with Dr. Kathy Forti


Join psychologist, author and mystery school teacher, Dr. Kathy Forti, for another memorable journey down the Nile. Explore the majestic sacred temples and energy sites where the Ancient Mystery Schools of Egypt taught their Initiates the esoteric healing arts and the Divine Ascension process.

This 14 day tour includes the temples of Aswan, Luxor, the Valley of the Kings, Cairo and the Pyramids of Giza, as well as Hawara, Meidum, and Tel Armana (court to the  Pharoah Akhenaten).  Also included, are three privately arranged tours that will make this tour unlike any other.  Participants will have 2 hours of private time inside the King’s and Queen’s Chambers of the Great Pyramid where ancient ceremonies will once again be revisited. Then experience private time inside the protected area of the Paws of Sphinx, up close and personal, where the general public does not have access to.  And lastly, experience the mysterious Osireion at the Temple of Abydos where the Flower of Life is etched into the granite walls. 

Participants will learn about the hidden tunnels of the Sphinx, the legendary Akashic Hall of Records, the forgotten Sound Healing Schools of Saqqara, and the dimensional Stargate portal at the Temple at Abydos, home to the cosmic priests.

This mystical journey explores both the traditional Egyptian history and the less understood esoteric and spiritual realms of our ancient roots. If you are in the healing arts, this tour is definitely a must.

Included is a day of healing and rejuvenation and instruction on Egyptian alchemy and the use of sacred oils.

This trip includes 2 meals a day with stays at 4-5 star hotels.  Groups are kept small at 16 participants for a maximum personal experience.

Past participants have said it not only changed their life forever, but several found it inspired their creative energies as writers and artists…

“The trip exceeded all my expectations.  It was truly magical.” – Sandy M., California

“I will never forget meditating under the heavenly stars, looking to make ET contact in the Egyptian desert and feeling so spiritually connected to everyone and everything.” – Larry C., Ohio

“Egypt opened up my memory banks and I was flooded with incredible dream recall. It re-awakened past lives in Egypt and my own part in the sacred temple ceremonies. I saw what really happened during the time of Akhenaten.” – Linda Carol A., Virginia

“The trip was an incredible healing on all levels. I had the time of my life.  I felt so loved and accepted by everyone that I felt fearless.” – Carol W., California

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