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Discovering Extraterrestrial Evidence in Egypt

On my recent trip to the land of the great pharaohs, I discovered that some extraterrestrial evidence in Egypt is hidden in plain sight.  About a two-hour drive outside Luxor is the Temple of Rameses II in Abydos.  During its time, the temple housed the Melchizedek Mystery School where priests and priestesses were initiated  into […]

I Am Grateful Every Day

I know how easy it is to get sidetracked with thinking about all the things that aren’t going right in your life, that oftentimes we overlook the good stuff.  Life is full of little blessings.  I bet that if you started counting up these blessings, both big and small, you would probably be astonished to […]

Afterlife Communication from Loved Ones

My family, weird as it sounds,  likes to contact us from the other side through music boxes and clocks.  It started with my father back in 2003, when shortly after he died a regulator clock in the living room (which was never wound) would go off at odd times when we were all together.  The […]

Why did TSA put an RFID tracker chip in my carry-on?

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) placed a radio frequency identification device (RFID) in my carry-on while going through security screening at the Los Angeles Airport. That was back in July 0f 2010 when there wasn’t even a hint they were doing such things, which makes you wonder what else they were doing back then—or for […]

Being Labeled a Conspiracy Theorist

No one likes being accused of being a “conspiracy theorist.”  It’s an offending and dismissing label which basically sends the message: “I think you’re an idiot or a crack pot.”  It’s the quickest way to lose a friend, or have them stop talking to you about the things they find important.  In essence, they will […]

Lives Between Lives

One of my favorite books is Journey of Souls by Michael Newton, PhD.  If you haven’t read it, I would strongly suggest that you order it today.  It is both a fascinating and enlightening read, and I can guarantee it will change your life.  Newton, both a psychologist and certified hypnotherapist, stumbled upon an interesting […]

Life Saving FACTS about EBOLA

Every where in the news these days it is all about EBOLA, EBOLA, and more EBOLA.  The media has been stirring the pot with fear-based predictions of pandemics, millions of people eventually dying, and it’s taking its emotional toll on everyone.  The first time I heard an Ebola news story I said to my friends, […]

I AM Universal Consciousness

Everything is Energy.  True, but that’s only half the picture.  Everything is also consciousness and consciousness drives everything in the universe.  Consciousness is more than “the state of being awake,” as most dictionaries will define it.  Consciousness is the ability of a being to recognize patterns and meaning with respect to events taking place, both […]

Let’s look at our “Stuff”

Yes, we all have stuff.  Plenty of it.  The good, the bad, and some ugly stuff.  And I’m not even talking about the emotional stuff we carry around.  Most of us have closets, drawers, garages, attics, and filing cabinets full of our stuff.  Some of us have more stuff than others and some have even […]

A Sacred Sun Salutation

The Sun is not only our most powerful source of light, but also essential for growth and optimum health.  Ancient sun worshiper civilizations going back to Babylonian times, knew the sun was just as nourishing to the human body and soul, as it was to plant and animal life.  It is a life-giving force that […]