzed with fear.  I could feel it moving nearer.  I could hear the purr of a cat as it moved closer to my head.  That’s when I sprang up out of the bed and turned on the overhead light switch.  I scanned the room. Nothing was there.  I suddenly recalled the dream I had before moving in about the old woman and all her animals.  Had I just been visited by one of her many cats?

I didn’t sleep well that night for more reasons than having a chest cold.  I kept expecting that darn cat to come back.  The next morning my mother was in visiting from Chicago and I was dead tired. I put her in the “cat” guest bedroom without telling her what had occurred.  I didn’t want to scare the living daylights out of her. The next morning I asked her how she had slept.  She hesitated. “Okay, I guess,” before quickly adding, “Did you call out in the middle of the night?”

“Why?” I cautiously asked.  I could tell my mother was somewhat puzzled. “Well, I thought I heard a woman’s voice.  It sounded like she was calling out ‘Ava’ or  ‘Alva’ or something like that. You didn’t hear it?”  I told her I hadn’t and tried to look disinterested.

My new house was becoming more intriguing.  I knew I needed to search out information on the house’s prior owners to get some answers.  I went to the town’s historical society and found out the name of the couple who had built the house in 1905. And to my astonishment, I learned the wife’s name was “Alva”.  I guess Alva, the house cleaner, had answered my note after all.  She DID want us to know her name.

Back at the turn of the century, respectable women were rarely mentioned in the newspaper outside of a marriage, birth or a death announcement.  I was surprised to learn that Alva and her husband had no record of having had children, although a side nursery had been lovingly built as an attachment to the master bedroom.  Alva’s husband had been in the insurance business and they must have suffered some kind of financial loss, because a few years after building the house they unexpectedly sold the house and moved to a much smaller home, not nearly as nice.  She eventually died there.  I never saw Alva’s face, outside of in my dream, and I couldn’t find any historical pictures of her to see if my dream vision matched the real person. Whatever Alva’s story was, it was evident her heart was still attached to her first marriage home, now my home, and she did not want to leave it—or stop cleaning it.

Thankfully, Alva was not a malevolent spirit.  Instead, she was definitely a lurker. Sometimes I would see movement out of the corner of my eye whenever I was either spackling, painting, wallpapering, or restoring the oak woodwork in the old house. While I couldn’t get her to run the vacuum, she would still move things around to create a tidier order. I started to talk to Alva and tell her I would really take care of her house, make it shine again, and she didn’t need to worry. I told her there was another house of her dreams waiting for her on the other side of the lighted doorway and to look for it.  C’mon Alva, I thought. Get along towards the Light!

However, you just can’t rush these things. Remembering the unused nursery in the house, I even told Alva there were probably babies on the other side of that Light that needed her mothering. Lots of babies. Eventually she must have been satisfied with my promise to take care of her house—or she really got tired of me telling her what to do, because her presence became less and less.  Then one day the house felt like it was now totally—mine.  Rest in Peace Alva.

POSTSCRIPT:  This story happened more than 30 years ago and the house has long since been sold.  It was decades before I invented the bio-energetic Trinfinity8 technology.  But today, this technology is providing some unusual holistic answers to even other-worldly problems. I have several practitioners who use the Trinfinity8 technology to get rid of pesky spirits and clear a house of negative energy. England, with its long history of battles, plagues, and untimely deaths, has plenty of house guests still lurking around from the past. One London Trinfinity8 practitioner, with a specialty in house clearing, says it keeps her very busy.  Who would have thought?

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Dr. Kathy Forti is a clinical psychologist, inventor of the Trinfinity8 technology, and author of the book, Fractals of God